Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    The link to the "message to scientology public" is really good, but the video quality sucks :( So many times you can't even read the text on the screen and the voice isn't the easiest to understand (a synthetic voice with an english accent? eww). I wish whoever did that video would remake it slightly better, it would be especially powerful.

    Otherwise it didn't really give me any ideas :( Still hoping someone can enlighten me on a direction to go when confronted with "the happiest sci ever" crap I keep getting. Maybe I just get lucky and am seeking only OSA out or something haha.. their story always sounds like a freaking testimonial :p
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    You're probably talking to a Staff member, somebody who is under stat pressure and doesn't want any counter-intentions to come out during a sec check. I recall disconnections being enforced by getting their members to de-friend them on sites like MySpace and Facebook, pending Bridge stiflement.

    Furthermore, in these arguments, they are using only their own experiences with which to draw conclusions from, and there's not much you can say to disprove experiences. A lot of their arguing technique tends to be weaselwords, logical fallacies and stupid "gotcha!" games. An example was back in 2001 when Lisa died, a lot of scientologists were telling the protesters "I was her friend and she would hate YOU!" They also tend to blame the people who fail or face misfortune while undergoing their program, in a combination of projected mental sickness and karmic retribution.

    One of their motto's is "What is true for you is true", and they will keep in line with their mottos. I believe it might be best to keep the message to 3 points:

    --There are people in the outside who would care to help them
    --Free-loaders debt is unenforceable by law, despite the contracts signed, especially underaged.
    --Routing out can take up to 3 years.

    Unless they're not Sea-Org. Which they probably aren't.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Also something to mention would be that the people who were in the RPF are required to tell the scientologists that they benefited from the experience. If they don't, go to ethics, PTS, sec check, etc.

    Consider a doctor doing this. "Hi, here’s a perfect therapy that always works. If it doesn’t work, it means you’re evil. Now tell us how much it worked. And sign here. And tell everyone what you told us. And tell us immediately if anyone says otherwise."

    Might be too caustic to tell someone you have to handle with baby gloves, but that's pretty much a good alternate explaination for them of why everyone in scientology says everything is so great and works so much.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    I gotta sleep but just wanted to say, i they're happy then ask if they're happy about all the litigation, black PR, etc -are they happy that people are getting their life ruined for speaking out, etc, etc, etc

    they might be happy but make sure they know you aren't

    after all many people had great lives in berlin under the nazi then under the stazi - does that mean the west was wrong to step in?
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    I just got in contact with my friend on myspace and she is a scientologist. She removed her religion from her info, so she's probably not on the list. Anyway, she's happily telling me about how her family is in and how she got in and what she's read and the courses she took. This is how I started:

    What are you willing to talk about?
    Hi *****! I'd like to listen to your story about your experience with the Church of Scientology. Will you tell me about it? If you'd like a starting point, why don't you tell me about when you first read Dianetics.

    She said she's happy I asked because she doesn't talk about it with her friends as it makes people uncomfortable. Then she explained Dianetics to me, and asked if I wanted to know anything else.

    RE: What are you willing to talk about?
    I wish it didn't make people uncomfortable to talk about it. I noticed that you went to a Delphi school. Is that how you first got involved with the church, or has your family been in? Have you taken any courses?

    She says she has taken a bunch of courses and had auditing. She told me about the study tech she did at Delphi. Says her mom didn't push her into it, she researched a bunch of religions and picked this one. She likes the philosophical aspect.

    Music seems to be your first love since you're so talented at it, but did you ever consider philosophy as a major, minor, hobby or career? What other religions did you research? Since you like the philosophy aspect, did you get turned off by rituals or mysticism in other religions?

    Okay, I like how I'm handling this. She is still the same awesome person I know, and I just want to know about her religion. I've read "How to talk to a Scientologist" on Any other suggestions as to how to approach my friend? She seems okay.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    yeah, damn hypocrits. and i just got this:

    "ha! your ignorant"

    and you're obiously home-schooled baby!


    m1011 to 1020

    m771, m772, m773, m775, m776, m777, m778, m779, m780,
    m821, m822, m823, m824, m825, m827, m828, m829, m830,
    m891, m892, m894, m895, m896, m897, m898, m899, m900 DONE

    that's 200! what did i won?
    i'm going to have a hard time tomorrow, answering to a lot off pissed of scilons...
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Don't feel bad - that's almost what happened to me. Had two responses, though (sent out a bunch) - one "Thanks, but don't email me again", which I respected as my original email had offered to do, and one gentleman who seemed to think I was "obsessed" with Scientology, but who was very intelligent and polite, and who I was having an enjoyable discussion with.

    Then I was visited by the TOS Fairy.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Updated. 137 since last time! I thought about making a leader board, but it would be too much work. You are free to keep your own count of course!
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Right after a few days off
    m1251, m1252, m1253, m1254, m1255, m1256, m1257, m1258, m1259, m1260,
    m1321, m1322, m1323, m1324, m1325,

    edit: w00t 187 messages sent so far :shock:
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    The French girl was the only one who replied to me, and when I sent her a translated letter, she didn't talk to me again.

    Wow. ):
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    I've had a few good conversations with some scilons, a few good debates - mostly they don't read what i write and just respond 'I ARE SCILON WE ARE MASTERS OF THE BRAIN - YOU ARE A MORAN!' or some such, although a few have taken the time to read and reply to what i sent them.

