Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Consensus, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. supermudkips Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    QFT, as much as I would hate to repeat themes, we've got fucking Mother's Day to grab attention with. Golden opportunity, IMO


    Upon reading further through this thread, I change my vote to Operation Game Over emphatically. I only wish we had saved Reconnect for Mother's Day...

    There is still Father's Day ahead, though.
  2. anonchoir Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I still believe at this stage Anonymous does not have enough cred to definitely be winrar in the battlefield of Psychiatric arguements. Just reading the amount of info people had to post to try and convince me in itself convinced me that the public reaction is going to be 'tl;dr'.

  3. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I totally agree. Especially because the media doesn't understand us at all. I've been explaining us to the media for 4 days. They have a hard time grasping it. Even with the facts. So at this point, we should focus on what gives us the most fuel. Otherwise it'll be easy for Scientology to blow our candle out.
  4. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, or even in May, isn't as universal as you think.

    Why do we even need themes anyway?
  5. czernina Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I agree with Alive, and also would like to add that an emphasis on human rights violations and abuses as a whole would be the best route.

    Psychout is not the best idea at all and could easily blow up in our collective masked face.
  6. anonchoir Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    They give us a bit of direction, and they make it so it doesn't get boring. Because boredom is probably the real enemy here.

    Well, aside from all those lawyers and PIs.
  7. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I'm not sure about the whole Psychiatry angle right now, I'll have to read more comments from other people, but I think it should at least wait until a later protest. I think Fair Game sounds good for May.
  8. rof Member

    This is true and very funny. I like where you are coming from too, but it may be our strongest card if judge says FAIL.

    I guess I just don't want to go to psychville at all. Wayy too much baggage. The CCHR should crumble after the nerve center and psychs don't care now anyway. Mom's day is good but I still have not seen solid plans to get families who want to reconnect speak everywhere in April. I think we should remember that bald-faced evil liars will always attempt to be on the right side of issues like human rights for the express purpose of taking it away as a crime against them. They all do that, try getting divorced someday. Anti-psych is in vogue right now, we can't take it away. Staying on target means focusing on the original lies.

    tl;dr good writeup, awesome reasoning, but no psycho-quagmire
  9. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Isn't Mother's Day a different date in other countries? Let's not forget that we are global.
  10. terminsane Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I'd vote for Operation Reconnect to be extended!

    This is a great theme. Plus there really are thousands of good people stuck in scientology that need help getting out
  11. Plups Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    This thread has ended up with loads of fascinating comments and ideas. Unfortunately, there are at least three different conversations going on.

    1. One lot of people are trying to decide what should be the major monthly theme for May.

    2. A second lot of people are trying to decide whether the whole psychiatric angle would ever (in the near future) be an appropriate monthly major theme.

    3. The OP has clarified his/her intention was to seek feedback regarding a subsidiary project or set of projects drawing on the psychiatry/psychology knowledge base and experience of anons. Particularly, the OP has asked what pitfalls there might be.

    This thread is increasingly frustrating for me because:

    1. There's at least one other thread talking potential themes for May, and each thread refers to the other, but not in a clear way.

    2. I'd like to see the OP's ideas discussed by people with a more general perspective than purely deciding on a monthly major theme.

    As to the warning about diverting resources, sure, we don't want to stray off target such that our major theme is threatened. But the reality is that the monthly major theme does not consume all of us, and all of our available time, for the whole month. We are legion. We are different. Some people are working on projects specifically formed with the monthly theme in mind. Others are working on other things. There's room for both.

    What to do??
  12. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I tend to agree with you. It has a lot of legs (and arms with all the hugs).
    The other op would be a great follow up after reconnects happen for realz.
  13. Tay Zonday Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I feel that the next theme should have to do with making people aware of all the Scientology front groups and the way they use them to make Scientology looks like it is supported by all these great non-profit organizations that have nothing to do with the CoS.
  14. rof Member

    That's enturb! So many sensible voices that don't fit anywhere else all of a sudden are bound to sound noisy for a while. There are too many subforums and duplicate and misplaced threads still. I'm sure it will settle down but with the amount of mods it should be sooner; kill dupes and front page smart rooms like Think Tank so this could go in there. I think it is too hectic just yet, I don't even know how I found this place.

