Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    One ex-Sci at your service. :)

    A dedicated churchie (person getting tech from the CofS and believing pretty much everything Hubbard said) would have this exact viewpoint. I had it myself for about 25 years. It takes years to crumble. I think the best entrance point is to exploit the things wrong with the Church which are visible to the average member which are CONTRARY to what Hubbard says. Fortunately, what Hubbard says is relatively well-known and readily available in his writings, the policy volumes and tech volumes. Most churchies either have their own copies, or have friends who own copies. At a pinch, they can read them at the local org in the "Qual Library" ("Qual" is the Qualifications Division, that does functions like student examinations, personnel enhancement, and correcting the local organization).

    All you need to get across about the Freezone is that it exists; that it is possible to get services outside of the CofS similar to those delivered in the CofS, but without all the hassles. Details are readily available on the Internet for the churchie who is willing to look. It is very unlikely you will bring about a huge viewpoint shift in a couple of e-mails, but that is fine. First make sure the guy knows the name "Freezone" and that many well-trained people who worked for years in the CofS now deliver similar services at reasonable cost outside the CofS, but without the hassles.

    Then build up the guy's disaffection for the CofS by directing his attention to THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN WHAT HE SEES THE CHURCH DOING, AND WHAT RON SAYS. "What Ron says" is a good wording. I call him "Hubbard", but between themselves churchies usually use "LRH" or "Ron", and "L. Ron Hubbard" in talking to non-Scientologists. You could mention some differences yourself, but if you are actually exchanging e-mails with this guy from a kind of caring viewpoint rather than an attacking viewpoint, you could simply ask him if he has noticed any such differences and if so, what?

    I'll be around for a bit and will answer other questions as needed. I'm not signing my name but I'm well-enough known to online exes.

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't really answer your question. Tell the guy that many of the people delivering services in the FZ used to work in the CofS but left because of the out-tech there. "Where are the HCOBs describing all the 'Golden Age of Tech' changes? This is not how Ron trained people. The orgs are nearly empty. If the 'Golden Age of Tech' is so wonderful, why are there so few auditors around? Why are there so few people auditing for a living in the field? it is the people who are squirreling the tech in the orgs who should be ashamed of themselves, not the people outside trying to do what Ron said."

    You could say all that. Don't quote the following explanations, which are for you (the Scientologist would know these words):
    HCOB: Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin--technical issues written by Hubbard
    Golden Age of Tech: Overall name of a huge evolution changing the way training of practitioners is done, involving extensive rote learning and robotic responses
    org: organization, Scientology church
    auditor: practitioner, facilitator, one who gives auditing (one of the valued services)
    squirreling: changing the procedures Hubbard laid down, the theory being that the way Hubbard specifies cannot possibly be improved upon and any change will make it worse [this is so obviously silly, but it is how they all think and you will not change it in a few e-mails!]
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    602-604 are done in fracebooks^_^

    now i'm gonna go works on my myspace one^_^

    691-697 are done on myspace^_^


    now 691-700 are done^_^
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Might have to move on... he is in sea org and said that Dave was a lovely bloke and that they only rewrote LRH books so that they could be read more easily. FZ go against everything that LRH said and the church are the ONLY authority to do these things. ¬_¬
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Someone asked for help with these two also:

    That one about paying for it again might be hard to get across without specific examples. If you are thinking of the examples Tory gave, I recall her talking about things that happened with her on a very upper level. People who do these levels have already likely spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on services, and aren't likely to have an account on MySpace or Facebook. :). At the lower levels, this doesn't happen so much that you have to redo courses which "don't work". I would suggest dropping that approach about having to pay twice for things. The person may have some protest about having to buy books or taped lectures again after they have been redone, and you could ask about that, but don't push it if he says no or seems to think it is well justified and defends the idea.

    What you could do is be perfectly honest and say that you had heard that this kind of thing happens, and ask him to give his viewpoint on it. Or just apologize and say that is what you had heard, and thank him for giving you the correct data.

    You're on a tough one with the new books. I haven't read all the new books. I could totally believe that DM only did it to make himself more important, and/or somehow extend the copyrights on books and/or make a shitload of money. Totally. However, I went through the first 30 pages of one new 2007 book, comparing it word for word with the previous 1991 version. I wrote my detailed analysis on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board. My opinion, and it is not an uninformed one, is that the new version is an improvement over the prior one, and an upgrade of Hubbard's original intention. I'm not going to argue the point in this thread, but please just get the idea that you are not going to get wholesale agreement with the churchies you are writing to that DM is ripping them off with regard to the new books. You could point out that if they check Ebay (in the US) they will see that the 18-book package is selling NEW (i.e. unopened, still in shrink wrap, but not direct from the Church) for an average of $84, as opposed to the retail price of over $1,000. You could wonder aloud to the person why that is, if you want to point out that something is very wrong here, but try not to do it in a manner that is critical of the individual.