    I'm going to put the results of a few of the chats up on a website soon, also info about the CCHR facebook investigation / raid - for the time being see this facebook album if you wanna read some funny scilon chat....

    the story is... we posted a link to ESK on the CCHR group, holt emailed 'your kids kids will be scilons' and so we messaged him again and the other admins of CCHR - some epic dialog was created, the scilons they fail so hard! ... 1182877744

    (oh and look at rains vids, friend request him, etc -he will post stuff about whats going on, useful node in the web.)
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    yeah, i had a few good discutions too... and even a guy who looked like he wanted to bail out of scientology after i talked to him... makes it worth it i guess...

    i just got a reply from a very pissed off scilon. he blocked me of course, that was the first sentence he wrote, and that's all i needed to read. damn coward.

    m1021 to m1030 DONE
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    The trouble with talking to active Scientologists is they are completely clueless to all the information on the net. If they know anything at all about it, then they have had the information invalidated by OSA and admonished for exposing themselves to such "entheta". If they do know about it and don't say it's all BS then you've got a shot (but I'd bet there aren't very many long-term Scios in that state.)

    The vast majority of Scientologists are not going to respond favorably to offers to help them leave the thing they *know* is their path to spiritual freedom & immortality. They are trained to consider you suppressive. The answer to that is to "handle or disconnect". So some talk, others tell you to F**** off.

    I'm not sure what exactly would be effective. I imagine each person has their own possible weak points. They certainly aren't going to be making them known though. What did it for me was finding out that Ron had lied about himself and that church management had lied about him too (the way he died for example.) The other thing that has been done (by DM and/or others) and which is something that is intolerable for a Scientologist is the alteration of Hubbards recorded lectures and writings. I don't have any links, but this has been documented in various places on the net.

    The fact is, the people you are talking to are probably quite happy with being Scientologists. They have had benefits from it and see it as the only workable solution to mankind's problems (including the promise of very cool spiritual abilities for themselves.) They live in a very PR controlled environment, every event they attend tells them how Scientology is expanding, how much good it is doing in the world. Sure, they don't like being regged to death for every dime they have, maxing their credit-cards or mortgaging the house. For them, the annoyances are worth the ultimate promise. To complain is to "not be with the program" - also called being disaffected. This means you're going to end up sitting with an Ethics Officer - no fun.

    I wish I had some magic incantations you could whisper in their ear to make them wake up and take a look. If I think of any, I'll let you know.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Managed to do 2023 to 2051, then got faceblocked. Damn commercial spammers, ruining it for the rest of us.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    wierd, after all this time, it looks like my myspace account was deleted without a warning... damn
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Updated. I just saw this from an active online pro-Scientologist poster:
    It could be about this operation. We are not Freezooners (well most of us I assume) but we do write about the Freezone in our letters.
  17. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    that's pretty funny.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Sent messages to:


    2001 - 2008

    They put a temporary block on me.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    m1101, m1102, m1103, m1104, m1105, m1106, m1107, m1108, m1109, m1110,
    m1111, m1112, m1113 done

    Just thinking if the 50,000 figure for the total number of Scientologists worldwide is correct then these 10,000 or so people represent a massive portion of the CoS base, and we are sowing the seeds of doubt into many of them 8)
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    m1326, m1327, m1328, m1329, m1330 DONE

    ok guys, it's finally the 15th! i'm taking a break from this operation for a few days... dealing with this scilons messes with your head!
  21. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Ok gents...I've been working on a little project that involves getting as many Scientologist names as possible for about two weeks. So far I've hit one huge ass gold mine:

    This is from 76 to 05, I believe. If you click on the idividual months for each year you will get a list of clears.The list contains their clear number, their names, and their locations/hometown at the time of the clearing. If you then click on the names of the person you will then see any other references found about that person on that site. It could be books they're written or it could be books that include their names. The really big gold mines are the contact info/emails/addresses of available names. Mostly it's just crossreferencing this list: on it to see a large list of employees, their positions, and other contact numbers for wise for 2001 and 2004). Sometimes it's an individual entry, but that's rare. Now, I'm off to archive all of this information!
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    I will be away for about a week. So sorry, no updates from me. Here's a bunch of people so you don't run out.

    2101[/url:2806gfxi], 2102[/url:2806gfxi], 2103[/url:2806gfxi], 2104[/url:2806gfxi], 2105[/url:2806gfxi], 2106[/url:2806gfxi], 2107[/url:2806gfxi], 2108[/url:2806gfxi], 2109[/url:2806gfxi], 2110[/url:2806gfxi],
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  23. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    dont you think that that's too much, and it may be harrasment or something like that?
  24. Undesignated Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    m1261, m1262, m1263, m1264, m1265, m1266, m1267, m1268, m1269, m1270,
    m1271, m1272, m1273, m1274, m1275, m1276,


    remember to update the messages you are sending if they contain info about the next protests, the last protests etc..
  25. Undesignated Member

    ahhh looks like the links are busted

    m1031 to m1111

    iv just done M1632 to m1680
  26. Plups Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Okay, got my second response today.

    Here's how I responded.

    And a PS
    Suggestions welcome!

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