Operation Titstorm

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by urbanhawk, Feb 5, 2010.

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    Re: Anonymous is getting blamed for shuting down aus websites


    Strong enough for a man,
    But sould be given in large doses to idiots.
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    Re: Operation Titstorm

    /b/ should of thought about this more, ddosing the government was retarded thing to do, whatever happened to IRL protests or just mail small tit pictures to the guy who thought of this law. I wonder how many of those tards will be V& for titstorm.
  3. Re: Operation Titstorm

    Hi, I'm hurt. I don't know what to say. Yo umuolllllllllllllllllp. You must be working for scientology? Why? Now, how are the good people in the world, such as myself, going to tell our stories, and help others, if our medium, such as this is pulled? I feel very threatened, now. The government could easily track down people and I do not want to be arrested because all I have done is tried to tell my story on the internet. You must be working for them, yeah. Did you think it over? censorship, we already have it and now you have given them the excuse and the government will gladly do Scientology's dirty work, on the basis that we are anti establishment terrorists. I wondered why sc has been so quiet, don't you think you should read my threads, and then you will work out that that is also how they work. They claim someone is a terriorist and have the bloody person tortured by the community. fufge.
    A Sticky concern, concerned citizen.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm


    Shine on you crazy diamond
  5. xenubarb Member

  6. Re: Operation Titstorm


    So I was tossing up between whether or not to sign up and make a post here, but...

    I live in Australia. A couple of IRL friends of mine email me sometimes, telling me all about the scientology raids and whatnot. So, being curious, I read some things here and there about it, but haven’t been to this site until tonight. Today I heard from a friend that anon had something to say about the mandatory nation-wide internet filter.
    And the whole idea annoys me, because I’ve always seen the internet as somewhere anything goes, sort of. So to me, the mere idea of a nation-wide internet censorship is kinda fucked. So, I don’t know if this is going to be anything like 4chan, and I’m going to get flamed for some reason or another. Nor am I sure if you guys already know this. But the attack made it onto a 9pm show on ABC called ‘hungry beast’, which I just finished watching (It’s 10:30 here at the moment.)
    They kinda touched on who anonymous were, but not a whole lot. It was inside a segment about the proposed censorship. Not sure if other channels or programs will report on it, or whether they already have (I haven’t been home all day). But, I didn’t think I’d see Anonymous mentioned on Australian TV xD
  7. Re: Operation Titstorm

    Have there been any news reports on this attack? Besides online newspapers, I mean like on Channel 9 or 10.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm


    just kiddin d00d. welcome.
  9. Re: Operation Titstorm

    xD Thanks.

    And none that I've seen, but I wasn't home when the news was on. Only ABC.
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    Re: Operation Titstorm


    [SIZE="3"]Activists unleash Operation Titstorm on ? The Register[/SIZE]

    Doesn't this discriminate against birds who don't have those awful silicon implants? I'm all for equality and this does nothing to improve chicks' self-esteem!

    There's nothing worse than when a really hot bird, with ample breasts, thinks hers are small in relation to the artificial silicon crap. implants don't feel right. I much prefer fondling natural breasts. i.e. I am more aroused by natural breasts; it makes me cum much easier. And at the end-of-the-day, isn't that what really matters?

    UK people might remember Imogen from BB a few years back. She was really fuckable before her implants:

    ...but having said that, the chances of me touching her breasts are close to zero, so I might as well fap over the enhanced pics.



    For her topless pic, see (might not be suitable for work)
  12. Re: Operation Titstorm

    Attacks are still ongoing it seems, judging from threads on an imageboard that shall not be named. >_>
  13. Anonymous Member

    Anon Hacking Aussie Govt. Websites????

    Not good.

    Read the entire report here:

    AFP: Australian govt websites face censorship protest
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  15. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    in that imageboard:
    idiots with very little creative ability.

    seriously, get some postage stamps, a whole lot of tit pictures, and mail them. (along with a kind letter of notification that we are not amused)
    or better yet, hire strippers to visit the government's daily sitting.

    not everything can be solved with a low orbit ion cannon or a bandwidth raeping tool.

    and I'm not just saying this because I'm not supposed to condone illegal activities, I actually don't think that denyidng service to a government website is a good way to get them to listen to a logical, rational discussion on the reasons why the censorship is bad.
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    Re: Operation Titstorm

    I'm only dating women with small tits from now on.

  17. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    IMO some people have made a big mistake.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    Protest aquire wearing fake Tits from now on ?
  19. Herro Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    Well Anonymous did it, so they should get the blame.

    This is their standard operating procedure.

    Well maybe you shouldn't align yourself with a group that does these things.

    you mean 4chan ?

    This does not concern you. Run along and play with scientology.
  20. urbanhawk Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    I was just reading through some of the comments of the sites and came across this one:
    How much do you want to bet that this is a scientologist?
  21. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    you really are a useless faggot.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    In order to find the responsible you take a look on who's advantage this is: Co$
    Why this at this very moment in Australia, where Senator Xenophon challenges the cult.
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    Re: Operation Titstorm

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    Re: Operation Titstorm

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    Re: Operation Titstorm

    more like this... but with less direct linking
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    Re: Operation Titstorm

  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    They grew a bit on her but I think they still qualify taking in account the owner.

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    Re: Operation Titstorm

  31. urbanhawk Member

  32. RedOrbifold Member

  33. urbanhawk Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    i just looked on google and now there is a massive amount on it if you just type in "titstorm" i also just got access to their irc and they are continuing on with their LOICs.
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    Re: Operation Titstorm

    Go Go Go Anonymous!
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    Re: Operation Titstorm

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    Re: Operation Titstorm

    Link posted in another thread but needs to be commented on here.

    The following article links to the OP of this very thread. Not in a good way. Journalism at its failest.
    Activists unleash Operation Titstorm on ? The Register
    Dear Register readers, as you can clearly see, "the Call to Arms" was NOT issued to the linked thread here or anywhere on the WhyWeProtest website. The first post of this thread merely refers to a Titstorm topic already brewing elsewhere on a thread over on 4chan and nothing more. What else you will see in this forum is comment, opinion and, of course, some tits - just like the hundreds of other messageboards nattering about this. What you will not see here is any planning of illegal activities (even indirectly advocating such can earn you an infraction or even a ban here) and there has been no "hey lets ddos the ausfailian gubment, derpa-derp" failplots on here.
    Likewise, if you want to know what the chans think of WWP and scientology protesting, just go over to 4chan for example and post a thread on it and see how fast it gets trolled into the ground or 404'd right after you earned your ban.

    What the fuck has happened to The Register these days? Thanks John Leyden for reminding me why I stopped reading it a long time ago. Fix your article, Register, you useless, saggy and unattractive tits (probably with inverted nipples).

    inb4 it was Ebaums.
  39. RedOrbifold Member

    Re: Operation Titstorm

    OP updated due to public intrest (68 guests)

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