    FZers are located all around the planet. If he wants to be connected with someone nearby, contact Terril Park who will put him in touch with someone as nearby as possible. Terril did have an account here but got banned recently. I can pass on the message if needed.

    For a link you could give him, which is a simple starting point. I wrote it years ago, but it should still be current.
  5. dickdoll Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Sure. Don't sweat it. Maybe tell him that if he ever decides to blow [leave the CofS without permission] there are friends out here who will help him, but for now thanks very much for responding to your concerns.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Thanks a lot dickdoll. It's great to have you here to help us understand!
    We have a help thread on the Ex Scientologist Message Board now: ... #post72632

    I repost some answers here:
  7. DublinAnon Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    1781, 1782, 1783

    1641, 1642
  8. saerat Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    m841, m842, m843, m844, m845, m846, m847, m848, m849, m850,
    m851, m852, m853, m854, m855, m856, m857, m858, m859, m860,
    m861, m862, m863, m864, m865, m866, m867, m868, m869, m870,
    m871, m872, m873, m874, m875, m876, m877, m878, m879, m880
  9. saerat Member

  10. Me Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    1091-1200 Done

    Gr8 stuff on the tinyurl, that works like a dream. :D
  11. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    I have started a project on making a chainletter here: viewforum.php?f=7

    A chainletter could effectively get the word out about Scientology to people that just don't know anything about it.

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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    As a suggestion, for those scilons who don't see anything wrong, you can direct them to DM's niece's video:
  13. Annoyia Member

    Slight Problem

    I was an idiot and managed to misplace the email I used to sign up for the Facebook account I used to send these. Which means that I have no clue if anyone's responded since then - as it's the email (it was a disposable short term one), that means that I can't see if any of them have responded, besides the one "Thank you, I'm not a $cino" answer I got.

    I hate to ask, but could you re-add these to the list? I'll contact a couple more with my new Facebook (that I won't be stupid about), but I think it'd be less freaky for them to hear from someone else instead of flakey person using a new account.
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    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    In the video the CofS statement that they do not practice disconnection is a flat-out LIE.

    It is typical of Scientology to throw out fake claims and expect people to believe them. Scientology in the media has ZERO credibility.

    This is why, :guyfawkes: Anonymous.
  15. #1_Guest Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    I don't understand why some of you are having problems sending these out.
    I have done 30+ from this facebook account. ;)

  16. Annoyia Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Done: Facebook 608, 609, 610, 631, 632, 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639, 640.
  17. chesirecat Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    For the people who want to make the free zone option known in your mails, a link to the freezoners is:

    Go and check for yourselves before sending it to anyone, in case I missed something.
  18. #1_Guest Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    1291 - 1300

    Facebook told me to stop.
    New account time!

    This is a wonderful procrastination tool because I am helping an excellent cause!

    added more;
    one of my security message things to type in the two words: "Kill mission"
  19. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    man, some of this scifags are DRIVING. ME. NUTS!
    i keep my cool though.

    ok, i'll be doing myspaces m51 to m70. wish me luck!
  20. Anon65 Member

    Re: Slight Problem

    Updated. You guys and girls are great!

    Here you have them: 439[/url:20g2v09w], 440[/url:20g2v09w], 441[/url:20g2v09w], 442[/url:20g2v09w]
    If you don't want to write them again, I think we can just leave them and contact others. We still have plenty left on the list.
  21. Undesignated Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Done : m312, m313, m314, m315, m316, m317, m318, m319, m320,

    Got another reply from one who turned out not be a Scientologist, but she is anti Physcology and has CCHR as one of her groups. Said we shouldn't be attacking religion and people are free to believe what they want, sent back with the usual, protesting not against their beliefs but for human rights, free speech etc.. She also questioned as to why we are anonymous as we should not live in fear. I sent links to several examples of critics being stalked/harassed etc..

    Hopefully she will get what I was saying.
  22. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    myspaces m801 to m810 DONE

    i hit some famous rock musician, tony harnell, from a band named TNT. anyone now him? doesnt sound like a scientologist to me...

    please repost the m51 to m70 because i couldnt do them. thanks
  23. golddigger Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    you guys are.......

