Operation DarkNet - war on pedophilia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Howard Hunt Member

    It won't put me on some list will it?
  2. FloGold Moderator

  3. FloGold Moderator

    i got you a link to a blog all about the sick practices of pedophiles. it is safe to read through.
    just click on the link above this post.
  4. rickybobby Member

    Child pornography is bad. I get it. I am not fucking defending CP, and I am sorry if my post made you feel as if I was attacking you. I am not. I am also not bawwing. I am a reasonable, rational human being who sees things a little differently and reaching out to get some enlightenment from someone I thought would engage me honestly and openly. Slapping me down with an ad hom attack is not productive.

    I don't go on the darknet; all my knowledge comes from those who report on it, such as yourself. That is why I asked you. My understanding of the situation is that there is some collateral damage here that ISN'T child porn or other badness. Dude was busted. Win. BUT... the feds kept his sites up so they could harvest IPs of people who were using the darknet. People who were NOT using childporn or drugs or anything else illegal. They just wanted anonymity. How much of our right to privacy do you feel we should sacrifice in pursuit of child porn?

    And FloGold, this isn't my area of strength, I have not spent as much time on this as you have. Can you not just take a fucking minute and help someone who isn't as well versed in this as you are? Gees, help a sistah understand why this is an epic win and totally worth ignoring the erosion of FOI, or why it is NOT an erosion of FOI? I would do the same for you if you were looking for info from me, and I wouldn't be an asshole about it, either.

    I would LOVE to feel good about this rather than uneasy. But I feel uneasy. Your insulting response doesn't do anything to make me more comfortable with what went down.
  5. rickybobby Member

    Thank you.
  6. Howard Hunt Member .again. What's truly sad is they are a collective. Somewhere in this thread someone argued the crack head vs dealer argument. No not the same,if you want to kill yourself ,fine. And these pukes all gather on the corner and poison the world.only now they can come right into Lil sue or johnny's pocket. Buy any means stop them.
  7. FloGold Moderator

    Im sorry Ricky, but this is very personal to me as both of my little sisters where prey to pedophiles and are now in their adult lives fucked beyond repair. I did not mean to over react but there is always someone out there be it in here or in other mediums i frequent that is all to eager to try and shot me down. As for your fears about what this all means I really dont know what to tell you. Its like a very fine and sharp double edged knife. that is one of those dilemmas that's Ive lived with since day one of this OP. I dont know what else to say. yeah it sucks tor mail was compromised but im sure there is someone out there who will make something better and throw it out to the live
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Rickybobby briefly- the ip address the FBI collected were people engaged in a crime, it isn't a matter of the government spying. The bad guys were downloading CP from the site, the FBI collected the information. The FBI continuing to run the site for 2 weeks...IDK that chills me.
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  9. Howard Hunt Member

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  10. FloGold Moderator

    just checked the silk road on tor and even they are freaking out a little over this.
  11. rickybobby Member

    Why?What is wrong with you that you are unable to engage in a dialog about the intersection of personal privacy rights, freedom of information in this increasing complex Information Age, and the said rights we give up to various government entities to keep children safe from predators. Wouldn't it be easier if we just let the "authorities" control and monitor ALL internet traffic so they can insure that NO child porn exists on it? Why not just give them carte blanche to search any home at their discretion (particularly all puppeteers, clown, and boy scout leaders) so they can uncover any possible child abuse behind those doors? This is an ONGOING discussion that all civilized societies have in order not to devolve into either anarchy or a police state.

    Why is this not a legitimate question? I am NOT talking about protecting the rights of pedophiles, I am NOT interested in protecting pedophiles, and I AM interested in protecting children. I am simply not as educated in this particular issue as I had assumed that some of you on this forum were, and asked what I THOUGHT would be people fairly well versed on the topic to help me understand WHY this was necessary, and if they THOUGHT that perhaps this had gone a bit far. To take down 20 to 25% of the darknet (see previous article link) to get this guy? To harvest IPs of many people/sites who did nothing but set up sites or use sites outside the "monitored" internet?

    This was a teachable moment you missed, fuckers, by attacking me. I am sure I am not the only one concerned. Again, I DO NOT WANT TO PROTECT PEDOPHILES. I am willing to make reasonable compromises to protect the rights of the vulnerable in our world. But I DO also want to protect FOI and individual liberties, and get unwarranted random government intrusions out of my life. You guys flubbed a good opportunity to educate and win people over to your cause.

