Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by anonona_DC, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. anonona_DC Member

    Regional Event for DC/Mid-Atlantic: Operation Psychout at APA Meeting

    It's early yet, but in the other thread, the conclusion seems to be that "The church hates psychiatry" isn't a strong enough message for a global protest in May.

    Not so, for Washington, DC.

    From May 3-8, DC will be hosting the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting/convention at the Washington Convention Center. It is the biggest gathering of psychiatrists in the world, and 25,000 are expected to attend, along with numerous pharma industry flacks and students.

    We have information that the CoS frontgroup the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) may be attempting to subvert or disrupt the meeting, possibly with picketing, possibly with a booth at the actual convention center, possibly from an event room nearby.

    Anonymous aims to be there. Not just as a counter-protest, but to see if we can recruit the aid of some of the mental health profession to our cause, and to inform them of the potential the CoS has to hurt them and their livlihoods.

    IMO, we can be pretty persuasive given the right tools, and I see no reason we couldn't recruit a few psychiatrists for our protests and draw donations from a few others. One wonders how a bullbaiter will deal with a psychiatrist in person - either recognizing that they're human beings, or losing composure and going completely nuts, are both acceptable outcomes to Anonymous.

    These people brag about the number of psychiatric licenses they've been able to get revoked with lawsuits, and have sued every professional organization and drug company (including the APA) in recent memory.

    They're also responsible for casting aspersions on the psychiatric community that amount to celebrity-backed slander, and causing numerous people in dire need of mental health treatment to put it off or refuse it altogether. If it were possible to do a study on the suicide rate in the Scientologist community, I suspect it would be dramatically higher than the general population, based on anecdotal accounts. Psychiatrists have not just a business or professional reason to join us, but they share some of the moral reasons we fight as well.

    I think this would serve well as a regional(rather than simply local) event for Anonymous, and I think it would benefit all of us. The APA meeting is an international gathering, and there will be psychiatrists from every city who might feel it's a worthy cause.

    We are currently in the preliminary stages of planning this - it's possible we'll be allowed to walk the halls of the convention handing out information for free, it's possible we'll be required to pay for a booth, it's possible that only APA members and students would be allowed in, and it's possible we'd be restricted to the sidewalk at the entrance. Our resources (both funds and APA members) may end up determining our options and how compelling our message is - and we're not sure what we have yet, so planning is fluid.


    We need any APA members to come forward ASAP for planning/organization/credential reasons - either post in this thread or join the forums here, or PM Hubbard-Telescope on the forums.
  2. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    Wow, and I thought May was going to be boring!

    Looking forward to it.
  3. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    People might not care for psychiatry, but if you keep the message generalized

    i.e., "CCHR = Scientology Front" or "Scientology is Pseudoscience" and messages about why Scientology is harmful to your mental/physical health (before and after picture of Lisa M put together. a lot of people use the after, but you look like abortionists doing that. put the two of em together and you can play into the Nancy Grace tearjerker crowd)

    But yes, I think getting more specific with the actual psychiatrists will be a good avenue. It's ironic it's taken this long considering they are supposedly filling out our W-2's
  4. Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    We're already in contact with the APA Convention organizers. At this point, they confirm the CCHR has NOT registered for the event and that they are not so welcome. We are currently looking into our options for a counter-protest and some info dissemination. Leaked LEAF emails, ahoy!
  5. googoomuck Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    Just to whore myself out a little here, I posted indexes of leaks 1 and 2 to make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  6. DeadFace Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    Now THIS I like.

    There's that video from Freedom magazine where they state that over 10% of psychiatrists have raped their patients. There's plenty of made-up facts in these vids to shoot them down with. Screen grabs to be had etc for insertion in pamphlets.

    Just remember to be well behaved, cuz I am sure they'll fight back there (bull baiting etc).
  7. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    Here's something to think about.

    "Who do you want treating you when something goes wrong? Someone who understands how your body works, or someone who believes that oil, vitamins, and calmag combined with near-coerced confessions cure everything?"

    Hm, scary how many people would say the latter...

