Operation Tunisia is not over

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Nemesis91, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Tsuu Member

    Haha, that's depressing... think about it this way, in Thailand the military frequently take over government in the public interest rather than as a clique, since the Tunisian military turned against the president maybe they can act as a similar force.

    Democracy is hard to achieve but you have to admit this successful uprising is a step forward.

    Also, most successful Anon operation ever? ;) Just kidding, I know all the praise should go to the Tunisians
  2. Anonymous Member

    Think we can celebrate for a little at least. I think we just brought down our first government. All the best to the people of Tunisia! You deserve better than the government you had!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Actually, many of them are Anonymous too. I hope they think about the type of government we have in the US when they go to form a new one, if they get a chance. I know things are dicey still there, but amazing things sometimes do happen at times like this. Tunisia, you have the chance to make yourself the envy of the Mediterranean. Peaceful, pretty and with a strong democracy and the right investment, such as into solar energy plants, you could become a major exporter of power to Europe and a prosperous, beautiful nation.
  4. Herro Member

    I'm pretty sure it was Tunisians that did the actual bringing down.
  5. Anonymous Member

    It was a team effort. Remember the nature of Anonymous.
  6. Rockyj Member

  7. Rockyj Member

    Never mind.
  8. Rockyj Member

    Your right no one EVER dies for nothing! I clearly remember Kent State & you all have shown so much courage against tyrannical government I admire your strength & hope for change.
  9. Herro Member

    I dunno man. I'm not sure that sitting behind a computer on the other side of the world makes you part of "the team." Don't pull a muscle trying to pat yourself on the back.
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  10. Rockyj Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    I think you already pulled one from sheer whining.
  12. mojo Member

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  14. Tsuu Member

  15. Anon/B/ro Member

    Anonymous has the power that mere governments and politicans do not.
  16. perkomate Member

    this Tunisia thing has gone way too far. Here's to hoping that Anon can help stop this kind of thing. i mean, shooting a 14 year old boy? How does that help quell an uprising?
  17. Anon/B/ro Member

  18. Rheinländer Member

    If it works in Africa, we try it in Europe too. Hope so. ^^
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Shinythings Member

    This actually makes me wonder. Is him an anon? Is he part of some sort of internet culture?

    Also kudos to the photographer for covering his face with the crowd!
  21. Nemesis91 Member

    guys freedom feels good :p
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  22. rebelfish16 Member

    Bonjour les Anonymes . Je viens d'adhérer à votre groupe que j'ai découvert il y a quelques jours et je tiens à remercier tous ceux qui nous ont soutenu et comtribué de près ou de loin au combat que nous menons vers la dignité et le libre arbitre .
    Seulement il faut que vous sachiez que la population vit dans la peur et s'enferme car des milices armées de l'ancien président circulent dans des voitures de location armés jusqu'aux dents et tirent à vue sur les gens qui croisent leur route .
    Y-a-t-il une possibilité d'action pour arrêter Ben Ali et son épouse et les rapatrier pour qu'ils répondent de leurs crimes devant la justice ?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Il n'y a pas de chance.

    Les riches sont differentes.
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  24. Nemesis91 Member

    True, we are living in fear this days.. Seriously I'm hearing shots over and over not far from where i live. not just here, all over the country, we don't know who they are, is it corrupt police, or militia's they breaking, killing, destroying.. But the military is hunting them
  25. anonbrit Member

    I have heard worrying reports that extreme muslims groups are forming groups over there to take control. Is there any validity to this or just fear - mongering?
  26. hushpuppy Member

    Looooong DailyKos article that includes WWP splashpage.
    First couple of paragraphs :

    The WikiLeaks Revolution: Anonymous Strikes Tunisia
    Clay Claiborne

    Sat Jan 15, 2011 at 10:25:10 AM PST
    Yesterday the Tunisia people overthrew a president that had been more like a dictator for 23 years. This revolution is by no means a settled affair, in fact, it has only begun. While the main struggle took place in the streets, and that's where the people's blood has been shed, an important part of that struggle has also taken place on the Internet and that is the focus of this dairy.

    Many are calling this the first WikiLeaks Revolution. That is not without merit. Widespread protests against unemployment and demands for economic relief already had the country in turmoil following the protest suicide of an unemployed college graduate who the police stop from selling fruit without a permit. People already knew that the president and government were corrupt but when WikiLeaks released U.S. State Department cables about Tunisia they had the proof in black and white. The effect was the same as when the little boy shouted that the emperor has no clothes, the struggle turned from economic demands put to the government to a demands for a change in government. The struggle became revolutionary.

