[Operation Over the Wall] Follow Up

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anon1957, May 21, 2008.

  1. evey Member

    Re: [Operation Over the Wall] Follow Up

    if someone does this, i will seriously supply them with cake for the rest of thier natural lives.

    seriously great idea, if one can do it without getting caught.
  2. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: [Operation Over the Wall] Follow Up

    Someone with balls - step on up.
  3. dwpirate Member

    Re: [Operation Over the Wall] Follow Up

    How about Estes Rockets? The small cardboard ones? Paint "CRUISE" on the side of them and launch them over gold base. Some of those have drop modules or have cargo containers that are recoverable. We could launch them directly over gold base, and then the flyers or business cards would gently float down. If we launched thirty or so at the same time, that might be too much for them to get to.

    On the other hand, Scilons would baaaww that we're shooting missiles at them... i hate people with no sense of humor...
  4. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: [Operation Over the Wall] Follow Up

    There is a military base nearby that will detect any sort of rocket-propelled device. You will have the army on you in seconds. The whole point of this thread was for people to phone Gold following up their postcards.

    tl;dr - Stay on Target kids, or Davey'll be forced to disconnect you!

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