Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Consensus, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

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    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I got an A in my psych courses
    and i spent years working in Drs offices....

    I never thought i would have a use for all the weird shit i know.
    If you ever want to ask anything, just e-mail or pm me.
  3. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    ^^^ THIS.

    The thing about fair game is that innocent people have been rounded up AND fair gamed! We need to stress this to John Q. Public.

    The pro-psychology stuff might be harder to defend because it's got a lot of gray areas. There are news reports of people being over medicated and dying over it. I mean, Heath Ledger died because he had sleep medication, anti-anxiety, AND anti-depressants in his system. That was just in late January.

    Anti-Fair Game, on the other hand, has no gray areas and it has been on the news. It is very obvious that Co$ does this and no other organization does this.

    Seriously, I can see the psych thing backfiring on us in plenty of ways.
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    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think it's good as a side project, but not for the may-protests
  5. mistegirl Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I agree here.

    It needs to be out there, and specifically the fact that they're not saying that Scientology is an alternative to be considered, but that the field should be eliminated all together.

    Anyone has a right to seek alternative treatment (smart or dumb as some may be) but when you are working to destroy the competition you're stamping on other people's rights.

    The thing is there are other groups out there fighting against Psychiatry. It's a gray area that not as many people will connect with. Things like fair game and disconnection are black and white - this is wrong. We should try to stay in this realm.

    Personally I can say that Psychiatry saved my life, or at the very least my quality of life.

    When I was 17 (some 14 years ago now) I had a bad breakdown. I went from laughing to crying uncontrollably for hours on end and was considering driving myself off a bridge.

    My parents put me in a hospital and I spent 3 weeks there. I did a lot of talking and yes, they put me on anti depression drugs.

    Once I got out I continued therapy though and within 3 months I was able to understand what was wrong, why I had the break and I came off the pills. To this day I've never had to take another one and I developed into the happy sane person I am today.

    I can't say it saved my life because who knows how many emo teens go through with anything. I can say that it saved my quality of life. I learned what was wrong, how to deal with it and how to have a normal life.
  6. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I want in on anything about Scientology vs Psychiatry and so on.

    Psychiatrists and counselors helped me get back to feeling vaguely normal these last 6 months and i will not have ANYTHING said about them.
  7. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    The main post is unusable to me.




    The CoS knows the difference, and will not be hesitant about throwing that difference in your face, making you look stupid.

    Many major organizations, CoS or not, hope for people to confuse Psychiatry and Psychology. You're doing yourself a world of good to know the difference, protests or no.
  8. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!



    1. the science of the mind or of mental states and processes.
    2. the science of human and animal behavior.
    3. the sum or characteristics of the mental states and processes of a person or class of persons, or of the mental states and processes involved in a field of activity: the psychology of a soldier; the psychology of politics.
    4. mental ploys or strategy: He used psychology on his parents to get a larger allowance.


    the practice or science of diagnosing and treating mental disorders.
  9. dirk nimrod Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think focus should stay on the Co$ itself. While this goes on, Anon continues to expose their front groups and their ties to the Church. That will hurt them as well as Co$. We should also continue contacting every corporation and influential person (non-Scientologist celebs and politicians) which DM or Co$ praises as "spreading the tech" or whatever, in order to see whether they really support Co$

    The big thing though: once Co$ is gone, the front groups will wither away.
  10. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    This is why I think having psych vs. Co$ for May is epic fail. Too many people do not know the difference between psychology and psychiatry.

    For this angle to work, you will need to educate the public on that difference RIGHT NOW and OFTEN to the point that they will be beaten over the head with it. Six weeks isn't enough time for a handful of anons in society (vs. general public) to educate that many John Does.

    So really, we need to focus on something that's 1) Easily understood by the public and 2) Something the Co$ EXCLUSIVELY does. Fair game is the next thing I can think of that fits 1 and 2.
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    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    copypasted from the other thread in this subforum because it's that important:
  12. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think Neuropsychiatry deserves more reference, too.