    BTW: nice tear-down of the "Purification Rundown" here:

    Nice section from it:

  8. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    OP, you're incorrect, most people do not want to do a CCHR theme for May, as it's way too TL;DR for the general public. See:

    That being said, everyone is in favour of counter-protesting the rubbish Anti-Psych protests the Scilons form.
  9. anonona_DC Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    That's what I intended to summarize... don't know what's incorrect, but forgive the wording if it was confusing/misleading.

    Point being, DC (unlike the rest of the country for May) has reason for a large event here, with strong potential to boost recruitment, funding, and publicity nationwide for Anonymous. Psychiatrists present a very different and much more receptive audience for the message of Operation Psychout than the general public, most of whom will find this tl;dr.
  10. anonauswa Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    According to Arnie, reading OT3 out to scilon protesters is a good way to disperse the crowed. I am sure the psychs will be more than happy ;)

    Now, all you need is a couple of hundred people reading OT3....
  11. French Ninja Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    DO IT
  12. Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    WE'RE GONNA, so back off Frenchie! lol. I can't wait for this, actually. It sounds like it'll be a fun time.
  13. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    There will apparently be a CCHR exhibit in my area later this year, so gonna crib notes from your YouTubes, D.C.! :D

    Here in SF, we had more protesters show up for LRH's birthday than Scientologists. I'll bet you guys do the same to CCHR. :D
  14. deepthot42 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    I think that one main point should be peer review.

    Psychiatrists, psychologists, and the medical field in general have a constant exchange of research. It's part of the scientific process. Scientology, having already been snubbed by the reputable medical institutions, operates within it's own vacuum of propaganda.

    Why are psychs procedures put under scrutiny from the 'church' but Scientology's medical claims are off limits? It's a ludicrous double standard.

    Oh right... cause they are a 'church'.

    If they want to be taken seriously, they need a third party to test their claims and take factual statistics. This, of course, would be too damning to them.
  15. Ironhead Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    Just wanted to say I've always found the APA stance on things like CCHR to be admirable, a sort of "turn the other cheek". or atleast that's the impression I have so far, unless I missed something.
    I think it might be a good idea to leave Psychiatrists in general out of this fight, just for the moment. Pschyatrists and other people in the medical comunity have to display a certain level of professionalism. For the APA to counter attack these guys in any way at the moment is exactly what CCHR wants. they've been quoted as saying "it is not useful to debate with scientologists" and pretty much left it at that. I view CCHR as the biggest BullBait ever, they're going to all of psychiatry and not just saying "What are your crimes?!" they're saying "here are your crimes!" like they would to any protestor in hopes the protestor would lash out, and BING instant lawsuit, another enemy destroyed.
    I think it's still a great idea to counter protest though, but do it from a distance. Don't let Psychiatric bystanders get caught in the backlash. if anything let's take the attention off them and put it on us, hand out pamphlets in front of their booths, or on either ends of their pickets etc.

    my 2 cents
  16. captainslug Member

    Re: Operation Psychout DC: APA Convention

    DC Anons have this under control. We will release specifics when it is safe to do so.

    We have confirmed that the CCHR DOES NOT have any exhibit, meeting, class room, or panel discussion space reserved at the DC Convention Center so they will not be able to attend in an official capacity. We provided a list of front groups that they may have used to book space and if any were used to do so the reservations will be cancelled.

    Just be aware that we have contacted both the convention center and the APA directly and were very thankful for being informed of the intentions of CCHR. As a result of our notification they are taking the needed measures to prevent CCHR from disrupting the annual meeting.

    We are currently in the process of doing follow-up communication with the appropriate personnel in the APA to outline specifics on what we can and cannot do when, where, and how.

    The APA is aware of the stance and practices of Scientology and I have been made aware that they currently have many industry experts touring the country to hold lectures on the topic to inform residents and professional on the topic. The main focus of the lectures has been on how current and exScientologists are being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (and other anxiety and emotional disorders) as a result of their participation in the practices of the organization.

    The APA has released official statements about the CCHR in the past and does follow-ups every few years in the appropriate journals.

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