Operation: SIGGIE

Discussion in 'Projects' started by 14G0, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Kage Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    Why not extend "Operation : SIGGIE" into tags aswell.

    Make it so EVERY page has something to make them run away.

    Also... joined.
  2. User1864 Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    How's this? I'm a little bit of a newb, but I hates me an L. Ron Hubbard!
  3. El Diablo Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    I was thinking about Haikus, but this one has inspired a limerick. Could only manage two references though.

    Edit: Oh, got it to now it has the correct AABBA rhyming structure. Yay!
  4. Avtomat Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    Im terrible with HTML and the like. Any way someone could show me how to do it?
  5. 14G0 Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE


    Top of the forum click on USER CP

    Left hand column click on EDIT SIGNATURE

    Type what you want to say in the box

    For colour/bold/etc highlight your new sig and use colour icon/bold/whatever

    Or just leave it plain

    To hotlink a single word or the whole sig, highlight your text then click on the icon that looks like a globe with the infinity symbol

    In the popup box enter the URL

    Under the text box click SAVE SIGNATURE or preview first if you like

    Need more help pm me. Sorry so late to reply. Wasn't paying attn durrrrr.
  6. Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    Is my sig good? I decided to write a little poem...
  7. Kambridge Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    dude. that is fucking sweet.
  8. Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    Thanks. ;)
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    It's "Body Thetans", not "Thetas".
  10. Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    Fix'd. Thanks, Anon...
  11. 14G0 Member

    Re: Operation: SIGGIE

    Soopah Doopah. Thanks man.

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