    I absolutely loved what I learned in here about an operation about pee-cyclology and I think many good things can come of it. Please do continue, psychfags. But definitely a boggy, slurpee, quicksand trap as a big theme.
  15. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    That's a great idea - if it doesn't work out for May then soon afterwards.
  16. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Even with the "psychout" theme meeting resistance, I think it's a good theme for some people to explore. Especially those who have "psychiatry saved my life" stories.

    Other stories about medicine are important too. Cancer survivors, epileptics - lots of people suffer from real diseases that Scientology just writes off as being "all in your head" because it's convenient for the church doctrine. It's insulting.

    The whole thing may be too narrow to make a whole month out of, but I think it's a great thing to explore on its own. (And you can bet it's one I'll be looking into, having lost family to cancer, more family battling cancer right now, having epileptic friends and family, etc.)
  17. captainslug Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Agreed. All we need to do is point out that Scientology itself is committing the acts that it's trying to pin on Psychiatry. And expose their blatantly disgusting lie that psychiatry caused the Holocaust.
    Most of the time they are the ones that are wolves despite them trying to scream as hard as they can that someone else is being one.
  18. Anon261187 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    CCHR is too complicated an issue for a red light.
    Fair Game hasn't really been productive- and it won't be until Joe Q. Public's cat is killed.

    Operation Motherhood could be effective, as could an extension of Reconnect.
    If we hit them on the Human Rights issue, focus on that instead of the psych/drugs angle it could work.

    One thing I've not seen is the "battered wife syndrome" the CoS employs to retain its members. It could tie in well with Reconnect, and would help explain why members put up with such abusive treatments and conditions.

    It's incredibly difficult to escape a co-dependent relationship/abusive situation. I'm not even going to delve into statistics or my own tear-jerker here, but I hope every Anon here agrees with me on that fact. But CoS members have it even worse, and here's why. The corp. trains them to become so incredibly codependent that leaving is not an option. You've lost most all of your non CoS friends, family, etc. Once you leave, your CoS "family" will be disconnected. You're basically orphaning yourself.

    - Battered women and children have friends and family and school to comfort or distract them.
    - They also have shelters and clinics and group homes and other support methods for when they finally work up the courage to leave.
    CoS members don't have that kind of help. Most of them aren't physically abused to the extent that police will get involved, and how are they supposed to speak out and say "I let this person/these people do these things to me."

    It's nearly impossible to get help, because normal people don't see it as coercion and subversion. To them you're going along willingly and allowing and even wanting such treatment to continue, when in reality, you've just no place to turn.

    ... We could be that place. We should be that place.
    There's my opinion, make of it what you will.
  19. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I was actually thinking about that the other day.

    How about Operation: Fearless? Not only do we show that we're not afraid, we also show that they don't have to be afraid, either.

    "It's ok. You don't have to be scared anymore. We can help you".

    Flies, honey, etc.
  20. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think we have to be careful of themes that only speak to anon, or to the scilons.

    We need the passing public, and press, to see our theme/signs and go "woah, I care about that!".

    The public should not be expected to care about problems we're facing. We knew this wouldn't be easy. The public also won't really care that much about "those cult members, they just brought it on themelves".

    Kids, motherhood and whatnot.. those are all -great- chains to yank for Joe Public.
  21. Anon261187 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I disagree. It's not that people won't understand. It's that they can't understand.
    A normal person cannot fathom such a situation. They simply can't.
    It's like asking someone imagine not eating for a week, or what it feels like to be atop Mt. Everest. Some things are simply so far out of most people's regular routine that their mind just. does. not. go there.

    The more I think about this, the more I think it would work better for the April 12th protest. Because while we're certainly letting the CoS members know it's okay to call home, I don't see us explaining that well to the public.
  22. dwest Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I was thinking a bit about this last night. How about a little bit of this theme running through the whole campaign in a silent way. Have the folks who are on the edges of the crowd who are handing out flyers carry a few with the info on the front organizations. If you talk to someone who knows a little about the Co$ then we can hand the second flyer out to them as well. A few to educators etc as needed. If you flyer a school or neighborhood throw one of these up among the anon flyers but make the current op the main emphasis.
  23. Protonymous Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!


    The front orgs thing is important, since the world needs to know who (that is to say which organisations, not people) as well as what we're protesting against. A recent attempted UK LGBT boycott of Stagecoach fell on its backside because it turned out that nobody knew at the outset which companies they actually owned and the scale was found to be intractable (basically, if they'd boycotted, no one could get a bus anywhere).