    As for people in this thread who have been 'helped' by psychiatry without drugs, Newsflash: Those were psychotherapists. Psychology. Say it with me now.

    IMO this thread is running the risk of veering off-target. The point is EDUCATE YOURSELF about these things so that when Tom Cruise goes "YOU DON'T KNOW THE HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRY" you can explain "HAX! INDEED I DO!". The only reason he was able to make that argument was because the other person didn't know.

    Once again, remember that these people are NOT against using the truth against you just as much as using lies.
  13. timid sparrow Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Fair game sounds good, as has been mentioned, it's currently happening and can tie in with getting others to speak out, and show that this is a reason why even possibly press is ginger about taking issue with the Co$ (or for that matter even IRS?). It also ties in with the program ESK is doing with 100s of xs who really WANT to tell, but are afraid.
  14. Persephone Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Side projects ARE inefficient use of manpower. You can't do your math homework while you're thinking about that book report you still have to write. Divided attentions would make the both Operations fizzle out and fail.

    Printing out cards and fliers for Operation Reconnect is a money sink in and of itself, if there's a Primary and Secondary Operation, not only are we doubling personal expenditure, we're dividing our attentions and Primary Objective vs Secondary Objective will turn into a "Light Armor Vs Heavy Armor" debate (see This Link on Youtube) and divided we FAIL.

    I'm another crazy anon: My father is schizophrenic and OCD, my mother has epic anxiety disorders and I'm on four medications for mood disorders. I love psychiatry as much as the next person. But Average Joe gives not one shit about it, and Average Joe is who will be the tipping point for the scales. If we start going on about all the complications about explaining this stuff, they will SHY AWAY from Anon. So far, we're fairly amicable as far as Joe Public is concerned. We're eccentric, but we're understandable. Why give that up?
  15. taurelilomea Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Yet another vote for Fair Game.
  16. Ironhead Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    When they took down the Cult Awareness Network, they did it by litigating them into bankruptcy (I know, not our style), but what they also did was a major letter writing campaign, just like were doing for the tax exemption issue.

    We don't have to picket CCHR or Narconon just yet, we can focus on other things like Fair Game. We're still in the early stages of this fight and what I think should be our primary focus is collecting evidence to support our arguments. That might take awhile, what we've got so far is good but we gotta really drive the nail home on these douches.

    but if we go in half-cocked, it could be catastrophic for the movement. We need a real battleplan, against CCHR and the goal should be to get as many people asking questions about the ties of these frontgroups to Scientology as possible. that will lead them to ask questions about the cult. how? politicians and newsmen.

    The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.
    - Sun Tzu
  17. Sargo Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    i vote for fair game

    sapporting pscology, woot yeah thats great and all but thats not what where about

    we are against cos, that is our main objective, to imform the puplic about cos.

    if you wanna throw some things in their about phyics once again, great. but a protest in total saport when the general puplic doesn't no that sci's are against phyics is not needed right now

    joe puplic still needs to no who we stand against and why

  18. timid sparrow Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    the other thing about taking up the fair game issue is that strategically this could be good, if we make it safer (by highlighting the issue), more will come forward on some of the other issues we would like to cover. I suspect there's many many, who could come forward and may even be able to provide further documentation that would be useful. Perhaps even some of the government officials and others who might fear or worry about bad press as a result of fair game, might be more willing to take a stand? This applies to me 2.
  19. Domo_kun Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    The problem with the CCRH issue is that it takes an attention span to understand... it's way too tl;dr for the average motorist or gawker. It poses a real danger of confusing or dilluting the movement here. It's also less of an automatic sympathy-catcher, unlike Disconnection or Fair Game. Joe Public would have to sit down and read the arguments to get any meaningful grasp of the issues, and you can't do that from a car window.

    I vote we go w/something involving less braincells. Let's stick with the things that catch people's minds and emotions quickly. The fight against CCRH just wouldn't translate well to a picket sign.
  20. DeadFace Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think Psychout would be better as a guerrilla marketing campaign. A website, flyerings, videos, CoS vids with rebutals, posts on message boards, banners etc. Pique the interest.

