Operation "Marse Robert"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Johnny_Reb_1865, Apr 25, 2015.


Do you think that the flags should be put back and left alone?

Yes 3 vote(s) 33.3%
No 5 vote(s) 55.6%
Not sure.. 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Darth Alor Member

    it was itchy, you cheeky bastard :p
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  2. ravenanon Member

    So that was your first post. How is your "op" going?

    I see the President you wanted fired is leaving on the date he picked because he is retiring next year. I see the faculty voted to not hold class on MLK day. I would call that a great success!!!!

    In other articles around the net I see historic flags will be shown, but now new ones.

    FYI I'm in the south I had idiot ancestors fight for the south and I would of protested to the flags gone. I am a member of the Colonial Dames and have way better things to do than play with daughters of the confederacy.

    I would like to vote a special place for all of these threads be created in the dome. My ideas for what we can call the area: I'm not a raciest, but gosh those black people really bug me, the south will rise again grab the remote stumble over a beer can and fall back down on the couch, we could all be learning about legitimate things, but instead someone has a self interest in their tiny back yard and he likes to bump this thread back up to the top, or this is the place legit questions are asked requiring only a yes or no answers, but instead we will dump tons of useless information back at you as a response to something you didn't ask.
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  3. It's actually going rather well thanks for asking.

    We're working on getting some of our own to be school officials like alumni and others.

    With folks on the inside our demands will be met and the flags will be put back but we're thinking on waiting this out while we pull the strings.

    Although we are not responsible for the faculty vote not to hold classes on MLK day.

    Can't control everything they do now can we?

    Now as for the school president that was 100% us, things are gonna change over there mark my words.

    And about my "useless information" you cannot actually expect just a yes or no answer for these things.

    If you ask me something I'm going to give you an answer, it may not be exactly what you wanted but i'm just going to tell you how it is.

    Oh and I said I would get back to you on your Davis quote so may I ask what your source information is?

    How about the reference material you used or the online archive you visited?

    If you can answer these questions then maybe I'll get back to you on the Davis quote you posted.

    And about your ancestors who where they?

    What units where they in?

    What where their ranks?
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  4. ravenanon Member

    I wanted to quote the whole thing there in case you decide to erase it.

    Asking for dox is normal unless it is personal and then well how very unanonymous of you. I get to keep to my personal secrets. Still not seeing any proof of your sucess with your "op"

    I do appreciate you laying out everything you are "planning". Please tell me more ;)

    like alumni and others? I can not stop laughing at your phrasing on this.
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  5. ravenanon Member

    Well let me help you out here dear little sir. This is an open forum. Means everything posted on here anyone can see. This includes all of your dips hit posts explaining your "take over". It isn't heard for well me or anyone to go drop this link and screen caps to anyone involved.

    They have seen the words "some of our own", etc..... They have seen you present your best case and your little scam plans.

    I've taken on nastier than you and exposure always destroys the nasty monsters.

    I'm sure you are about to respond to his by dumping meaningless text or spouting something else off.

    Instead of listening to yourself ramble to your 3 fans on this forum why don't you go wonder off to start you own bigoted forum that you can run (most likely into the ground). I think we both know why you won't.

    As far as your "victory" I found these article interesting

    Nothing like a few death threats to inspire your cause o but wait you do have "o not us" and violence disclaimer I guess that excuses everything

    BTW for the reasons I listed to you I watch what I post. you might want to learn to internet. just sayin
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  6. [quote="
    Forgiving is not the answer. The answer is blaming the responsible and not forgiving them ever.[/quote]

    I shall not apologize for things that happened before I was born nor shall I be held accountable for those things.
  7. ItchyScratchy Member

    No, that would involve a bit of introspection and empathy for your fellow humans.

    I'd expect that from a sociopath. I'd bet dollars to donuts, we'll probably hear about you shooting up some place in the name of your "cause" in a few years.
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  8. You really are pathetic.

    It's sad actually..don't you have something better to do then call me a sociopath?

    As if being called names bothers me.
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