    If people want to pick a pet subject to be their personal theme alongside the main ones, then that's great too, since 1 person who knows (for example) medical practice regulations and the CoS's violations inside out is far more useful for that angle than 10 people who just have the TL;DR version (though we should endeavour to all have at least tl;dr knowledge of ALL of the issues).
  24. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    May and June have Mother's Day and Father's Day respectively, which make for a really beautiful opportunity to continue with Reconnect. CCHR might be better left for a later date. Additionally, even though I have been helped as have many of my friends by psychotherapy and/or Rxs, I have issues with say, Abilify being given to kids.

    An earlier poster pointed out that by shifting focus to psychiatrists/National Mental Health Month we will appear to be the pawns of psychs and big pharma that we are now being accused of being, and thus potentially alienate members who want to blow, and create our own Black PR, visuals that can be used to prove we are evil psych pawns--I say let CCHR set their own footbullets that month and let the psychs deal with them.Instead of protesting CCHR, please write your congress people and local representatives and let them know that CCHR is front for the Church of Scientology and that their lobbying efforts are suspect and religiously based/biased.

    If CoS takes a tumble the CCHR follows. Yeah, protesting is more fun, but carrying a sign that says "Scienotology stopped Lisa McPherson from seeing her mom" or "Katie Olson, your mom misses you" "Disconnection is not a mother's day present" "My child joined Scientology and all I got for Father Day was a disconnect" "I can't call my mother today. Scientology forbids me her to speak with me" etc carries a message far more easily understood by the public at large.

    Making the public and politicians aware of CoS tentacles is like eating an elephant, you start in one place with small bites; Disconnection/reconnect has not even begun to be nibbled, let alone digested. April, May and June: Reconnect, Mothers Day and Fathers Day: three months of focus on the cruel way CoS treats parishoners and Sea org members/children is going to make a far stringer statement than cause-of-the-month.
  25. mko Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

  26. Plups Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Father's Day is in September for Australia. If you're going to do a Father theme, it would be helpful for us if it didn't focus too much on Father's day itself.
  27. Hostile Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    anyone think that it'd be a good idea to talk to scientologists like we're psychologists?

    it's pretty simple. just rephrase their words in a more calm way and follow my lead

    scilon: I hate you! you're trying to enturbulate our religion!

    anon: so I think you're trying to tell me that you dislike me on the basis that you feel that I'm not respecting your religon?

    Scilon: (something along the lines of yes)

    anon: could you tell me more about why you dislike me?

    now remember to always use phrases like

    so I think you're trying to tell me...
    so it seems that...
    could you...
    how do you feel about...


    also remember to lessen their angry words and increase their like words (if they happen to express happiness to you)

    so hate would become dislike
    enturbulate = not respecting
    attacking = interrupting your....

    one of two outcomes will happen,
    they'll say "aaah get out of my head!"
    or they'll say "wow... it's nice to talk about my problems..."

    anyway, on the internets, don't use the "I think you're trying to tell me" or "it seems that"

    it's obvious then, but when they're trying to actually talk to you, they'll be unaware of it and you'll sound neutral

    anyone like?
  28. Protonymous Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!


    Culturally neutral campaigns are easier to pool resources on and will resonate better world-wide. That isn't to say we should ignore national holidays if they happen to fall near to a relevant theme - on the contrary, grab them with both hands if they do. However, picking a theme because of the proximity of a holiday or celebration in a particular country creates an unhelpful imbalance between Anon in different areas - an overriding theme has to be something which we can all do really well now, rather than feeling like we should wait until "Operation [Not Really Relevant In This Country]" is gone before picking up again. (Not that I'm saying that the Mothers Day thing is that bad, but it's something that we should be careful of)
  29. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I don't disagree with the other stuff you posted. But I want to give my 2 cents on this subject.

    Like all communication efforts, you find the essence of what you're trying to say, and say it as simply and strongly as possible. An anti-CCHR protest does not have to be complicated. You just need to focus on these two messages :

    1. CCHR is a front group for Scientology. This is just pure education. The public may have never even heard of CCHR, now they do, and they associate it with Scientology. Or maybe they've heard of it, but didn't know the association. Now they do.

    That's all there is to this particular message. We don't have to get any more detailed about what they do , or don't do, etc.