    I am sorry I rained on your damn parade; it really wasn't my intention.This story had caught my attention (and yes, I fucking searched it using a more private search engine than google, thank you), and I thought I would wander over here and see what it was about. I will take the one link I was given (thank you, FloGold), and slink back over to FOI and Chanology, never to darken your doorstep again. Consider me properly chastised; carry on with your fist-pumping party.
  12. rickybobby Member

    This is what I am talking about (quote from Gawker article):

    And I realized this morning, after I posted late last night, that perhaps this is not the correct forum to discuss this. The question is not whether it was good that this guy got nabbed (sounds like it has been a long, hard battle to get to him), the question is what damage has been done to the darknet as a result, and if eviscerating the darknet is a good thing or not. It's more about the future of the darknet and where it SHOULD go, rather than CP, and this thread and you guys are focused on CP. Mea Culpa.
  13. rickybobby Member

    Thank you. I will take your recommendations and school myself. I am a Mom, I am not unsympathetic, trust me. If this had happened to one of my kids I would have certainly not hesitated to go outside the law to protect them, as would most of us decent human beings. I am trying to become better versed in the intricacies of these complex issues so I can make educated decisions on what I will support as an activist and what I will not.

    Child porn is BAD. Abusing kids is BAD. Rising up in indignation against human predators is what good human beings do. I want to support GOOD laws and GOOD actions to help stand up to bad people. I want to do my homework so I can make good decisions about what good and bad interventions ARE, without awful unintended consequences.
  14. rickybobby Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    I don’t know if this speculation is correct, but is it possible that without OpDarknet the FEDS wouldn’t have managed to crack the server….? Details are hard to come by but, at least it seems to me, folks cracking the server helped set up the FBI for finishing the job – there were more than a few server info dumps iirc.
    It’s a perfectly legitimate question but, as you will soon discover, this subforum is populated by a lot of unreasoning emotionally-driven mob-mentality-style folks who tend to defer to the lynching rather than the thinking. They also seem to get quite upset whenever any assumption upon which the lynching rests gets challenged.

    When you post relevant and legitimate questions or raise legitimate points, and then dickheads go partial retard as they have in ITT, I recommend giving every bit as good as you get. Fuck them. Far too often rights of the innocent have been pissed away through fearmongering and hating and lynch-mobbing to sit back and allow such bullshit to go unchallenged – so I say fuck them and let their unreasoning emotionally-driven mob-mentality-style be met with the lack of respect and visceral bitchslapping it truly deserves. Ymmv.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I missed that this was the FoI forum. Now I'm even more disappoint.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I understand.

    Sabu was involved in darknet. That alone gives me pause in celebrating.
  18. FloGold Moderator

    Its fixed now and in the proper subforum

    once again i apologize for flying of the deep end. I love you all
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  19. Is ************ a convicted pedophile? Can you share any other evidence on this man? It has recently been brought to our attention that ************k in the UK is a convicted pedophile and was sacked from a school in the area for indecent exposure. He has also reportedly been arrested for having indecent pictures on his home computer. We need more evidence on this man, can you help? Let us know who he is, where he lives and what he has done.

    Find us on Twitter @ReportAPedo
    or email us **mod edit**

    And remember .. The pedophile is the one you least expect. The one who earns your trust. They can't hide forever. We are watching.
  20. Softkitty Member

    So how you wanna do this. Act young then send the info to the police??
  21. Anonymous Member

    What Dox? Just a repeated video of a fight in front of a gym.STFU.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Strange thing, pedohaterz, but the name you report doesn't appear on your twitter. Your post is edited until you offer something more than speculation.
    Mod Edir YT removed
  23. laughingsock Member
    Simply disgusting, any and all of these scumbag less than human participates should be shown no mercy. Customer nor providers have any regard for the lives they ruin. The Brazilian government should be put on notice by the international community that action is required to halt this perverse trend. The soccer community should also boycott this event as well as the the teams who will undoubtedly ignore these facts out of greed. This would send a clear message that this will not be tolerated. Surely something with real weight can be done to expose the guilty or shame the government into action. Both would be ideal.
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  24. laughingsock Member

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  25. laughingsock Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    I support this cause 9000%. Pedophiles are scum. i hate that I got grouped in with the child molesters when I made the mistake of not checking ID at a party when i was 19. So, yeah, I have a huge hatred for them. Grrrr!
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  27. laughingsock Member

    Well that's nice, i have a huge hatred for them because they destroy lives and crush the very souls of innocent children. All for profit and disgusting, perverse control fetishes.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I understand completely. I think pedophiles ruin lives as well, and i just don't understand what would make someone want to do such a thing. It is mind boggling!
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  29. Anonymous Member

