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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Theanonymoustipster, Apr 21, 2008.

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    Yes. Thank you for that. If I lean out of my window a bit, I can see it, thanks....

    My plan was to let the filthy septics have it, once we're done with it, to make best use of the fundraising.
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    Getting lasers into the USA is hard- it took me three months to get mine through Customs, because the FDA requires all sorts of approval. Other countries are easier.

    A laser capable of drawing messages and simple logos and the like will cost about $4000 US. If you want I can put you in touch with someone who can sell you one at a substantially lower price than most laser resellers.

    Your other option is to build a laser system yourself, which can be much, much cheaper, but will require serious electronics skillz.
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    Hmm.. okay. Fair point. Is this seller in the UK or US?
  5. Theta Omega Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Actually he's in Australia, but he'll ship the lasers anywhere...
  6. anon10 Member

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    Right. Now where do we buy or borrow one from?
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  9. Taate Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Sorry I got confused with my youtube stuff and posted a quick reply instead of editing, ignore this ;)
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    We have progress! We need £1500 and one of the companies we spoke to will do this! We can do it on Big Ben too!!! Now all we need is the moneyz
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    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    How to giev monies? Whats happunz to laser afterwards?
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    no no, no laser. The PR company do it all.They said if we were to do it ourselves, to the same degree of quality it could cost about £15,000

    The company use their equipment, and its all good
  13. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Wirah seems like a good solution for collecting the funds: they've already proven themselves, and have everything in place already.

    Also, we need to create a proper "media plan" for this Op, if it's going to have real impact.

    Glad that it's finally getting off the ground though, this is a great idea with real potential.
  14. anon2487 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Cool that this is moving again, but that price is outrageous. For the same money, we could buy some blinding kit that would actually be ours. Then we could insure it, and ship it round the globe for use by Anon in other parts.

    I'd be keener than most to do it on Big Ben, save for one reason: dodge legal status. Unidentified obtained Counsel's opinion on this, and posted it earlier ITT. What's changed, and is this company's apparent willingness, just based on "yep we'll do that" or actual legal knowledge?

    This may be true, but we know that we can achieve great results with much cheaper kit. I don't see the point in spending $$$ on unnecessarily super duper kit.

    Also, the downside of paying a company to do it, is that media/interbuttz-wise it would make for a far less interesting story. The "mission" aspect has definite potential in itself. Footage of the preparation and run-up could be edited to form part of an online viral "recruitment" vid, as well as helping to add to the "media-buzz".

    I know you're tied up with a lot of different things, so if you think you're too busy to organize the various bits for this project, I can get it going again if you want. One of the people that was previously involved's no longer active, but everyone else is. Let me know, 'cos we really need to do this, and do it well.
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    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    ^^^^^ THIS!
  16. anonwillwin Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    ive been thinking about this since march 15, i proposed on irc but nobody reacted to it...

    this would srsly be epic...

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    The price is excellent. The projection would be of HD quality (dont think its actually HD, but ya know) and be perfectly set up. He advised that to do it ourselves is tricky, you would need to practice loads to set up the focus, and all the other stuff in a matter of a minute before being bollocksed by the fuzz

    The company's last work was V for Vandal and was done on the side of Big Ben, they did not get permission and there were no repurcussions. It isnt graffiti and our image "doesnt look to be offensive" and its obviously not permanent/defacing anything so its fine. This company specialises completely in projection, they know their stuff.

    From the email:
    No I dont think we can get the same results...
    Thats their last work, its huge and exactly what we are looking for.