    2. CCHR wants to completely destroy and replace our current mental-health institutions with Scientology's own techniques, developed by L. Ron. Hubbard. These techniques have no proven medical benefits, and in fact, in many cases have shown to be harmful.

    Those are the only two messages we need to send for an anti-CCHR protest to succeed. Flyers can describe in detail whatever studies have been done on Dianetics, touch -assists, etc, that show they don't work. Also we can include the stores of the VM on 9/11 and how they interfered and caused problems, etc.

    So we don't even have to debate the benefits of psychiatry, heck we don't even have to mention it, we just lump everything together under the "mental health" umbrella, and stay on message that CCHR = Scientology = L. Ron Hubbard Tech = doesn't work.
  30. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Rufus X Sarsaparilla wrote
    1. CCHR is a front group for Scientology. This is just pure education. The public may have never even heard of CCHR, now they do, and they associate it with Scientology. Or maybe they've heard of it, but didn't know the association. Now they do


    That's all there is to this particular message. We don't have to get any more detailed about what they do , or don't do, etc.

    RXS continues: 2. CCHR wants to completely destroy and replace our current mental-health institutions with Scientology's own techniques, developed by L. Ron. Hubbard. These techniques have no proven medical benefits, and in fact, in many cases have shown to be harmful.

    Those are the only two messages we need to send for an anti-CCHR protest to succeed.

    SIGN: SCIENTOLOGY=BAD MEDICINE or (site of yr choice)

    SIGN: Picture of L Ron auditing a tomato
    Same picture on reverse: WOULD YOU TRUST THIS MAN WITH YOU MONEY?

    Simple and to the point. Cut off the head, the beast will die. Anon's focus on the most public-accessible aspects and EASY TO COMPRHEND concepts is the key to epic wins. Success is proof; Anon is succeeding with easy to grasp, easy to discuss points that JQP can repeat to friends the next day at the water cooler.

    Keeping it simple is just that. Simple, short and too the point. (btw "Audit Scientology"--- SUCH an awesome sign! Lots of caek for that one!)

    Also, frankly, solely protesting Scilon attitude toward psychiatry (and by extension psychotherapy, and yes psychoanalysis which is the third arm) plays into hands of DM et al who feel we are (a tool of) the Evil Psych Empire. Note the fear raised by de plane de plane at Big Blue which gave them the impression we are funded by Big Money

    We dont necessarily need a theme of the month, but we do need to get info out in short succinct bites/bytes.

    SCIENTOLOGY=(two or three words of your choice with website)

    Protesting in front of CCHR with signs that say simply clearly what Scientology is and isnt=BRILLIANT. Trying to educate JQP via "Psychiatry saved me/my family member and Scientology wants to abolish it" is best left for the JQPs who will visit the websites and CARE about that issue. For whatever reason, there are many, many folks who just dont give a dang about psych stuff and our personal experiences with it, and/or who think it's a load of self indulgent malarky--and that those protesting such a "minor" issue, those who wish to "save psychiatry" are as nutty as the cult itself.

    BUT our audience may have other hot buttons re: abortion, free speech, etc. General information pickets outside of Scientology front groups: FABULOUS, fliers and websites with more info, AWESOME. Narrow focus on psychiatry/CCHR, enturbulating and not in a good way.
  31. Anon in D Dur Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I thought we were doing all this not only to prevent people from signing up to scientology, but also to help current members of scientology.
    This is what Operation Reconnect is all about.

    If we try to pull off a pro-psych raid now, we are playing directly into their hands, since they claim that all Anons are hired by the psyfags. You think that any scifag will ever listen to us again if we live up this lie now?
    After Operation Psychout it would be almost impossible for us to help scifags again, because no one would listen to us.

    And then there is the problem that only experts can talk about it. I don't think every city will have one, so no one could really talk with interested people about all the stuff. As said before this is not our war, and because the lower scifags thinks so, must not participate at all.
  32. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I think everyone has agreed this is to be for specific events where we know CCHR is protesting, not as a month theme.

    At least, the poll in Activism had about 90% of the respondents wanting to do "Op: Game Over" instead of "Op: Pyschout".
  33. Zarggg Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    After reading this thread, I think that "Operation Psychout" is a bad idea. As others have said, we are not ready to tackle the psychiatry issues yet. We could very possibly lose the game. And I mean that with finality.