    I also think it's too early to do it full-on, like many others. Although the current/recent NY case (is it NY?) is good for some info.

    Pamphlets at the raids, just as I think the pamphlets for tax-exemption and disconnect should also be used repeatedly.

    Anyone making trifolds and placing them in the tourist racks? You know, the one's with Ripley's Believe it or Not and Wax Museum and rafting and hotel brochures? I say sneak 'em in, especially near CoS crap.

    By the way, as you may be able to tell, I have ADD (with OCD compensation). I hope I made sense.
  21. Anonchobee Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Pardon my suspicions, old are you?
  22. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    When Cruise did the whole rant on "YOU DON'T KNOW THE HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRY...I DO!!!" I was annoyed that he's referencing the history when we must focus on the PRESENT, today, what's happening now. Yes, Psychiatry did have a bad past, of course, a lot of shitty stuff happened, but like someone before rightly mentioned, it has CHANGED so much, and helped a lot of people.

    If Psychiatry does go on as a discussion, I'd happily discuss it. As well as psychotherapy, I am on anti-depressants and regularly visited by my psychiatrist. Of course that's if this interest progresses forward, but I'd happily contribute :)

    But anyway I think a protest on Fair Game would be absolutely perfect, we MUST raise this issue really
  23. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Amen. CCHR is an issue we should push to legislators, psychs, and the media using their leaked emails and numerous legal violations. Let's hit Scientology first. Remember, if the cult goes down, so will CCHR. Nearly all the staffers and supporters of CCHR are Scientologists. When they jump ship, CCHR's manpower shortage will force it go down anyway.
  24. Exceed9K Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Psychout could be a big PR backblast.

    Look how badly the media misinterprets us now, even though their impressions are often neutral or favourable overall - "Church of the Anonymous"? "A collection of ex-Scientologists?"

    There's no way the press are going to understand that we want to expose a dangerous cult if we're all out there in masks telling people that psychiatric drugs save lives.

    That, and attacking front organisations directly isn't especially productive. It diffuses our message to the public, and we need to be clear. We oppose the crimes of the Church of Scientology. Warning people about its front organisations is great, tackling them specifically is fail, IMO.
  25. Consensus Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    CCHR also serves as a recruiting tool, however. They find wogs who are opposed to psychiatry (for whatever reason), bring them in, befriend them, become allies, and then introduce them to scientology.

    I think we should target the CoS *and* the CCHR (and all other front orgs). Major emphasis should be direct attacks on the CoS. Nonetheless, I feel precise, surgical attacks on front orgs can give us a lot of bang for our buck. And psychology departments, professors, and mental health professionals are people who command a large audience and should respond relatively positively to our message.

    Which is to say, a big part of our goal is to swing the public to our side. Various organizations are liabilities - pro-lifers, 911-truthers, etc - and we've generally avoided 'recruiting' them (though people are welcome to belong to both those movements and Anonymous). But operation psychout seeks to tap into a potential source of allies and information distribution that would require relatively little effort and has the potential for significant dissemination of information.
  26. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Beg to differ but we are NOT ready to take on FG. Or rather we'd be yelling in the wind, because the Public still doesn't know CoS is a criminal organization and WILL NOT BELIEVE US when we say they followed us home and shot our cats and sued some guy and maybe killed that Cult Watch guy. And they WON'T CARE. We need more popular support (more media) and we need them angry before we can go into the minutiae of CoS bullshit.

    Also, going after FG because some of us have been FG'd makes it personal, which means we're reacting to CoS and letting them set the agenda. We need to adapt, not react.

    I say we stick to targetting Cos via CCHR, but we DO NOT approach from the Pysch angle. They may have the skeptical public on their side wrt psychobabble and drugs, and we can't fight that battle at the same time. But it takes absolutely no effort to put "CCHR = Scientology" on signs and fliers and then it's done. THEN we attack them (CoS) on the Human Rights angle.