    See this is what I feared was the outcome of your content here. We have gone from your tale of horror to sarcasm about about outrage against raising the bond of a man who is charged with using his son in child porn. Are you saying we should not express outrage? Sorry for your loss. Tell me again about pedophiles.
  30. A.O.T.F Member

    Causes and biological associations

    Although what causes pedophilia is not yet known, beginning in 2002, researchers began reporting a series of findings linking pedophilia with brain structure and function: Pedophilic men have lower IQs,poorer scores on memory tests,greater rates of non-right-handedness,greater rates of school grade failure over and above the IQ differences,lesser physical height,greater probability of having suffered childhood head injuries resulting in unconsciousness,and several differences in MRI-detected brain structures.They report that their findings suggest that there are one or more neurological characteristics present at birth that cause or increase the likelihood of being pedophilic. Evidence of familial transmittability "suggests, but does not prove that genetic factors are responsible" for the development of pedophilia.

    Another study, using structural MRI, shows that male pedophiles have a lower volume of white matter than a control group.

    Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has shown that child molesters diagnosed with pedophilia have reduced activation of the hypothalamus as compared with non-pedophilic persons when viewing sexually arousing pictures of adults.A 2008 functional neuroimaging study notes that central processing of sexual stimuli in heterosexual "paedophile forensic inpatients" may be altered by a disturbance in the prefrontal networks, which "may be associated with stimulus-controlled behaviours, such as sexual compulsive behaviours". The findings may also suggest "a dysfunction at the cognitive stage of sexual arousal processing".

    Blanchard, Cantor, and Robichaud (2006) reviewed the research that attempted to identify hormonal aspects of pedophiles.They concluded that there is some evidence that pedophilic men have less testosterone than controls, but that the research is of poor quality and that it is difficult to draw any firm conclusion from it.

    A study analyzing the sexual fantasies of 200 heterosexual men by using the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire exam determined that males with a pronounced degree of paraphilic interest (including pedophilia) had a greater number of older brothers, a high 2D:4D digit ratio (which would indicate excessive prenatal estrogen exposure), and an elevated probability of being left-handed, suggesting that disturbed hemispheric brain lateralization may play a role in deviant attractions.
  31. Anonymous Member

    No, I am not saying that at all. I think your outrage is fully warranted! Im not defending anyone. It's all about circumstances really. There is a difference between a 60 yo man molesting a 4 year old and 2 teens having consensual sex (when one was lying about age). Sorry, kinda off topic.

    I just find it stupid that the government groups those 2 scenarios as the same thing.

    I was not being sarcastic at all. Fuck that guy.
  32. Anonymous Member

    This is funny, because when I got out of prison, I had to spend 6 months in a halfway house, and they made me go to mandatory group counseling with other sex offenders. After 2 group sessions, the counselor contacted the probation office and said that I did not belong there and they cut me off. But in the short time I was there, I saw/ heard some of their stories, and it was pretty fucked up. It's like they do not realize why what they did was wrong/ immoral. One guy didn't know why he was wrong molesting the kids he was babysitting. It's fucking crazy. They just have a different mind set. They don't have that switch in their head that tells them that they shouldn't jack off in public. It's fucking weird. It was definitely an eye opener.
  33. laughingsock Member

    Yes, of course there is a huge difference between a 19 year old and a 16 year old fooling around and a sick fuck raping his own son. And yes I found that comment to be rather poorly phrased to say the least. It sucks that happens to you, but it couldn't have possibly destroyed your faith in humanity, crushed your ability to have a normal relationship, or make you sleep with the lights on. Don't get me wrong, your over 9000% support is appreciated. This topic requires a bit of tact. Is all I'm saying.
  34. laughingsock Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    At the start I thought you were a Ethical Pedophile. I know someone this happened to and it involved a powerful daddy. I'm sorry for your loss(years). Welcome to OpInnocence.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Go team go. ^^
  37. hasnulife Member

    Nice to see Anons going after true evil instead of tunneling scientolofreaks ( I think their chances of reaching their grand goals are gone). Privacy being attack under the guise of pursuing criminals is still effective in terms of gaining public support , especially below the bible belt.
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  39. hasnulife Member

    Public perception of Anon linked groups in red states like the one I hail from ranges from laughable to criminal. Some just see a group of criminals who don't want to be disturbed by government encroaching on their illicit online activities. More anons should voice their disgust at the sickness of pedophilia.
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  40. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thanks. Agreed.

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