    Even Operation Game On isn't quite up to snuff. We should always be focusing on the Fair Game problem, but to devote an entire raid to it would be us playing right into their hands.

    I agree with continuing Operation Reconnect, at least for May. In June we can start worrying about other things, but we want to reach out to people at this stage. We need to set out own agenda, not react to what they are saying or doing.
  34. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I disagree with the suggestion that the public would not care about Fair Game. Fair Game is the simplest and EASIEST way to grab public attention next to Disconnection, because no one likes being told that they're not allowed to speak their mind. If you're protesting in front of an Org, it's even more fantastically easy--point out the security cameras and the random guys filming to anyone you talk to. Every time Joe Public goes near a Scientology building they're on film. Even if they don't do anything to annoy Scientology, they can still be Fair Gamed--see some of the innocent folks caught on that injunction.

    We've got mounds and mounds of evidence for Fair Game, both in how it has been used in the past and in the fact that it is being used right this instant on a massive scale. Show copies of those Lawyer letters. Pictures of those DVDs. We have video of John Sweeney being stalked all over Clearwater, personal statements from who knows how many Anons about being followed home, the failed injunction against Anonymous, on and on and on. That simple 'ask me why I wear this mask' sign is an instant opening to talk about Fair Game.

    It's something that absolutely anyone can understand right away. All you have to do is point at the camera man and explain what would happen if you took off your mask, bam, that's evidence right there.

    So obviously, consider this another vote along those lines for May. x.o Easily presented, easily understandable, instantly personal, and a huge red arrow pointing at one of Scientology's most objectionable practices.
  35. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I agree with the majority here: focusing on the psychiatric angle is unwieldy at best, and dangerous at worst. And again, I concur with previous posters: the problem is that psychiatry is *medical science*, and Anonymous is not a credible reference for medical science.

    Even if we do contact experts/patients and they are willing to put their identities on the line, the fact is that this is a point that needs a long and sustained commitment to be driven home -> 1 month is most definitely not enough.

    Fair gaming sounds good. Particularly if we underscore the secretive ways of Co$. Bringing their madness to the open is always useful.
  36. Eff Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Just one more anon throwing ice on the fire: switching gears to talk about CCHR and anti-psych is a bad way to go at this juncture. At some point when we do want to inform people about that, we should make it about all of their front groups in general. And it's especially important that we point out the Cult Awareness Network thing. Out of all their fronts, that's the most appalling, the most attention-grabbing. They litigated an anti-cult organization into bankruptcy so that they could buy it out and man it themselves, allowing them to effectively ambush anyone who calls with a concern about a Scientology member.
  37. gregg Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I would just like to state something for the record here.

    Any of you listening to the glosslip show tonight heard me say that I didnt like the Fair Game idea for May. I was not asking for everyone not to do it. By all means, majority rules. I was stating that me and some of the other people already getting hit by Fair Game dont like it. I wasnt even going to bring it up but a few of them msg'd me on irc while I was talking on the show and told me to say it on air. I was planning on just posting here.

    I just wanted to make sure everyone understood that. We will do whatever Anonymous wants. As has always been the case. But if it comes to people speaking out about Fair Game in May I know me and at least 5 of the other anons who have already been hit with it dont want to do it.

    Im all for talking about it EVERY month. I like having fair game material on flyers and posters EVERY month. But I personally dont plan on spending an entire month on it. I think its a big enough thing that we should be pushing it non-stop. I also think the COS has one thing right, never defend. I think if we even consider BAW'ing for a months theme about how we are getting fair gamed, that is defensive. That only means they are attacking and its working. That is just a personal opinion, but it is held by multiple other people in my same position (already getting fair gamed.)

    One of the reasons I think the other dates worked well is because we had a target, something going on right around that date that was meaningful. We will probably be protesting on the weekend that happens to be the anniversary of the release of Dianetics. That was really the beginning of ALL of this. That is the only reason I brought that up. I think its a rather important date.
  38. Zarggg Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

  39. Rorschach Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    As someone who got namefagged on YouTube, had my cat killed by CO$fags and arrested for "felony criminal threats" (and currently out on $50,000 bail) after a CO$fag bawwwwwwwwed to 5-0, I would only support an "Operation Fair Game" if it was lulz and OTT (over the top) satirical.

    Anon does not forgive
    Anon does not forget
    Anon does not wear fanny-packs
    Anon does not BAWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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