Operation Tunisia is not over

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Nemesis91, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. freealgerian Member

    j'ai vu les site du ministère de l'intérieur et de la collectivité locale égaement ; en fait j'ai lu sur wikip ke c t possible aussi de s'attaquer au lignes téléphonique c vrai?
  2. I know this may be years off, but also in the Francophone world, "Baby Doc" Duvalier in Haiti has had his bank accounts seized by the Swiss and is facing trial in his own, broken nation. This is after spending the last 25 years living lavishly in France. If nothing else, this shows that there is always hope Ben Ali and his shrew of a wife will face justice.
  3. Herro Member

    Huh, one offhand comment in a thread about an ongoing revolution managed to temporarily derail this thread and make it about me. I'm not sure why you guys like stroking my e-peen so much, but I'm sure as hell not complaining.
  4. Rockyj Member

    Is Dhouha Bokri a TOOL? (like Sarah Palin, sorry, my bad I could help it).
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Bill Maher HBO Jan 21 2011 interviews Michael Hastings (journalist/ McCrystal scandal) who acknowledges ANONYMOUS' role in the Tunisian occurrences.
  6. hushpuppy Member

    This video made me cry with joy Rockyj :--)
  7. Anonymous Member

    I'm optimistic!
    • The protesters aren't overly or destructively violent.
    • The police are now seem to be standing aside and watching only in case demonstrations out of hand.
    • The government might be made of recycled bits of the old regime, but they seem to be treading very carefully.
    • No sign of the radical "Islamics" which the old state used as an argument to demand support from outside powers.
    • Most of the protestors in the videos are stylishly dressed.
    • The women are hot.
    To me, that spells Win unless something drastically changes.
  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    It is good to be optimistic. It is a win so far, but the road will be long.
  9. mojo Member

  10. Le Revisor Member

    Nobody pays me.I don't need to be paid to defend my country.I'm not paid and i have nothing to sell.But, as a patriot i can feel other patriots, for an exemple in Tunisia. S.up you MOFO!Frantz lefrancois-bailliard
  11. Le Revisor, PA = Personal Army, as in NYPA - Not Your Personal Army.
    No-one accuses you of being paid - they are querying whether you are attempting to recruit Anonymous for your cause, whatever that may be.
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Le Revisor Member

    OK, apologies if it was a missunderstood. Je suis par ailleurs honorablement connu dans mon quartier,suis je clair? Ok, bye, i go for araid
  14. Nemesis91 Member

    Hello Rocky, Mailbox is not available in Tunisia, thanks any way, i was just joking :)
  15. Nemesis91 Member

    Hello Anonymous,
    Have you heard that The police is asking forgiveness from the people ! they said they were sorry about what they did, ' we had family's to take care, we didn't eat more then 4 days, no sleeping in two days ... , We are not the Militia, the militia is using ID like ours, so that the people think that we are the ones who are killing ... "
    it's a good thing.
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  16. Nemesis91 Member

  17. mojo Member

    the spirit of the youth of tunisia is an example to the country. your children are your future -- listen to them and let them lead you. i worry about the backward thinking of the old guard (on both sides of the fence)
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    My 2 cents, taking into account that I know little about the situations:
    With control over media, the previous government did not help on this regard. Maybe listen to what they have to say and then decide.
    Political systems tend to the over-representation of certain groups, often elder men. A broad spectrum of representatives is a good thing, IMHO. Following the youngsters just because they are young seems foolish.
  19. Anonymous Member

    but it is more practical.
    The old ones will die soon, then who will you follow?
  20. haklaf Member

    No, she is much more intelligent than Sarah Palin.
  21. the Guru Member

    La situacion es muy complicada,es como si el pueblo tunecino solo se hubiera deshecho del DICTADOR y no de la DICTADURA, tras 23 años sin poder hablar , ni gente vive una autentica cartarsis todos hablan hablan hablan,gritan,chillan..esperemos que despues de esto den paso a un periodo de reflexion y comiencen a construir la base para su democracia, aunque para eso queda bastante por desgracia y tiempo no les sobra ya que mientras no haya un proyecto estable de gobierno se estan dando facilidades a los fieles seguidores de Ben Ali y a los mandatarios vecinos que solo buscan desestabilizar mas la situacion del pais para traer una nueva dictadura.El kaos solo beneficia a los enemigos de la libertad. en cuanto al pueblo tunecino lo unico que parece tener claro es que todo ese proceso debe estar desligado de cualquiera que haya estado en las filas del partido de Ben Ali y eso parece que en las ultimas horas es la maxima...pero el gran problema es que esta ha sido una revolucion popular y no una revolucion de lideres. No hay nadie a quien seguir,nadie a quien apoyar. no hay nadie que sepa o pueda o quiera hacerse cargo del gobierno.Esta es la herencia de Ben Ali que se encargo de hacer desaparecer a cualquiera que pudiera hacerse cargo de llevar las riendas del pais con un minimo de honradez. Maldito seas!!! (sorry my english is terrible)
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  22. Zak McKracken Member

    google, in an effort to keep this mono-lingual (or EN/FR at least)

    wall-of-text is wally
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  23. Rockyj Member

    Love you!

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  24. Nemesis91 Member

    Oh My God !!!!!!!! WTF !! seriously a national channel has been suspended for ( treason & conspiracy, and it owner is arrested and the channel is off line now ) the TV channel is called ( Hannibal TV ) ... Lately they were talking about what is going on and what the Ben Ali family and steal .... omg i think that basters is still giving orders from outside ! HE SHOULD BE KILLED ! ( excuse me, I'm in RAGE ) but this is too mush !!
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  25. Rheinländer Member

    Maybe there is another reason. Wait and don't waste time for rage befor it is clear what happend.
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  26. Shinythings Member

    yeap but please keep us posted nemesis, so we can rage along if needed!
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. DeathHamster Member

    Canadian government says members of ousted Tunisian regime not welcome

  29. mojo Member


    <snip>...The state news agency also reported on Sunday that the owner of the private station, Hannibal TV, had been arrested along with his son for "treason" by encouraging violence and working for the return of Mr Ben Ali.
    Larbi Nasra, "who is a relative of the former president's wife, is using the channel to abort the youth's revolution, spread confusion, incite strife and broadcast false information," a statement citing an authorised source said.
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  30. Zak McKracken Member


    He has found his new home.
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  31. Nemesis91 Member

    i was gone in a rage for nothing... the owner of the TV Channel is corrupt him & his son ( they are related to Ben Ali )... that's why the were arrested ... The Channel is back online now... i was furious about it ( i thought they were going to shut it down, because the videos/images they were showing.. ) .
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  32. Nemesis91 Member

    Well apparently this is not my day ... the last thing we want is THE USA sticking her nose ! & then we will end up like Iraq ... !
  33. Rheinländer Member

    You haven't enough oil, don't worry. They don't care about olive oil. ;)

    Have a good night and stay safe!
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  34. Nemesis91 Member

  35. DeathHamster Member

    But they say that Anonymous is a CIA cyber-squad...
    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTP7ug6ud883F89arHh0-oFgXS2PGshB
  36. Ann O'Nymous Member
  37. Rheinländer Member

    Fuu... They know it!
  38. Anonymous Member

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  40. Shinythings Member

    Can't see it in my country. Apparently UFOs are owned by Sony!

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