    Perhaps it wouldnt have the same effect virally, but I think it will because it will be so much better. We have talked at length about doing it ourselves and nothing has come of it. This is the only way I honestly see this happening. We would indeed need to prepare well media wise. Loads of anons present on the BB side of the thames and the other side to take pics and video, plenty of posing as quickly as possible. We would invite a bunch of journalists and photographers, tell them we have a surprise for them. It would/will be epic

    I know you're tied up with a lot of different things, so if you think you're too busy to organize the various bits for this project, I can get it going again if you want. One of the people that was previously involved's no longer active, but everyone else is. Let me know, 'cos we really need to do this, and do it well.[/quote]

    I am active with some other shit, but this doesnt really need organising. I just need to phone the guy and have a chat, get a tailored quite as opposed to that estimate from their rough prices chart.
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    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Well that didn't work.
  19. Vir Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight



    VVV :-D
  20. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I've got most of the shit together for this now. Just waiting for a couple of lenses to arrive. What I need help with is preparing the images. Anyone got a very high resolution laser printer that can take acetates or OHP slide material?

  21. wat Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Where would be a good location for Amerifags to project? Maybe the Sears Tower is Washington state? Any particularly huge building in New York City, or maybe Atlanta?

    I'm not sure how many Amerifags are ready to do this. If they are, someone gather up a crew and do what the Britfags are doing, except with respect to US laws. I wonder how the police in Atlanta would react to this? They were the ones that brought in a damn riot squad.

    And what about Australia?
  22. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    ZOMG *quietly backs away from Boris*

    Will ask around for the printer situation. I know epic in the making when I see it.

    edit: how high is 'very high'? specs plox?
  23. Silent Member

  24. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    bump for it being dark out earlier.
  25. Vir Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Should we poke the london-anons on this?
  26. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I've got all of the stuff to do it, except the actual image. If anyone can help out with that, get in touch.
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    What is your needing then? Are you using the glass gobo or an acetate slide?
  28. Vir Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    "Anyone got a very high resolution laser printer that can take acetates or OHP slide material?"

    How high resolution? It doesn't have to be super-high res if you're projecting on an uneven surface. And an image which is visible on a far distance shouldn't rely on HD.
  29. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I'm thinking of building one of these using the links in the thread - if any one's got any further construction/maufacturing tips then it would be helpful.
  30. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    You would likely need something as powerful as a world war II spotlight to be effective; Big Ben and similar buildings are already well lit so your light will have to over power that. May be better if you have low lying cloud to aim at that and do the proper bat man thing although again you're competing with city lighting - Gotham always had low lying cloud coz Gothic cities just do. It will also have to be a very strong image to distract the Xmas shoppers from all the other glitz in the city.

    It may be better to use one of those lazer projector screen gizmos that can write messages and vector graphics in laser light but they are far from cheap.

    You could try building a WWII spotlight with a small generator, a cut down metal bin, a couple of carbon rods and a makeshift parabolic reflector, recommend mylar sheeting over wire mesh shaped in to a parabola. Don't know the specs for WWII spotlight but they somehow worked by arcing electricity between two carbon rods IIRC; source data Blue Peter in 1970's. :)

    If you go with the strong torch do a trail shining the most powerful torch you have in a lit street first to determine limitations; frankly it looses its mystic if you have to be right next to the protection, much better if the source of the projection is not obvious. Oh and make sure your stencil doesn't melt or catch fire easily if you use a strong torch.

    Legal issues. I doubt there is a specific law against it, there maybe a public safety issue though especially with lazer gizmo. (Don't be blinding babies or old ladies or bringing down planes by blinding pilots - that last one will put you in Gitmo, although Barack Obama will let you out next year - maybe.). What will likely happen is plodz will turn up and find some excuse to stop you doing it; be it blocking the highway or causing some kind of unrest or something. There might be local civil rules, which plods don't typically enforce in the UK, regarding advertising you could stand your ground and find out what law they want to try.

    If you can be mobile you may get away with doing it for a couple or so minutes at one location and then moving to another before plodz turns up; you may cause more of a stir doing this because popping up around the city every few minutes over the period of an hour or two will be noticed more than doing it for 10 minutes at one location.
  31. DarthXenu Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Are there any not so well lit places where this could be use, so we do not need such power for the light? Maybe some rural area? (maybe more interesting for youtubing purposes)
  32. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    M4 corridor in the UK - that's always dark at night between major cities and a lot of truckers drive along it during the night - just an idea for location.