    There is no end to the list of HR abuses the Scilons are guilty of, which means we have shitloads of ammo to use against them. So we march back and forth at their CCHR showcases, exposing their org's hypocrisy.

    tl;dr? fair game = no, psycho = no, human rights = yessssss!
  27. Manumission Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I posted this in another thread but I see I probably should have posted it here.
    I had the pleasure of speaking with a well respected Psychiatrist today. I asked him what he and his peers thinks about Scientologys recent attacks on the profession. His response was, "We don't." I had to ask if he meant they hadn't considered it or discussed it at all. He said, "No we're very much aware of their stance on Psychology. It's just that we don't care. We don't lose any sleep over it because we have people who do that for us. As for my personal opinion, they are woefully uninformed and totally irrelevant." I expected more of a reaction than that. He might as well have said "The sky is blue". Based on the rest of the convo I came to the conclusion that they are not worried because it isn't necessary. They know something we don't.

    I'm not sharing this to discourage anyone from sending letters or whatever. The choice is yours. I'm just saying that I got the impression that this is common knowledge among the Psychiatric community. The people who seem to be out of the loop are the actual patients. I know of numerous depression groups and the like but I'm not sure how to introduce the subject without freaking people out.

    Addition to original post: I'm all about informing patients about what CofS is trying to do regarding their treatment but that's as far as I'm willing to go. I'm not into trying to recruit the actual doctors for protests or anything like that.
  28. Anon32167 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    You know, in every field/profession there are always some who are bad apples and many who are great people. Psychology is no different. Psychiatry is no different. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, you name it, they're all no different. More importantly, Scientologists are no different.

    BUT, they think they're all better than anybody else and that no scientologist can be a bad apple. This, of course, stems from their complete disconnection with reality.
  29. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I'd like to point out that all of the professions you've listed can also fall victim to the same thing.
  30. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think that once we take out the Co$ all the front groups will crumble. Without Co$, they'll have no support, no "tech", and they will be "out" of the cult. Not that i don't have a huge raging hardon for the CCHR (AKA Cultist's Commission for Hubbard's Reich), but if we take down the central nervous system, the rest of them will fall.
  31. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    hey, don't be too surprised. if somebody doesn't have a mental health concern of their own, then they probably know someone who does. here are some facts from Australia (link):

    that's heaps of people... one in ten self-reporting, nearly one in five generally!

    i think this topic can be addressed but probably needs a little more aforethought in planning and definitely still needs to be addressed to joe public.

    it could be couched in similar terms to the reconnect thing -- imagine your loved ones being denied care or threatened with social ostracism just for wanting to find the care they need.
  32. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think that the public does not trust us enough yet to let us explain what the deal is with the anti-psychology and anti-psychiatry stance of the CoS. CoS wants to be the only "Science of the Mind," so they are against other treatment modes.

    I would LOVE to tangle with the CCHR just so we can pick it apart. But right now, that's all it would be: Anonymous picking apart the CCHR, while the public looks on wondering what the hell is going on.

    Psyche-out isn't going to reach its full potential until members of the public have become more like partners rather than audience. We haven't reached the critical mass yet to do it.

    Having this thread outside of the Think Tank makes it look like something that has already been decided. It belongs in there, to rise or fall by consensus, rather than moderator decree. I appreciate that wasn't the intent.

    I am not opposed to the idea, but we aren't ready for it. Yet.
  33. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Bullshit! Joe Public LOVES a crime story. And "Google Paulette Cooper" fits on a fucking sign, whereas "CCHR is actually a Scientology frontgroup dedicated to advancing their religious war on psychiatrists" doesn't, and more to the point psychiatry does have a lot of gray areas, whereas killing pets doesn't.

    Fair Game has been the easiest and most successful sell for me of just about any CoS issue. It's hard to make people understand how bad disconnection is, or the nuances of tax law that the CoS is trampling underfoot, but saying, "I wear this mask because CoS commits crimes against critics" is a foolproof attention grabber, and it comes with testimony - I'm wearing this mask, ergo I take what I'm saying very seriously, and so do all these other people around me. Fair Game also comes with a lot of good stories. I can tell a lot of people I meet about Fair Game crimes that occurred right in my area, and if you live in the US near a CoS org you can too.