  27. Anonymous Member

    His name is Mohamed Bouazizi.
    His name is Mohamed Bouazizi.
    His name is Mohamed Bouazizi.

    His life a shot / woke the nation.
    Hit the target / achieved its goal.
    Died an hero / became a hero.
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  28. HellRazor Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Now Anonymous needs an operation to bring down a corrupt cult like Scientology.
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  32. haklaf Member

    Anonymous is part of Al Jazeera's timeline of the Tunisian revolution! :)
  33. Chrome596 Member

    Wether anonymous or wikileaks had a large part to play in the ongoing revolution in Tunisia is a matter that will be debated at length, what we should be concentrating on is how we can help these brave men and women who are now having to live in a state of absolute terror. My wife has several friends in tunisia and they have been updating us on things going on with them through the internet. One story we were told was about a place where several families were staying together for safety and they had to pick people to go out and get food and supplies. They have already lost someone who went to go out and now they have to pick someone else. Another thing I was told was while my wife and several friends were chatting on cam shots rang out outside. Military units were fighting against militia members and plain clothes police. One of the Military personell apparently even gave one of the individuals in the house a gun for protection. While I do not know if this is true, reading the stories of police officers firing at civilians and terrorizing the public it makes me want to do something. Perhaps we need to organize a charitable organization to help these individuals or a petition for the UN to see that shows that people in Tunisia need help during this trying time while they are fighting and dying for the basic freedoms all humanity deserves. Does anyone else have any idea's or perhaps could help start anything like this.
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  34. anonvish17 Member

    Operation Tunisia is FAR from over. There are rumors in the optunisia IRC flying around that similar rioting and revolutions are spreading to Libya, Algeria, Jordan, and Egypt. The legitimacy of these rumors have yet to be confirmed, all we have are these supposed Libyan riot videos:

    edit: an article from Australia's Indy Media also reports riots and unrest in Libya in six cities. this article also links to the above list of videos of riots from Libya. YouTube has been censored in Libya in an attempt by the gov't to hide these protest videos. In just the last few hours I've seen mirrors of these videos taken down. Not sure how volatile the situation in Libya is, but it's something worth our attention, I believe. Maybe they could even follow in Tunisia's footsteps?

    edit 2: Was just watching a live broadcast of Al Jazeera, basically confirmed a lot of what I was hearing in the IRC from Tunisians:

    Things are calming down, the army has sided with the people. They are working towards a democracy and planning elections. The people are still being cautious, and the consensus is if this doesn't lead to a democracy, they'll keep throwing revolutions until they get one. There are a small number of "militia thugs" loyal to the former-president near the capitol. According to the Tunisians I talked to, they are very hostile, but low in numbers, especially compared to the army. Just thought I'd drop off a news update too since I've practically been eating a breathing Tunisia and Libya for the last few hours.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Look at this.
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  36. Nemesis91 Member

    Hello, Anonymous
    The biggest problem is over, Ben Ali is done, his family is being hunted right now as we speak, as you know he released a Militia of 3000 trained man to kill/destroy/Steal so that we the people would say ' oh Ben ali Left, and we are not in security anymore ' But NO !
    at each neighborhood, Citizens are in groups blocking the roads and armed with knifes and sticks and even swords to protect their Families, of course with the help of military forces ( allah bless them )
    Here is photo showing the truth about these thief's.
    Look at this photos Citizens are protecting while police mans are Stealing

    Some photos about the damages their down, in where i live :
    This is the photo of the Militia of Ben Ali[IMG]
    And this is the photo of the army arresting this guys :

    The car was loaded with weopons : [IMG]
    And a great photo of our Muslim brothers doing the prayer al'salat :

    Video about some pursuit or i don't know :/
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  37. mojo Member

    youtube is always blocked here. was in tajoorah (sic) Tajoura yesterday evening nothing going on there and am currently 5 minutes walk from green square in Tripoli...nothing going on! doesn't mean something can't happen, but there is no indication of it, that i am seeing.
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  38. mojo Member

    great photos, nemesis! thanks for posting. even the media is seeming to get a clue that this is not the ordinary citizenry creating this mayhem and chaos but ben ali's thugs hellbent on keeping things unstable. even the interim gov't seems to have these guys pegged and is going after them. bravo!
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Herro, any comments?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    It's great to see that the military is siding with the people!
    I hope that the military will take a role like Turkey military, not a role of ruler but the role of big man with a stick keeping an eye on the government.

    Turkey is beautiful example for arab world, attaturk was a great man.
    (I never thought I would say this as white northern european)
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