Operation: Rotten Onion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by droW kcaB, Dec 28, 2011.

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    The ability to admit having been wrong is perhaps the best test of intelligence IMO. Not that you were wrong on facts, because you were mainly correct (that is that there is no silver bullet anonymity tool that keeps you magically secure even against your own stupidity). It is a sad fact, though, that all the privacy tools in the world don't stop you from outing yourself through your own words.

    If you have long-term adversaries, like Scientology, and you've been at it a while and already outed, you can sock up but they're always going to know who you are when you hit your usual themes and write enough words in your usual style. You might sock up and waste their investigative resources for a while, but eventually, if you're enough of a nuisance, someone in the organization will know you by name (hi Lynn Farny!). Most OGs are namefagged in this way and a large portion of Chanology people. Nobody who has been at this for a while who hasn't maintained near-total security should assume they're actually anonymous.

    This balance is really a problem. A cohesive resistance movement, to some extent, relies on personal loyalties to the group. A movement utterly resistant to counter-attacks relies on anonymity. Not to be too much of a jerk, but most of us (including me) have failed at anonymity, at least with respect to the cult. It's important to maintain it on any future projects where it's more important. Scientology is the Glass Joe of Internet opponents. The consequences for failing in the future will be higher.

    Sorry for such a dumb response. I deleted some tl;dr.
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  3. getting slightly tired of all this condescending bull if im honest however, thank you to all who have ACTUALLY contributed to the thread I am learning alot from those posting valuable opinions and ideas.......


    and to every one else
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  5. droW kcaB Member

  6. adam zygote Member

    i followed the cyberguerilla instructions and set up a virtual ubuntu machine plugged into dsl (damn small linux), inside of a truecrypt volume running through my kubuntu OS. i am now behind four firewalls if i include my router. the instructions and explanations on cyberguerilla made sense, but, i have a few issues with this.

    one, the fact that anyone who does an analysis of my machine should certainly be able to figure out that there is an encrypted volume on my machine by analyzing the used disc space.

    two, the text file used to mount the hidden volume is present and proves the existence of a hidden volume. even if i give them the decoy password they will be able to figure out that there is more to the hidden volume than i have revealed to them. this could possibly land you in a fema camp for refusing to reveal the password for the true hidden volume. i'm sure that the piggies know all about cyberguerilla and have read the same instructions i used so trying to tell them that there is no hidden volume would be a waste of breath, they would not believe you.

    three, unless you use a VPN tunnel between your machine and the TOR entry and exit nodes, anything sent and received can be intercepted and analyzed. i can't afford a VPN service and don't know of any reliable free ones.

    TOR, virtualbox, and truecrypt are all good things but they are not enough anymore. the plausible deniability offered by truecrypt doesn't mean squat if they can lock you up for suspicion. they might not be able to get your encrypted data but will that really matter to you if you are locked up in a fema camp?

    the only way to remain completely anonymous is to do all of the above and then jump in your car and cruise around looking for hotspots. do what you must on the hotspot's internet connection, and then get the hell out of there. make sure to spoof your mac address. doing anything sensitive from home can be traced back to you.

    just a few thoughts on the subject. your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.
  7. Dragononymous Member

    What the f-word are you up to...
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I was the one that called you out earlier, so I wanted to respond to this and say thank you. This is very much appreciated. Srsly.

    Plox continue thread. /derail
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  9. surly as long as your pc is not full of WMD codes or illegal or threatning documents you should be safe ? i mean this seems good security to me although i am only a novice so correct me if im wrong but that sounds like a great set up ?
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  10. LocalSP Member

    Have you tried CyberGhost VPN? It has a pay service but also a free service that gives you about 6 hrs of free time.