  24. anon87 Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    Ok it's only a LIE if you accept that LRH true tech is brainwashing, money milking and lies.

    The best way to show people the faults with Co$ in my honest opinion is to focus on obvious things at the start of the rabbit hole, here are some examples...

    Why did the church tell me that i can remain faithful christian when cos believe in reincarnation - a direct affront to gods word and thus not compatible from a christian perspective. -if they say they know Christians who are scientologists say that many catholics have continued to call themself catholic priests while molesting choir boys! Calling yourself a christian and being a good christan in the eyes of god is very different.

    Why do DM and Tom spend all the cults money on cruse ships and suing people? -wasting good peoples time and effort, those people could be making the world a better place but instead they're being redirected into wasting effort on lifting DM and his ego above the hoy polloi!

    Also isn't it true that the various things cos have done to people like WBM, John Sweeny, Bob Minton, etc, etc, etc as justified a reason for us to protest them as they have to protest psychiatry? (i have the advantage that they're just being glib and don't know the history of psychiatry - I DO! lulz, otherwise be warned this is a tough topic to talk about if you don't know) - Be careful not to derail your own debate, this can get into sticky ground unless your carefull -PROTIP: BIG PHARMA IS EVIL! Kids really shouldn't take ritalin, etc.

    If you #have# to attack the tech then maybe pointing out that lots of people have completed the bridge and then left scientology and spoken out about it - the focus shouldn't be on what they say but rather that they say it at all! It's a big crime to speak out, why would someone who has just got all this 'superhero information' from the people that are the 'authority's on the mind' suddenly start to doing this totally retarded, evil, malicious, greedy thing -So magoo is a man hungry greedy lier just like CoS say, why didn't the tech that always works work for tory?
  25. Undesignated Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    m751, m752, m753, m754, m755, m756, m757, m758, m759, m760,
    m761, m762, m763, m764, m765, m766, m767, m768, m769, m770,

    however m764 and m765 won't let me send so remove them aswell
  26. Unlisted Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    My myspace account has been deleted without giving me any form of warning :( yesterday they had also deleted a bunch of the content on my profile page. :(
  27. Undesignated Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Just make another one. I have 3 throw away accounts so I can spread all the messages over them. Less likely to be deleted/banned then as your sending less messages per account.
  28. Lorelei Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    Yes, it is by Tommy Tutone.

    If you run across 777-9311, that's from the same era and is a song by Morris Day & The Time. (THE MOAR U KNO! and all that.)

    If you do run across posted phone numbers, chances are they are from song lyrics or Hur!

    Seems like negative reactions tend to include "why are you anonymous" (which can be answered in advance by links to stories about various abuses of former critics) and "religious bigot" (which should be countered gently by emphasizing that their beliefs are not the issue, church behaviors and policies are the issue).

    If it doesn't stray too much off-point, perhaps mentioning various front groups and links to why they are bad or misinformed might help? I.e., Narconon is not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous and promotes vitamin overdoses and saunas and drinking cooking oil to wean people off drugs, this does not work and is dangerous, here is why [link], Applied Scholastics is not affiliated with the Scholastic book ordering services or textbook companies you may recall from your own childhood and they deny that certain learning disabilities exist or attempt to treat them ineffectively, see [link], National Cancer Org/Soc is not affiliated with American Cancer Society and does not help people with cancer nor promote cancer research and, in fact, COS members have died from untreated cancers, see [link], etc.

    Be kind, be truthful, and be factual. Don't preach, just inform. Don't "make them wrong". These folks are, for the most part, well-meaning, bright, and spiritually-seeking. Check your spelling and grammar carefully! Don't imply that they are ignorant of a fact, guide them to read more about a fact. Don't criticize the beliefs or the Bridge or link to OT level stuff, simply urge them to be aware and careful and to do their own research.

    Also noted that someone was writing letters that assumed Scienositter/Netnanny was still being used; I think we have not gotten any confirmation of it still being used (past Win98). Be careful with assumptions. Stick to cold, hard facts and an upbeat, positive, friendly message.

    Example: Has knowing more about something or doing your own research into a subject ever hurt you? Conversely, have you ever regretted NOT knowing the full facts or truth about something? Have you ever said "if only I knew then what I know now"? Knowledge is good, and you can choose to read more about your interests or not, whichever you feel most comfortable doing, but we sincerely hope you will take a few minutes to look at [links] and make up your own mind!
  29. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Nice letter, AnonKiwi.

