Operation Save Brazil: Do NOT visit it!

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    (I won't lie, the post is HUGE. for you who do not have the patience to go through it all, I have marked with an arrow where I started talking about the actual project. I'm new so if this post does not belongs here, accept my sincere apologies, I mean no harm :) )

    Strange title, ain't it? It won't go without reason, however. The powerful media have been doing a really good work making Brazil look like some sort of paradise for tourists, a good place to come and visit with your family. But is it? Ask that to the tourist who was raped for 6 hours in a roll in front of her boyfriend, while he was cuffed and forced to watch it all. That happened 3 months ago but guess what? Only now we have access to such info and that comes from alternative media sources. Maybe you outside of Brazil heard of it earlier than we did, but it was well hidden until now.

    And that is just one case of the many terrible things that have been happening here for the last... Well, 500 years. Brazil was never a good place to live unless you are filthy rich. Right now, the country is being prepared to host two massive events in the next 3 years; the soccer world cup in 2014 and the Olympic games in 2016. So one must be thinking: If the country was selected to host such events, things must be getting better there, right? Wrong.

    Recently we have been tagged as one of the WORSE countries when it comes to the quality of education. From the 40 countries analyzed, we were only better than Indonesia, "gifting" us a precious 39° position. My mother has been a teacher of our public educational system for many decades now, so I kinda have a special connection to its situation, and I can guarantee you something: Things are going down the sink. I have seen my mother work three shifts and get paid a misery, being mistreated by students and parents without a competent organ to teach or force others to respect her as someone who brings them knowledge.

    As if giving our children almost no hope for the future wasn't enough, hear this: I work with healthcare. I'm a therapist that works with a series of different lines of western and eastern medicine and the things I have seen in a hospital... Those are heart shattering. The elderly dying in a queue while waiting for assistance, medics trying to cover insane shifts with no one to replace them for a few hours so they could get some sleep, Basic Healthcare Units with no functioning defibrillators nor enough room for all of the sick, the mentally insane and the drug addicts stuffed together in the same crowded institutions because there isn't proper space for everyone...

    In this very country, political theft is such a big deal we are the people with the highest food production in the whole world and here we have children starving, eating crap from trashcans in the streets, getting high on fucking crack to try and avoid the pain of hunger and hopelessness, not to mention the devastating drought at the Northeast of the country that forces entire families to move with nothing in their pockets (or stomach, for that matter) to go South and try a better life.

    I could go on and on but I do believe this is not the place to post a full profile of my country. I'll get straight to the point: The mass of corrupt politicians running this country, massively protected by millions of crazy-ass evangelists, already steal from us the people, they have done it for centuries. Now their eyes are on something else: Dollars and Euros.

    ----> For the world cup alone the government is forcefully STEALING countless BILLIONS from the public vaults with the excuse of investing for the World cup. That money, if returned to the people, could help the police fight drug dealers, repair and build more quality schools, could be used to hire more medics and give teachers a much higher quality of life, and so on and on and on. Easily half of those many billions are not needed for the event, they are just pocketed by them filthy rats running this economic whale.

    People in Brazil are not satisfied. There is a lot of commotion going on in the country, but its not nearly enough. One third of the country is made of hard-headed religious fools protecting the priests and preachers they put in the government. Another third is dumb and soccer addicted, too happy with a world cup going on down here to even care that they are being robbed blind. The other third is completely unsatisfied and wants to bring people down from their fancy thrones in the congress and parlament and change things! The problem is, a good part of that last group is either too stupid, too scared - with good reason - or too accommodated to move their asses and protest properly. And that is precisely why we need back up from outside!

    The number of fighters down here is too thin and the government is not afraid of the sheep they call people. Our police forces are very well equipped for one thing: Pepper spraying protests and holding back riots. But there is one thing those damn robbers are afraid... Losing the money they can get from outsiders! So basically, after all these words that probably bore someone to sleep, what I'm looking for with this sketch of a project is:

    Suggestions, ideas, support, links to forums that discuss traveling, people to spread the word about how bad the situation is down here, names, e-mails or some other contact with people that will help spread the word. I need things that will give people from outside the country the consciousness that if they come down here and spend their money, that wealth is going to be pocketed away by someone and NOT used to make this country a better place. We have all of the money AND resources needed to do it. If it didn't happen yet, it won't happen with the world cup nor the Olympic games.

    Those politicians must be scared to death with the prospect of not having the chance of getting their hands on some dollars, euros or whatever other coin that ends up here. We are in desperate need of massive numbers e-mailing the responsible people for the World cup, announcing that they gave up on coming until several things are fixed and our people is treated with dignity and humanity. This will certainly force the filthy bastards we call politicians to make a few moves towards the right way. That would give people hope, that would help others understand that politicians are only powerful when fighting against small numbers.

    So after all this, I'll go look for pictures and other materials to spread around and show people how things TRULY are down here and will leave some space for you guys to help me out even if its just a thumbs up tot he post. Thank you all for listening to my pleas and reading, even if you didn't had the patience to go through it all. Hopefully some bad propaganda can make the difference, after all.
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    What Brazil needs is a Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. That will solve everything.

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