    Edit: I meant to say that you get 6 hrs per day.
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  11. droW kcaB Member

    CyberGhost VPN is also a good way to stay anonymous. Its services give you complete privacy when surfing, downloading, and sharing files on the Internet!
  12. adam zygote Member

    the cyberguerrilla website's account has been suspended! they are being censored. this really sucks as i need some info from that site. does anyone have the cached pages?
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  14. adam zygote Member

    not up to anything as of this moment. just trying to stay secure. btw, i found another link to the blackhat set up guide i am also in the process of taking screenshots of the whole guide. probably won't be long before it's gone too.
  15. adam zygote Member

    ok, i saved the guide as a text file and also in a series of 37 png images. holler if you want them.

  16. I want them lol fuck wtf did we cause this ?
  17. adam zygote Member

    i doubt the site was suspended because of this thread. it was probably being watched by DHS-fags for a while. or, maybe they didn't pay their bill. what would be a good way to share this? i could post the text file here but it's biiiiiiiiig and i'd get e-slapped by a dragon if i did that. same with the png file, 37 of em. i'd rather not post them on my imgur account. btw, i am sort of a newfag but i'm one of the lurk and learn newfags. i can figure things out if i have a starting point.
  18. Dragononymous Member

    Hmmm, just an idea this;
    Put them in a zip file and place that on mediafire to share?
    just a suggestion ofcourse...
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  19. adam zygote Member

    thnx for the starting point. i will post link here when i figure this zip thingy out. i'm used to downloading and unzipping and most of my computerology experience is with audio and GA programs like fireworks (which i really miss since converting to linux), GIMP, photosuck (which i don't miss one bit since GIMP) and the like. i'm sure making a zip file and uploading it is easy enough, i just haven't had the need to do it before this. like i said, newfag here, but i'm lrning.
  20. Dragononymous Member

    1.Select files, Copy to compressed (zipped) folder
    2. Upload that file to mediafire
    3. ????
    4. profit!
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  21. adam zygote Member

    well, lets see if i did that right. if i did, you should see the link here> file name cyberanon7z someone plz check it to see if it's all there.
  22. I saw no trace of a cache copy anywhere. These things happen. The reasons are many.
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  23. adam zygote Member

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  24. adam zygote Member

    maybe must needs be opened in kate, using linux here and worked for me. all the same info is in png's so = win?
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  25. cheers thanks alot great job :) worth me reblogging it ?
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  26. I have the text i think ?
  27. PNGs are good. Text is good.
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  28. adam zygote Member

    yes, spread it far and wide, to the four corners of the known world! btw, the whole virtual machine thing is overkill for most peeps but it is good to have the know how. i don't get in on @##@ raids or any other questionable shenanigans but i like having secure options.
  29. AHH DONT mention THE D**S !!!

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  30. James Spader Member

    I've moved the derail to the Garbage Pile.
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  31. adam zygote Member

  32. Drunken Member

    It's funny to see how sites like not only show your real IP, but even detect the fact of using Tor, when you just use the default install of Vidalia without any hacks. Tor is dangerous because it creates an illusion of anonymity for many average users.
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  33. Honyuki Member

    Honestly, I was too lazy to read the replies to this thread, but I would like to say that Tor and many other IP changers does not totally block your IP address. There are many ways people can find out your address, and usually they can still go through the hosting computer (of Tor's) and find your address if really needed. Tor is a way to unblock some government (like China's) firewall, but it should not be used for illegal activities that cause harm to another company / person, because your IP address can still become found out.
    The only way you can make yourself "anonymous" is rerouting everything and then after the deed is done, destroying your computer.

    Just saying.
  34. telomere Member

    just to point out,, the site mentioned above,
    will only report your IP adddress and location if you're not using Tor proxy.
    With Tor, it will only detect you're using it, and not the other stuff.
  35. No one was really thinking of illegal action through TOR ( I don't think) the thread was not created to help "cyber crime" the reason Anonymity is important is becuase there is something very wrong with being policed and watched while surfing the net whether im just checking my emails or commenting on some LOL CATS.

    As discussed in this thread TOR seems to have many flaws some you have pointed out and some others have if you are interested the best thing in my opinion what came out of this thread was:

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