    I do prefer the idea of using the spotlight to the projection machine - less shit to go wrong (well, lenses and lasers aren't needed for a start) and it'll only catch fire in a metal bin at worse. Looking into this now, thanks 1312.
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    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Hmmm... I'm wondering if we could possibly do this on a second Dallas raid, maybe after the Feb 21st one, anyone else?
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    This is a potential fix for not being able to see the projection on building faces. As well as an exact time in which to do it. It's called Earth Hour. It is a world-wide event in which companies and individuals turn off their power for an hour to "give the world a break", as they are saying it.

    This event is popular enough that you can expect some major buildings to be shut down. I don't know if Big Ben will be but I do know that parts of London are participating.

    8:30PM Saturday 28 March 2009

    Earth Hour

    From the site:

    "As well as major cities, WWF’s Earth Hour 2009 has signed up some of the most recognised landmarks on the planet, which will switch off their lights. These include Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Table Mountain in Cape Town, Merlion in Singapore, Sydney Opera House, the CN Tower in Toronto, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the world’s tallest completed building, Taipei 101, on the island of Taiwan."
  35. anon345 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Hardly makes it an effective PR ruse though...people are turning their lights off to save energy and "give the earth a break," and what are we doing...turning a bloody great big spotlight on to shine on one of the buildings????!

    Makes perfect sense.

    Please don't make some argument about relative power usage either, as the whole thing is symbolic, at both ends of the equation.

    The Nightlight thingamijig is a great idea, but doing it as you're suggesting is retarded.
  36. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    *sniff* Just trying to help....


    Who gives a shit whether or not it goes with the spirit of the day? Everything's dark, we turn on a spot light. It's noticeable. Since their houses will be pitch black, people will be outside. New stations will be out filming the event.
  37. nonnonanon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight


    Be a little irreverent now and then. Does anybody really think that turning the lights off for a symbolic hour or whatever is going to save the planet? Yeah yeah symbolic gesture whatever, but speaking of symbolism, anon is not symbolic of tactful support of everybody else's PR ploys. Anonymous preys on the self-obsessed and self-satisfied, and this Nightlight business is definitely that. acta non verba is correct...

    Check out Operation Anti-Freeze on youtube:

    If you really must bawwww about keeping to the spirit of the day, write signs in luminous paint or something.

    Edit to add: oops, intruded on internet lovefest... hug raid :-D
    Edit again to add:
  38. anon345 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Now I feel really bad :(

    Sorry if the tone of my comment was a bit OTT. I didn't get to bed until way too late, and now i've had my morning wasted by a useless organisation to boot. Maybe a bit of that rubbed off.

    Anyway, sorry - even if your suggestion was retarded :)
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    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I find the idea of doing it during Earth Hour to be pretty funny myself.
    Perhaps instead of doing a Chanology like projection, you could make some kind of avant garde statement about Earth Hour itself.

    Power saved: 0 MWh

    or something like that.
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    Have you guys done any practicing with the spotlight to see what distances from Big Ben would be best to project from? If not, it'd probably be a good idea to do so... I imagine that since (from the bits of the thread I've read, was a little tl;dr for me) Big Ben is usually too lit up at night to be very effective for actual projection, nobody would notice if you shone the light on it to test how big and in focus it is from various locations.

    Of course, this wouldn't help much if it's SO brightly lit up normally that you can't see the spotlight on it at all - but I would assume you could at least discern the basic outline on it, and that would give you a good enough idea of where to use it when the real thing happens. Might not even need to have it on for too long, would probably just need a minute or so to figure out how it's shining on the tower before switching it off.

    I dunno if this would be a stupid idea or actually useful, but thought I'd suggest it just in case it might be able to help you guys. Good luck.

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