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    The idea behind operation sec-check is to target individual staff & public Scientologists, and get them onto a sec-check cycle, which in the current climate of stress, paranoia and financial demands, will hopefully make the targeted Scientologist blow. After a year and a half of protests, there are many Scientologists with withholds. All it needs is a bit of 'ethics love' to make some of these wake up and leave.

    There arre many ways of doing this. Phone calls are good - you can disseminate a lot of false data in the space of the call. Commenting on news articles pretending to be the targetted Scientologist is another good one. I can't go into too many specifics about what I've been doing or am doing, but it really does work, and has gotten some staff members to blow totally from the cult.

    Another good idea is phoning up to be a concerned parent/partner/sibling of a current cult member, and it is you who has been bankrolling their courses and donations. You were just about to write a new sizable cheque for them when you stumbled across some disturbing information about the church. If you tell them that you refuse to fund any more courses or donations until your questions are answered, you WILL enter into a comm cycle where they will listen to every issue that you have. They are desperate for money.

    Refuse to give your name, or the name of the person who you are phoning up about - quoting 'fair game' fears etc. Tell them that you have discussed your concerns with the cult member in question, and that he/she was also worried and was also discussing it with other cult members.

    The result? Groups of people get automatically sec-checked. More cult members become pissed off and blow. The cult becomes that little bit weaker with each blowing.

    Skype + Google411 means that anyone with an internet connection can take part in this without it being traceable and without it costing a dime.

    I thought that this was worth sharing. Please use/ignore/adapt and good luck!
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    Suggesting an adaption without involving any deception or lies: Getting family members to demand to see that their family member is safe. Being publicly critical. Etc. This has worked to either let them see each other, or led to the family member being kicked out by the CoS because they were more trouble than they were worth.
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    in the current climate IMHO, OP is good, remember DM has just summoned a load of clams to "get right on the bridge or get off"

    any method to increase the already psychotic pressure, cause the maximum amount of ethics cycles and sec checks is nothing short of brilliant!!
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    Got to be careful though. In London, we have several insiders at a very senior level who are about to blow (which is how we now get our delicious leaks BEFORE they are even sent to the Cult members - how's that for service?)

    So, we don't want to get them any more Sec checks than they are already getting (well, at least until the upcoming Stain Hill operation takes place)

    Plus, there is a vicious [STRIKE]fact[/STRIKE] rumour that a fairly large amount of money has gone missing from TCR (looks like some Culties could have sticky fingers)

    David "Dwarfy" Miscavige is going to blow a gasket when the org is next financially audited - expect the missionaires to arrive soon ;)
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    I think this has excellent potential, however many of us who have sources inside our local who could be compromised by this and this is something we don't need. We need some sort of guideline as for who to target e.g. only people at your local org. I know my local org is leaking from pretty much all staff like a full fish tank shot with a machine gun.
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    Isn't posting this gonna result in even more sec checks? Love hearing it though and great idea.
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    Also use 1800-Free-411; can call listed home numbers. Not that you need to, of course.
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  10. Smurf Member


    I have real problems with this idea though the rationale behind it is sound. Doing things that further victimizes church members by forcing them into situations where they are going to be terrorized with sec-checks (experiences I will never forget) bothers me. IMHO.
  11. OTBT Member


    Doesn't bother me. According to sacred scientology scripturz, sec checks are done for the "betterment" of the "parishioner". If enforced sec checks end up with "parishioners" blowing of their own free will to escape the terrorism of a suppressive cult, I'm all for it.

    The only part of this that frustrates me is the [STRIKE]victim[/STRIKE] parishioner has to [STRIKE]pay[/STRIKE] donate money for the "privilege" of receiving sec checks.
  12. Anonymous Member


    ^^ Nothing wrong with using $cientology's twisted system to our benefit. We are simply exploiting our enemy's weakness, turning its own weapon against itself.
  13. Anonymous Member


    true, not a nice experience. It is however up to each 'victim' to break that cycle. It's hard as hell but somehow they have to realize, by themselves, that they don't need to take it if they don't want to. Suund easy enough but it's had when you are behing -mental- bars.

    Just hearing a rumour about this would have made me piss my pants. It could be like taking an ice pick to the baloon festival.
  14. Anonymous Member


    According to the cult, this is all voluntary.

    In the short term, the cult members get more love & attention from their org.
    The Org gets more opportunities to shake their membership down for more money.

