Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Consensus, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Edges Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Why tackle CCHR and other "religious tolerance" or "human rights" front groups directly at all?

    A sound principle in modern warfare is simply to evade strongpoints. Make this CoS's Maginot Line. These are assets CoS has set up for exactly this sort of situation. Simpler, I think, to deny the opponent use of them.

    By that I mean that CoS will themselves attempt to bring them to bear on Anonymous at some point. A reactive strategy might be best, i.e. wait until CoS tries to use them, then out them as CoS fronts. Then Anon becomes the "victim".

    Some other person mentioned Mother's Day and Father's Day, I think this would be a perfect avenue to approach. Nothing to elicit sympathy with the public than youth standing up for family unity on Mother's Day ...
  2. mko Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

  3. Edges Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    On second thought, Mother's Day itself is bad. People will be wondering why the youth aren't at home with their mothers, why they've chosen to spend Mother's Day like that. Also zero chance of media exposure.

    May 10. Day before Mother's Day. It can still tie in with Mother's Day. The media is usually ramping up for MD at this time and casting about for human interest stuff ... big juicy story for syndicated press.

    May 9 is also Scientology holiday of some sort (Dianetics published first on May 9 or some such thing).
  4. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Please head to the Activism and Projects Discussion Forum where you will find a great thread to discuss themes for May 10.

    Pyschout is generally considered not appropriate for a monthly theme (sumarising another thread from last week), but is a great thing to do for counter-protesting specific CCHR events and their protests.
  5. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    As a member of JOE PUBLIC, is it ok to say i think going in the direction of 'operation phsycout' is wrong?

    I now what $ci is doing is wrong, but as an ordinary person I also know that banging my kid on ritalin cos you can'y cope with him is wrong also.

    can we not just stick to what we know? REALLY KNOW and understand? is there any point at this juncture fighting a battle that we don't understand inside and out?we could get lost in the semantics.
    disconnection, and reconnection I GET, totally.
    Tax exemption is a thing we can get over easily.
    Human rights and freedom of speech is a given for most people even if they don't know all the legal stuff they know they want it.

    Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and hit them where it hurts in understandable terms.
    getting the message out there is one thing, making it understandable is VITAL.
  6. Unlisted Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Also Mother's day isn't celebrated on the same day around the world.
  7. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    my thoughts..

    The major money flows supporting scientology are their frontgroups

    The major sources of political support are their Frontgroups.

    Scientology the cult, is NOT making money.

    That is why attention to their FRONTGROUPS is important...
    It could be nothing more than a Scientology is CCHR many have no idea
    same for NarCONnon...or Applied Scholastics.. or ABLE

    Scientology's sheer VOLUME and purpose (recruiting and political control) of front groups is similar to another organization in the 1930's LINK
  8. CathyLong Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I'm definately bringing a sign 4/12 that reads "I will remove my mask when you remove yours."

    along with a modded image of the following:
  9. darr Member

  10. dwest Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I agree in large part. I would love to attack the front groups are doing but Joe Schmoe who is walking past our protest will not get it. They will likely see the signs and simply get confused and walk on or turn their heads back to the traffic signal.

    Protests need to be easy for the public to understand. People understand they love their family and don't want to lose them to some cult. That's easy stuff for them to understand without long signs and tons of abbreviations. They will see the signs, look confused and walk away. I saw this exact problem at another protest recently. An educated family member with me just looked at the protesters, looked at me and asked what they were protesting as the green light turned on.

    That's why I think having flyers for those who express interest is the best way to get the message across.
  11. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    People who love their family and have, in their ignorance and confusion, sent them to the Narconon/Criminon/etc 'rehabilitation' programs are not going to be happy that they inadvertently sent their family to the recruitment center of a cult.

    Scientology thrives off ignorance. The turnouts that we've been having, except outside front groups as well? Epic win. The public will be informed.

    However, I DO think the public would be more informed if we could get news coverage first. That way people will associate 'Anonymous' with Scientology protesting. When the now slightly-more-informed Joe Public walks around and sees 'Anonymous' outside, say, Narconon, they'll be all like "Holy Crap, that's a Scientology thing?". Pamphlets can then be delivered explaining that Narconon is the cheap bootleg foreign knockoff brand of drug rehab.
  12. winanon Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Not sure who decides this shit, but this one is not well advised.

    Too complicated and fraught with pitfalls.

    Better to lead the public to more cut-n-dry issues, like the RPF.
  13. Iforgot Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I would be strongly in favor of a plan to help spread some love for the scientific method and critical thinking skills among highschool/college students. Give everyone a dose of logic and skepticism and mabye they wont grow up to join a sugar-coated cult.
  14. Iforgot Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Very nice. My compliments to the guy.

    I think that sign deserves about 4x8ft of space. Wouldn't be too hard to get a sheet of 1/4" plywood and some 2x4's to make a backer for it.
  15. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    I can help with this. I've been on psych meds and epilepsy meds, and they consider epilepsy a psych problem.

    Um, psychology =/= psychiatry.

  16. Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!


    I've seen alot of threads mentioning getting sympathetic organizations involved, i.e. The AMA, but has anyone really tested the waters to see how they'll respond?

    The masks might put them off a bit, but our message is right up their alley. When you think about the width and breadth of Anonymous, there are probably already people in mental health related professions who are members.
  17. MachineGun Member

    Re: Operation Psychout Kickoff!!!

    Currently being medicated for bipolar disorder, and I'm a psychology / philosophy student at a public university. I'm a qualified writer and could write loads and loads on the subject matter.
  18. taurelilomea Member

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