Operation: Nightlight

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Theanonymoustipster, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

  2. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Do you own a Van? Cos they cost moneys to rent... And we haven't actually got any moneys yet...
  3. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Awww, that's leaving out the Amerifags... and anyone who isn't londonfag... lacking in the fun.

    -Anonymous Pirate
  4. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    ^ I want a yellow van!

    -Anonymous Pirate
  5. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Semi scap the WBM thang - as pointed out in the London thread, only the Scifags will get that.

    I propose we do the suit thing, and then move to either TCR or QVS - whichever is closer to where we do the suit, and project WBM on to the scifag building, take many epic photos, and then scarper.

    Something else occured - unless the rental people are very very very nice, we will be charged for 2 days hire as we will need to hang on to it till the following morning. Shame, but factoid I'm afraid.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Yellow van for the anon in the eyepatch!
  7. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I think we need to do a projected (no pun intended) costs plan - map out any costs we are going to incur, plan for every eventuality, and raise that much money. The leftover moneys (as hopefully it wont be necessary to spend that much money) can then be used for future projects, or for fliers/other media.

    That van would look a lot prettier if we replaced that shit on the side of it with, ooh, say... WBM?
  8. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I love this plan. Didn't read the whole thread, so maybe this has been said:

    Consider googlability of your projection. An effective viral campaign arouses curiousity.. and then allows people to satisfy it. Lots of people will see this and scratch their head, and possibly want to find out wtf it's about, but the only thing that you've given them to type into google is 'may 10, expect us' and that doesn't turn up anything Anon related. There should be a keyword that allows people to find out about Anon.

    Maybe register a super-short url for the occasion that forwards to your protest page?
  9. Hostile Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    ah but word of mouth spreads quickly... as soon as one person knows its anonymous... soon everyone will know.

    besides, if you just type it into google and see anonymous, the intrigue goes away.
  10. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    so perhaps we should google-bomb the hell out of "Expect Us" or "May 10" prior to this?
  11. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    NO! We already covered that - dont google bomb. And as Hostile says - if its as easy as googling it - then it isnt viral
  12. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I guess that depends on if you want people to be intrigued, or if you want them to be intrigued and turn up at the protest.

    If you see something while out on the town and remember it to look it up when you get home, you're intrigued. If you then fail to find anything, you're annoyed or lose interest.

    Just adding "we are legion" would probably do the trick.
  13. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    ^ Interesting - will bear in mind
  14. Heretic Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    so thats the latest stage of this... i'd like to help i can
  15. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Absolutely - How do you contact the folks at Wirah? I cant find an email address or anything...
  16. Orz Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    But what can be viral, and what seems to be traditional, will be to have a short, cryptic website made so that "May 10, Expect Us" will return SOMETHING, and thus incur even more curiosity.
  17. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Can someone do this? Set up a web page that has the suit logo, then have underneath "Expect Us, May 10" followed by the addresses of all the CO$ HQ's in all the participating cities? We need to not only give a time, but a where as well so people can look and say OH! that's what it's a bout!

    -Anonymous Pirate

    EDIT: Just did a quick check seems to be free.
  18. Orz Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    That's kinda the opposite of the idea of viral. That's like... anti-viral.
  19. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    not terribly. The point is to build interest but be somewhat findable. If 5/10 rolls around and people hear nothing, there isn't going to be too much research as most are probably going to figure it was just BS, methinks. So by providing a place as well, people can show up and be witnesses other than having to hear about it secondhand. All we do is give addresses, methinks, though I could and probably am just giving a terrible idea.

    -Anonymous Pirate
  20. Orz Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Build interest, yes. Be findable, yes.

    Having people say "Oh! That's what it's all about!", not really.
    The idea behind viral (or at least as I understand it) is that whenever people go "aaah, that's it", they immediately stop thinking about it, and that's *not* what we want. "Oh, it's just those kids in masks protesting. I wonder what's for supper?"

    The purpose is to give enough information and presence to prove that there's something there, that it isn't just smoke in the wind, but not enough to completely dispel any curiosity.

    It's basically making people be curious about it, and just giving them enough information to keep on being curious about it. Like a carrot on a stick.
  21. Anonymimity Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    I think a second projection should be shone on the Scientology building :p no way a scieno could miss that, bricks will be shat, etc.
  22. Theta Omega Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight


    4500 lumen projector on the side of a church.

    A car battery won't do it. My 4000 lumen projector needs 900 watts of power; a car battery will run it for about twenty minutes tops.
  23. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    This. Either there needs to be a keyword that turns up *something* about Chanology on google, or the cryptic website. You don't need to explain everything, but there needs to be enough findable information that the curious don't run into a wall of "Yeah, no idea what that's about"
  24. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    OMFGPONIES. too cool. We need a fatter font for long distance readability though.
  25. Heretic Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    lol your talking to one of the guys here im part of wirah... and the brain child behind the bring wbm (yes thats right im bigging myself up haha) i'll pester wirah to get this up on the site and i'll tell him there no contact page either lol
  26. Wirah Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Feedback | Wirah

    Give me the info and I'll update.
    Also provide a logo we can use if possible.

