Operation Peer Review - The FK-U Series!!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by AnonLover, May 17, 2008.

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    Operation Peer Review - The FK-U Series!!

    we've built up our momentum, time to take IT to the next level. however, just like the situations w/ Co$ is a myriad of issues, an effort of taking it to the next level is likewise a myriad of options to take.

    so with liberal inspiration from this effort: thats delving into narCONon schtick in recent BioMed online journal.

    along with similar idea i had here to get legaleeze review of the Anon Fair Game letters slimy lawyering schtick.

    plus Arnie's comment on my idea:
    "FIRST RULE of cult busting:


    methinks the ideal path for "next levels" thats a perfect fit for how hivemind works is to run hard & wide with "Operation Peer Review" mini-projects. come up with moar angles to work a well placed intellectual harpoon in the direction of furthering multiple forms of 'peer review'. ideal venues being any kind of academia review, legalsleeze review, environmental review, etc.

    tl;dr -> intellectual harpooning attacks in the peer review vein.

    golden age of brainstorm tech led me to this food4thought agenda of possible mini ops that knowledgeable anons in applicable fields could possibly pickup on & run with?

    Operation Peer Review 0: Undressing Narconon w/ BioMed
    Operation Peer Review 1: Fair Game Letter Offensive Smackdown
    Operation Peer Review 2: Applied Scholastics Ball Busting Brigade
    Operation Peer Review 3: Scilon Net Nanny = Undisclosed SpyWare Trap *
    Operation Peer Review 4: Child Labor Law Lambasting

    note - numbering may vary w/ first cum first pwned ordering :flowers:

    but surely u get the gist of this - pick an expertise, any one will do - and pursue peer review on a professional level. only #3 in above list is in my field of expertise and i'm not even sure if there's an angle there till i get a chance to read me up on the spam/spyware laws (tmo),

    i think this an awesome idea for a general direction to take moving forward & funneling of effort where's its best used. but requires "finding" the ideal target + proper outlet for a given angle, & then matching that with ideal anons.


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