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Discussion in 'Projects' started by TeckAn0n, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. TeckAn0n Member

    Hello, fellow Anons. I have recently been brainstorming a little bit, and I have thought of a nice way to spread awareness about Anonymous. Everyone that has a PlayStation, Wii, Xbox or any type of gaming sytem that you set a username or nickname for online play. To a Anon awareness website. I figured tons and tons of people play on these systems every minute. If we could make an awareness website on our nametags, nicknames, profile names etc. A lot of people would become curious and check it out, and therefor learn about what we do. Soo what do you think?
  2. ANON LEGIO Member

    It's a great idea. It may have a problem though- anonymous could be unmasked by the videogame corporations you mentioned. Though it is an unfortunate breach of privacy :( these companies could figure out who we are though these profiles. With some work, this could be a great way to increase awareness about anonymous!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Sony is reputed to be real good at security, oh, no wait.... never mind.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I'd say not on consoles with all the such and such recently.
    I've been doing this alot on online games (warcraft 3 forever) for a while now.
  5. Anonymous Member

    It's easier for people to get my personal information this way? Neat-o! Why not just post information on the gamer forums? I'm pretty sure there are lots of ways to share information on the internet that are more secure and easier than that.
  6. Loki's spawn Member

    Or they would think you're a spambot.
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  7. I am willing i have a xbox 360 my gamertag is ca11ofb0ty.The feds cant do nothin we r exercising free speech.send me a message on xbox live guys.GL
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Grow up.
  9. Wow come down just a reply.
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  10. Cyber Null Member

    It is a good Idea, but as Anon Legio said, our privacy its protected. I supose there are plenty more ways to spread word about Anonymous projects and Idea.
  11. Spider-Man Member

  12. TLara Member

    Yep, you're right, they can't do anything to stop you from exercising your right to free speech, even when you're locked up in a dungeon in the middle of nowhere they still can't stop you from exercising your right to free speech, they just make it harder for you to be heard lol But if you are lucky and are granted bail it'll cost you, and even if you go to court and get cleared it still will, time, money, or both.
  13. ogisforbes Member
  14. Zak McKracken Member

    Speaking of spambots....
  15. Mutante Member

    So what is this idea again? I mean in English not fruitcake.

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