    If you think individual members will be unhappy with the services that Scientology [STRIKE]forces[/STRIKE] provides to them, who are you to judge? Let the scientologist decide if the cult is acting in their best interests or not. We aren't making things worse. We are just expediting the process.
  15. Smurf Member


    If you haven't learned anything by now.... <frown>
  16. anonymous612 Member


    If they don't like it, I'm sure they know where the door is. We'd just be reminding them it happens to be unlocked.
  17. Anonymous Member


    One easy way to accomplish this is to find out one of the heads of the local Org. Find out what scilon business they own or any big donor companies or any big local scilon companies (usually painters, roofers, marketing sales, etc) (Go to Ideal Org donation page and check out the big donors names and company names listed)

    Email everyone in that company that you can find emails for about cases of illegal behavior with Hubbard management courses and illegally firing people for not taking scilon courses. (There are threads about examples of this)

    That always gets a ton of people getting sec checked. At one Org, the DSA emailed the entire Org telling them to forward all suspicious emails through himself. Very effective for this type of thing.
  18. timthephoto Member


    the time for leaks in gone, it's time to blow
  19. Graeme Wilson Member


    Can you stop putting operations at risk. I know what you are trying to do, but sometimes NOT posting is a good idea. Thanks.
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    Getting a Scientologist into a Sec Check situation these days could be very interesting. Did you know for instance that if they have attention drawn to them by being seen on youtube or named in forums like this that a Scientologist runs the risk, merely by being named, of being declared PTS type C (HOC PL 7 May 1969 " PTS Type C: Persons who have ever threatened to sue or embarrass or attack or who have publicly attacked Scientology.)?

    That would sure get them into a Sec check real quick and possibly offloaded/thrown out. All you have to do is make it known they''re a Scientologist in a visible way to a lot of people and connect that with some activity seen by the CO$ as non-optimum such as not being a 100% perfect human being so it ain't difficult.

    For instance when certain UK Scientology staff were namefagged due to past nastiness committed by them at some UK protests recently they got in sht at their orgs. Brighton Anonymous Forum &bull; View topic - History of nasty people who run Brighton Org
    Here's a Scientologist names John Woodhouse from Brighton, England you can start with: YouTube - Angry scientologist with tripod.
  21. Anonymous Member


    The problem with the ideas discussed in the OP is that you all let the cat out of the bag...

    OSA has their spies monitoring WWP & the other boards, and with all the planning & discussion going on. you've given OSA the opportunity to prepare counter-measures to anything you want to do.

    Operation Sec-Check will go down in history as fail.

    Pro-tip: You want to win a war... you don't reveal to the other side your battle plans.
  22. anonBright Member


    Meet John Woodhouse, Scientologist and OSA volunteer. In this brief clip he says that Filming people on a public street is illegal. This is a complete barefaced lie. Not only that, even if it WAS illegal (it's not) then he's broken the law himself on several occasions, filming Anonymous protestors in an attempt to harrass them.

    Here's moar on him: John Woodhouse - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Here's a video of Alan Stone, long time Brighton scientology staff member and recently married to Arwa: Brighton Anonymous Picket Scientology Bookathon - Part 1 - Filestube Video Search

    Here's a load of infor on other Brighton Scientologists too:
    Brighton Anonymous Forum &amp;bull; View topic - Alan Stone and Arwa Marry

    This guy is a Brighton Org public and has been for years. he's on medication for fits but is still onlines there for some reason.He'd be an ideal target as it ain't doing him any good being in scientology. Paul Davey
    davey.jpg [IMG]

    Mandeep Birdy. She's a supervisor in the course room and wannabe artist. She makes terrbile paintings and tries to flog them. Absolutely aweful.:
    mandeepbirdy.jpg [IMG]

    There's a load of info on Brighton scinos on brighton anon forums: Brighton Anonymous
  23. Obi-Wan-anon Member


    However, if by releasing your "plans" it causes the enemy to go into full lock-down mode, then I'm all for it.

    This can work in other ways, too. We've been around the orgs, and have enough exes who can ID those still in to add one more level of paranoia.

    Single out one namefagged cultie, and start a thread about the conversation you just had with them. How they were able to pass on information to you. How you gave them money to help them out.

    There are enough ex-sci around, with enough insider info to make the stories believable. Add a reference to Davey, and the message will get back to him.

    The higher up the cultie, the crazier Davey will get.
  24. Smurf Member


    I doubt a full-blown psychotic can get any crazier.
  25. Anonymous Member


    OP here.

    I hear people's concerns about the tactics used, but I personally believe that the ends justify the means. By taking part in this op, it is not YOU who is giving the targetting Sci(s) ethics auditing, it is the cult. You are just the catalyst.

    The reason why I posted the OP was to share a successful project that I have taken part in, which had some amazing results (one essential staff member at my local org blew). As the operation is winding to a halt here, I believe that the same tactics could be used successfully elsewhere. I believe that each local cell should be responsible for implementing this operation to make sure that leakers are not targeted.

    I don't believe that by posting my ideas, it will jeopardise the same tactics from working elsewhere. Scientology programming prohibits the culties from using their initiative. If you are planning to take part in Operation Sec-Check, leave it a week or so, wait for this thread to drop into obscurity, and then implement your ideas.
  26. Graeme Wilson Member


    The tactics have been used successfully for about a year now and they will probably continue to work unless some major squirreling takes place.
  27. Anon-007 Member


    I thought that was Tom's job?