    I have a few suggestions for responses, too, if anyone needs ideas. Remember that the vast majority of Scientologists joined up for very idealistic reasons. They are there to make the world a better place and are convinced they are in the group that is doing it. The OSA dirty tricks and the abuse at the higher levels and the financial shenanigans are completely hidden from Scientologists and they are not allowed to go to the anti Scn sites or talk to YOU for that matter, because you are suppressive (railing against a betterment group). So if you get any response at all you've already made a big inroad. So here goes:

    Scieno Response - You are attacking good people. We are doing blah blah ......great things.

    Reply - Please don't take this as a personal attack. It is not. I understand that the vast majority of Scientologists are wonderful caring people and that you are working to make the world a better place. We are trying to let you know some of the things that are being hidden from you. There are things going on in the Church of Scientology that they don't want you to know about. And you are not supposed to question or speak about. Yet per your own creed you have the right to speak freely. All we are suggesting is that you examine the data to hand and decide for yourself. There are many first hand reports from people just like yourself, public, staff and Sea Org. You can see them here:

    Scieno response: - How dare you attack my religion! WTF! You are against freedom of religion! etc........

    Reply -
    We do not wish to infringe on your right to believe as you wish or to practice your religion. We are protesting the human rights abuses that are taking place within the CoS in the name of religion. These things are largely hidden from the public. If you are staff you will have seen outpoints, those things that make you wonder. Pay attention to your own knowingness.

    Such things as hundreds of Sea Org members forced to have abortions so they could keep on working unimpeded by children. Families have been torn apart. Husbands and wives separated and in some cases ordered to divorce. People sent to a different base than their young children, seeing them for maybe a few hours a month. Family members declared for querying an observed outpoint, then their family ordered to disconnect. Physical abuse such as being punched, spit on, locked up have become commonplace rather than isolated incidents.

    The exodus from the CoS has become epic in proportion. The CoS has responded not by cleaning up their act, but by putting up fences with razor wire, motion detectors, and cameras around Sea Org bases or berthing areas, turning the Security force inwards to police Staffs every move, confiscating mobile phones, TVs, passports, and private cars and screening all mail and phone calls of staff. Anyone who is not kept in line by this is RPF'd (imprisoned in gulag type conditions). This doesn't sound like freedom to me!

    Does this sound unbelievable? Check it out for yourself. That is all we are asking. And we ask this because we care.
  30. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    OMG!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

    How apropos! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  31. Anon101z Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    not sure ifits been posted on hre, it might have even com from hre but i've not seen it.

    "Kendra Wiseman comes from a family of well-connected members of the Church of Scientology. Bruce Wiseman, her father, is the president of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, USA, an organization founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1969. Clark Carr, her Uncle, is the president of Narconon International. Kendra escaped from the Church of Scientology at the age of 17.

    Hi Everyone,

    Today, I go public. Today, I no longer hide behind a pseudonym. As of today, a new website,, launches.

    This website was created as a collaboration between Astra Woodcraft, Jenna Miscavige Hill, and myself, Kendra Wiseman. It contains the stories of numerous children who grew up in Scientology, as well as easy-to-understand critical information for Scientology kids, and for people who are new to the Scientology critics movement.

    I want to thank everyone on this forum who has supported me over the last two years while I dealt with disconnection. Your efforts, and the efforts of Anonymous, have made me feel safe speaking up. I want to afford the same luxury to others who may not feel so safe.

    To read my story, and the stories of other children who grew up in Scientology, please check out the stories index on our site, which can be found at

    If you have a story of growing up in Scientology, long or short, with your name or anonymously, we will publish it.

    Thanks again. Enjoy.

    Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Brother, Nephews and Nieces: I'm sorry, as I know this will upset you all further. I do feel that this truly is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. I love you all. Please don't let them convince you that I'm a suppressive person. Remember me.

    Much Love,

    I think it will be good to ge this site around.
  32. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact


    Tell her that one of the most senior execs in Scn was a black guy named Jesse Prince. He has since spoken out about what he saw and experienced. Tell her to Google: Jesse Prince.

    Anyone else who wants data on the inner workings and abuses at the higher levels should do the same.
  33. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    They already have. Most Sea Org members are not allowed anywhere near it. They have even gone to the estent of posting a Scn security guard at the front door of the local library in LA to make sure no Sea Org members go in there to use computers in the 3 hours a week they have to do their laundry and clean their berthing.