    This is a great idea. I'll be there
  27. Wirah Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Wirah logo avatar test
  28. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    That why you run deepcycle, optima deep cycle yellow top battery S 5.5 should provide for over 120 mins at 75 AH (Amps per hour) with 13.1 volts and it's listed reserve capacity....assuming of course it holds its AH and voltage output over the full time. Take two of them and wire them in parallel and you have a good 150 AH to work with and a possible 1965 Watts of power, that'll be good for over 240 mins.

    Really a 900 watt system requires 75 AH native assuming 12 volts, you can cheat it a little but the battery runs out alot quicker (and hotter).

    Let alone that 20 mins you would be long enough for some exposure. Wiring two normal car batteries can net you a little better then the single deep cycle on AH but you also run the possibility of massive failure on the batteries part.

    mmmmm, this is assuming the batteries can keep up the charge fairly well, i've never really had to deal with them much. Might have to cut times in half or calc for the straight up AH value, that would throw the time on 900watts to half what is listed above, or 60 for single deep cycle and 120 for dual. But that would be definite minimal values (shortest time it would run), and you can find marine batteries with higher AH ratings then that one.

    *edit* oh yeah and you deff need a 1000 watt power inverter
  29. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    *blink* lolwut?

    Theta Omega, that looks amazing. I'm surprised it's that legible.
  30. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight



    Good deep cycle at 75 amps per hour (on battery as 75AH) = 1-2 hours of projector

    Two deep cycles wired correctly = 2-4 hours of projector

    You can get higher then 75 amps per hour as well.
  31. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Thats pretty hot. Not as big as I had imagined... I say we seriously consider the 12000 lumen projector - that would deffo's cover the size aspect - it would be £300 I think?
  32. Wirah Member

  33. Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Ok thats cool, but we need a fund
  34. Theta Omega Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    you need to learn some basic physics, dude. Sorry, but you're wrong. 900 watts at 12 volts == 75 amps. Even those stupid Optima batteries only come in 36 amp-hour capacity, which means you get half an hour. Twenty minutes if you want to run your car.

    It's not "amps per hour". It's "amp-hours". Oh, and you have to de-rate if you want to draw more than 0.5C, which means you probably won't even get half an hour. This is why, for running my projector and PA, I have a 420 Ah battery bank (gets me a couple of hours). However it's WAY too heavy to move more than once in a very long time. You're going to need a generator.
    The size is not a function of the power of the projector, it's a function of the zoom lens; my projector has a long throw lens, which means the church wall 25 yards away doesn't get a very big projection (only about 20 ft high).

    If you want to be seriously imposing you are going to want the brightest projector you can possibly afford, or use a laser projector (this don't even use a lens or a gobo or whatever, by the way; they work by steering the beam around with computer controlled mirrors). You can get a pretty cool green laser that will write things in BIG on public surfaces, only eat a hundred watts of power, and can be run from a laptop, for about US$1000. If you want full colour you're going to need to spend about three times as much.
  35. Pirate_Anon Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Well.... what if we hooked up something to ourselves and powered it with our pure awesomeness?

    In a less serious note, how much would the necessary generator run?

    -Anonymous Pirate
  36. Wirah Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Awaiting costs, then sure thing.

    Also I suggest we get this operation listed in June.

    June protest is June 14th amirite?

    I'll pencil in the date weds June 11th for now
  37. Theta Omega Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Something like the Honda EU2000i would work perfectly, is pretty quiet, and will set you back about $600 if you buy one. Tool rental stores will rent you one for a few bucks a day, though.
  38. SR Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    This sort of thing was done a couple of years back at a protest against iraq, but those guys did ot onto the side of the houses of parliament which was immense. They didnt get arrested or anything and it was up for about four hours.
    they did ir at evening when it was dim eneough to bee clearly seen and alot of people we still on the streets.

    Just thought i would let you guys know. The best way to do something well is to study other examples and copy them lol.
  39. golem Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    "The sun never sets on the [STRIKE]British[/STRIKE] Anonymous Empire"?
  40. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: Operation: Nightlight

    Down boy, i'm used to aph and keep using it when writing longhand, my bad, regardless I didn't get the calcs wrong. I also stated 900 / 12 volts being 75 and the optima (model 5,5) is at 13.1 volts AND 75 AH. I don't know where you were looking at the optima deep cycle battery specs but I went to their manufacturor and looked at the spec sheets, found the highest capacity products and quoted from their official listings. Unless the company is in need of an email from you telling them they got their own listings incorrect then I wasn't exactly incorrect.

    Product Spec Sheets

    5,5 is the battery I quoted

    The marine versions are up to 110AH at 12 volt (The Blue fury model), there are specialized batteries that do better then that.

    So don't mind my sleepy misuse of a word and stop your semi raging...there was never any insult intended.

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