    To clarify, is Dave the blower or the blowee? (and shouldn't it be suck and not blow?)


    PS Err, David Miscavige is a Dwarf psychotic, not a full blown one.
  28. Anonymous Member


    More brighton publics: Name Thread any of these juicy peeps and any of them will be sent to ethics for sure. They've all had &quot;SITUATIONS&quot; with ethics departments in the past.

    Shannon Tarbet - Wannabe actress - went to Greenfields brainwashing school and stage school.

    shannontarbet.jpg [IMG] shannontarbet.jpg [IMG];ref=sgm]Shannon Tarbet

    YouTube - Shannon Tarbet in Lost and Found

    Her Mum is Tracy Tarbet long time staff member and still at flag in training after 8 years or more. Gets brighton public to donate for her living expenses as Flag expect you to pay your own way, even though you are training to work for them for free. Nice system.

    Since she's been at Flag for so long her husband divorced her and remarried, another ex-staffer at Brighton org, Campbell Tarbet, now a Taxi driver for Brighton &amp; Hove Radio Cabs who had a massive freeloader debt to pay when he left, and by all accounts he DID pay it. What a sucker. He also used to be the main registrar; meaning he was the one who conned and squeezed cash out of the suckers for courses and auditing and he did it for years. Often tactics used would involve getting bank details and pressuring people into giving up insurance policies, getting second mortgages and LYING on loan and credit card forms.

    Whilst his wife Tracey was at home looking after the kid he used to shag the female executive director (the one in charge) on the floor of Brighton Org back in the old days and got busted for it. (and this guy was the Ethic Officer) Her name was Muriel McEnery and she was the wife of another staffer who himself became the ED, Nigel McEnery who has a daughter named Kim McEneryI wonder if she's Nigel's or Campbells.

    Sophie Sheinwald - Brighton DSA (OSA)
    sheinwald.jpg [IMG]
    With no formal training at all in the subject she thinks, sorry, postulates that she can pick up a digital camera and become a photographer because of the power vested by L.Ron nutter. Wrong!
    Is a Jewish Princes with a huge nose and often sticks it into Brighton community activities trying to get in with drug rehab centers and other community programs to force scientology's NARCONON on them but always fails. Sometimes talks on the radio and I must say she has the perfect face for radio. Is also in charge of CCHR Brighton and completely deluded about psychiatry as most scientologists are:
    The ArgusShe also has 2 kids, both being brainwashed into believing in Xenu and body thetans. The sinister thing about her is that she is often directed to follow and snoop on fellow scientologists in good standing. IE. her supposed friends. She will follow people around Brighton, snoop their emails and check out their friends and even snoop through their garbage at OSA'S request and she does it gladly. She's a nasty, back stabbing DM loving piece of work and has an ego to match L ron him self. Her number's on her website. Why not call and hire her??!!!

    And there's Mike Stryk, a brighton DJ who's been in Scientology for ages but is not overly struck on the results but is still reluctantly IN. Wouldn't take much for him to get sec checked as he's had a few scrapes with Ethics in the past. He'd be a great anon.

    And there's many more Brighton Scientologists. Most are reluctantly IN and dying for an excuse to get thrown out.
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  30. Anonymous Member


    Lol So you scold someone for posting minor info on an operation by quoting and reposting the sensitive material?

    Either your purpose was to draw more attention to it, or you fail harder than the person you are scolding.

    Hypocritical much?
  31. timthephoto Member


    the clams ain't about to stop doing what they always have done, just because this thread is mocking them is no reason that in a week or a month posting infos on one particular clam won't cause trubble

    this is why we're stronger than them, we can operate in the open on a public forum and they can do nothing about it except be horrible to all the names involved- until they blow!

    oh OSA - hai :)
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    Has anyone seen Stefania Cisco recently? I've not seen her since the old pic of her sucking cock was posted on a certain chan.
  33. Anonymous Member


    suggest lurking moar till you get it.
  34. CarltonBANKS Member

    I need to speak to BrightonAnon, but he hasnt logged in since 2009. If anyone is able to contact him, or register successfully on his forums, please get him to contact me?




    [Shannon Tarbet is no longer a wannabe actress.] She made a sensational stage debut and is recognised as being a super-duper actor, by all the broadsheets. Maybe her mum helped her. (Well done, Shannon! We have egg on our faces now. )
    Some of us wrongly assumed she'd be the Rebecca Black of acting (she's not; she's really talented)

    That photo is very old.

    More recent:


  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. SeenTheLight Member

    "Greenfields Success Story"
  37. Anonymous Member

    @ OP - good idea
  38. if somebody want know more about alan stone i can give you more information for example where he work currently
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Alan Stone
    Unit 24, Cliff industrial Estate
    Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6JL, United Kingdom

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