    Those Sea Org members who have access to the internet due to their post have their viewing monitored by OSA. All the computers are tied in to the OSA Int offices in LA. Even the RTC ones.

    Public Scientologists are allowed to use the internet but looking at an anti-Scientology site is forbidden. To do so gets you a Security Check at your own expense (several thousand dollars) and a trip to ethics. They may be declared a potential trouble source and barred from services. If they respond with any lip, they may get declared which means they will no longer be allowed to communicate with anyone in Scn - friends and family included.

    Anonymous, this sort of thing is what you are running into when you contact a Scientologist online. There are big deterrents to talking to you. It doesn't necessarily mean they didn't hear your message if they don't respond.
  34. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Good point. I forgot to address this in my previous post.

    I was in Scn for 16 years, most of it on staff and in the Sea Org. I am a trained auditor and course supervisor. In my experience, the tech works.

    So what am I doing here? No, I'm not a plant. I have been out since 1991. I am a critic, despite the fact that the tech works. The following is my controversial opinion.

    I think LRH was genuine at one point in his career, and really did put a huge effort into developing this technology. And he fixed it and reworked it till it worked smoothly every time.

    Unfortunately, he had a darker side. He was battling his own mental illness from an early age. Paranoia. Delusions. Drug and alcohol addiction. Hunger for power. And GREED. These things also influenced Scientology, but they manifested in the administration, particularly from the late 1960's. There are reports of abusive behavior from people who were on the ship, also of heavy bouts of drinking and lots of pill popping. The paranoia and the greed got worse as he got older, and the administration of the church mirrored this. Then, being on the wrong path, it just got worse. It is rife with human rights abuses. This should be tolerated by no-one. It is long past the point where it (the Church) is salvagable. There are too many group agreements, making it a culture of abuse. It has got to go.

    The tech, however, was for the most part developed in the 50's and early 60's, a much saner time. And it was not subject to the insanities of the administration. And it remained pretty much the same until 1992 or 93. At that time, David Miscavige got onto tech lines and made some drastic revisions and made disappear a lot of the HCOB's. These changes made the tech much less workable. Many "techies", auditors and supervisors, queried this "Golden Age of Tech" or GAT. And they got declared. About 90% of the tech staff that were left at that time were thrown out. This included very highly trained people up through Class 12's. This is the "walk on water" level, basically. They know their stuff. So many of these people are currently in the freezone or independant field. Many of them practice standard tech. Much more standard than the CoS does, as they were trained properly and really know what they are doing.

    Not everyone in the freezone practices standard tech. Ron's org is a bit wacko, IMO. But if someone wants standard tech, there are those around who will deliver it, and for a fraction of the price of the CoS. Those interested need to shop around.

    Hope this gives you a bit of insight when responding to "but the tech works".
  35. saerat Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    we should not forget the freezoners... they are allied with many anon at the moment..
  36. Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Don't give up!!! It's amazing that you have an SO member responding.

    Ask him for the LRH reference (not the DM reference) where LRH requested that his books be rewritten to make them easier to read.

    Ask him about the line in "Keeping Scientology Working" about the only time there has been trouble for Scientology is when it fails to apply its own technology.

    Ask him if he has noticed anything being done differently in the Church than what it says in the Creed of the Church.

    Tell him to Google Jesse Prince to find out what goes on at Int. Also Google BFG for the inside skinny on whats going on right now at the highest levels of CoS management.

    This might be a bit premature but here is a started website aimed at SO members precisely. Target is to have it complete by 15 Mar. :)

    Good luck.
  37. Undesignated Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    m624, m625, m626, m627, m628, m629, m630,
    m176, m177, m178, m179, m180,

    The myspace accounts in my experience seem to be responding much more than those of facebook
  38. DublinAnon Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    1581, 1582, 1583, 1585
    1591 -> 1596
  39. #1_Guest Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    Got my first real response today!

    I responded with a simple question:

    Off to do more!

    DONE: 1581, 1582, 1583, 1585, 1591 - 1599, 1603, 1644 - 1646, 1703 - 1712
  40. Anon101z Member

    Re: Operation Online Rescue: 1000s of Scientologists to contact

    There maybe a win in our midst....

    The NSPCC in the UK have passed on the details to one of there departments to look into the aligations made on there site and the effects this may have on UK $cientology children.

    They haven't told me if a formal investigation will take place but they are looking in to.

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