Operation: Nightlight

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Theanonymoustipster, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Operation: Nightlight

    A cunning and most epic plan has occurred to me, but requires some details to be ironed out.

    Basically, I propose a large spotlight, and a V mask silhouette - Batman stylle

    This gets projected onto the side of a building somewhere in central London (Big Ben would be epic beyond reality) along with "MAY 10th - EXPECT US".

    Imagine the media attention from that, try and keep it going for a few evenings and it will really get people curious. I can see that making evening news headlines.

    Potential issues:

    • First and foremost - is it actually possible to do a batman projection (On to a building, clouds = dumb)
    • Legality - is it legal?
    • Cost? Would it cost us, assuming its legal, to have like a permit or something?
    Potential Consequences:

    • Re-invents our image as a macabre organisation
    • Very very media friendly
    • Huge public interest
    • Practically a guaranteed way of making the news


    UPDATE 23/4/08:

    We are now going to use a high powered projector attached to a laptop, this will likely cost about £100 to rent (details within thread) and do this ourselves. Moneys are required...
  2. Re: Operation: Nightlight


    Projection Advertising

    So its legal then, I have asked for a rough price estimate
  3. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Legal and I doubt you'd need a permit, just move somewhere else if the police ask. Failing that get a permit but be careful. It would certainly be a good idea and would certainly increase publicity - go for it.
  4. captainslug Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Legality of high power spotlights depends on the air space regulations in the area.
  5. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    If local cops are friendly, keep them that way by notifying them first plz.
  6. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Amerifags need to be considering this too. It's about time we get some decent press coverage.
  7. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    That sounds like epic and win.

    Can we has one in Nashvegas too? :eek:
  8. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Goes without saying

    If this company is cheap then they would be our best bet. They would handle any permits or shit. I doubt they are cheap though
  9. Danilov Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Ooh! Even better, don't project onto a building, wait for an overcast night and project onto the clouds!
  10. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Hijack some other company's skylights. ;)
  11. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I was thinking that, but the image would be distorted/faint. Bear in mind, Batman = not reality. Admittedly more real than say, Superman, but not entirely accurate
  12. waitwhat Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    No prices on the website?
    You know the saying.
    "If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it."
    I say we shop around, get a bunch of quotes. Be organised on this.

    BTW it would be truly epic to see V's face on big ben.
    Important point though, passers by mustn't think we're just trying to sell V for Vendetta on DVD or something. Central londoners are used to this shit.
  13. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    That would be my preferred method - I'm thinking head down to a reclamation yard, look for a fekkin huge spotlight and then make the silhouette. However, that needs a power source, and we have covered those time and time again, and also, our silhouette = budget. Their (the company's) silhouette = professional and awesome.
  14. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Either that, or wait until some other event using spotlights and hijack them by throwing on the stuff to make it into the guy fawkes mask. Here's my problem with the idea, however.

    It's England. Think of who Guy Fawkes is. Think what they do on November the 5th. Essentially, by throwing a guy fawkes mask on Big Ben... I think that the meaning could be misconstrued. We are trying NOT to be terrorists, and I think the best way to do that is to NOT show definite connections to a former would-be British terrorist who tried to blow up Parliament on one of the most notable English landmarks. Just my 2 cents.

    -Anonymous Pirate
  15. Danilov Member

  16. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Suit logo I approve of. It's a direct correlation to a non-explodey past.

    -Anonymous Pirate
  17. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    And being flat black and white it could be batsignalified even easier.
  18. Honoraboveall Member

  19. Danilov Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    My advice (because I've had stuff like this done before) go to an art dealer or a metal shop, have them take a sheet large enough to cover the spotlight and cut a large circle minus the area for the suit silhouette, than have them cut out the white 'shirt' area. Turn on your spot and hold that up and you've got yourself cheap advertising that can be seen city-wide.
  20. waitwhat Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    This would also avoid the possibility of people thinking it's viral marketing for V for Vendetta.
    Less lulzy overall, but more effective.
  21. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    General consensus says suit then - that's all fine and dandy with me. Never really thought of the Guy Fawkes connotations but I see the point, I think its tenuous, but its valid. Either way, epic viral marketing, and the scilons will shit themselves
  22. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Yes but will they shit themselfs in a brick like fashion

    More epic if we get 8 or 9 o ftheese bad boys up at one time :anon::tinfoil::shock::whistle:
  23. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    We should try and organize it and make it a worldwide thing all on the same night! Imagien how epic it would be to see that on the Washington Monument as well.

    -Anonymous Pirate
  24. waitwhat Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Can you imagine...
    These all switching on at the exact same moment in every major city in the world.
  25. waitwhat Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

  26. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    We would win
    I jus got a visual in my head of the president goin to shit in his bathroom and looks out the window to see our logo jus chillen on the washington monument..
    If we pulled this off... we would need... yes.. that would work *punchs numbaz in crackulator* If everyone donates 4 dollars a day.. or sets the money aside.. we'd have the money in a matter of months.. and some left over for really cool party hats..
  27. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Is this the sort of thing you had in mind? (only not failquality)


    White = light, black = silhouetted.
  28. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    i think?
    we jus gotta make the guy who orders it dont pull a fast one and get a mudkip.. lol
  29. Pacifist Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    You fail to take into account the fact that the entire planet isn't cast into darkness at once.
  30. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Yes!!! Only probably more rectangular... but yes, thats basically what I'm thinking!!!
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Orly? I did not know this.
  32. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

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  33. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Batsignal = circle, was stuck in my head, and I'm used to round spotlights. Rectangular might be better (you could fit more of the suit) but I think round would be lulzier.
  34. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I failed to quote 300 I'm sorry guys :( </3
  35. Danilov Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    612's thing works (though make the suit taper at the base... 'he' looks fat :p)
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I cropped it above the narrowing at his waist because the "EXPECT US" was too big and I was too lazy to redo it.

    I <3 raiding in the shade.
  37. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Ty !
    heh.. for real thou.. If we time it right all the US could get it up at one time.. at night.. I'm sure the news people will figure it out... and all of europe could get it up at thier own time
  38. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Well here's the thing. The very western side of Europe, i.e. England is 5 hours ahead of us on the East Coast. So it would have to be two very separate things, probably. It can start on the very Eastern side of Europe and go west, or the Eastern side of the US and go west. Either way, the lights have to go from East to West if it's going to be done all on one night and we want people to actually look at it. It could get some good attention too, especially if everyone does it at the exact same time in their own time zone. It would be that steady progression that would probably get media attention as they look at it, scratch their heads for an hour, then suddenly there's more in the next time zone. It would continue to go progress that way until the continent hits ocean, then a lull while people scramble to figure out what is going on. By the time the hour hits on the next continental location, it will gain more steam, and if we can keep the cycle going for more than one night in a row, so much more the epic win.

    -Anonymous Pirate
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  39. waitwhat Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

  40. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Check legalities first. IRC reports that it's illegal in an area near Clearwater (and therefore possibly illegal elsewhere).

    So, like, 11PM in whatever your local timezone is?

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