    Operation Psychout = fail. Fail in topic, fail in name. Manumission has a great point - most *psychiatrists* don't care about CCHR, because they're blatantly idiots. Pointing out their quackery is redundant. I would be severely pissed if this actually became the May topic.

    We ARE taking action against CCHR, by picketing their travelling exhibits. CCHR doesn't need its own month topic, and it especially doesn't need one this early.
  34. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I concur. Count this as another vote for Game On.
  35. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Agreed as well. People WILL get angry about Co$ brutally trying to silence their critics, but Psychout is too obscure. Plus, it will reveal the hands of our German Psychiatrist Masters, who will then be vaporized by their Marcabian overlords. We must first spread our mind-control before they play their final hand! Ia Marcab! Ia Longcat! Ia ia!

    Er, ahem. Either Fair Game, or (my favorite) we should push a petition. We've been gathering interest, we've been gathering support and awareness. Now we should channel that power into something which will impact the Co$ directly.

    Operation: Game On sounds good. We can spread our message AND exult in delicious gamer memes. For great justice!
  36. anonchoir Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Operation: Game Over is actually a better name for it, now that I think about it.

    We're not inviting them to Fair Game us. We're discouraging them from EVER GAMING AGAIN.

    Also, we can all cry, "GAME OVER, MAN! GAME OVER!"

    /EDIT Does have the possibility of being misconstruted as us all giving up. I defer to the hivemind on this issue.
  37. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    This, this is brilliant. I would gladly go with this idea.
  38. rof Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    There are all kinds of smart and interesting in this thread. I like where it landed, no dabbling in psych, human rights is April, and GAME OVER means all kinds of Mario mushrooms and 1UPs to celebrate the dissolution of namefags' troubles. (fingers crossed that Sean goes free on April 9 and play up the frivolous lawsuit angle)
  39. Alive Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I will not go into much detail as to why I'm nervous about going with the CCHR and psyche angle as they've all already been mentioned.

    Instead I will propose an alternative.

    Whether one is pro-choice, or pro-life, it would be difficult to imagine or accept a group that is against both. The concept of a group forces members to get abortions, whether they want to keep the child or not. A group that threatens to demote and punish members who try to refuse the treatment.

    You may or may not be aware of the SEA Org's policy on women having children is something of discouragement and in some cases, something that is forbidden.

    You may or may not be aware of the numerous instances in which the SEA Org forced members to have abortions.

    You may or may not know about the horrific conditions that women are forced to work under, or the terrible acts against them.

    These few instances number among hundreds, Scientology attacks motherhood and womanhood by it's policies. It attacks them by it's lack of justice. It attacks them by denying them the decision to chose between pro-life or pro-choice as it makes the decision that is most profitable to them.

    It is with these things in mind that I propose this May, we focus on the women and mothers that have suffered at the hands of Scientology and it's policies.

  40. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    You really think "some people were followed and annoyed" trumps "some people were killed"?

    If 'Google Operation Freakout' is all it takes we should be sipping victory martinis on the decommissioned Freewinds: FG was part of Feb 10 and Party Hard and the public doesn't seem to care. They won't care for Round 3 either. Dedicating a whole month to something the public won't have a strong reaction to (as they've already shown twice) doesn't make sense.

    Go back and read what I actually wrote (not what you wish I'd written) and you'll see I agree we shouldn't go after the psychiatry aspect of CCHR. We should go after the human rights aspect. Let me repeat myself: The primary goal would be to expose the gross violations of human rights (the deaths and suspicious suicides, their treatment of the mentally ill, children, elderly, the labour camps, etc) perpetrated by the CoS; secondary goal to connect CoS and CCHR in people's minds. At no point would we need to take a position on or address psychiatry.

    If we want a strong reaction we need to bring out the dead, not the sued.

    Operation: Human Rights = epic win
    Operation: They Went Through His Garbage = epic fail

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