Operation Tunisia is not over

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Nemesis91, Jan 9, 2011.

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    The blog of Abdallah Zouari, former editor of the newspaper Al-Fajr has been hacked by someone under the name of Samurai. Zouari spent 11 years in jail as a political prisoner and several years more in internal exile in Tunisia. He was however a member of the banned Islamic party An-Nadha, and al-Fajr is its party organ. My question is, was he hacked by accident, or because he is an Islamist, or by a regime supporter seeking to discredit him? Apologies for cross posting. I am a free expression rights activist based in London. Thanks.
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    Come on it's not something to be afraid of, it is a simple defacement, probably some noob did that, and in Tunisia there 90% script kiddies :'(
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    Tunisian dictator's family in Montreal, report says
    Tunisian activist returns to hero’s welcome amid protests
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    Hacked my ass.
    That's wordpress, wordpress wasn't hacked.
    What is more likely is that Abdallah was careless with his password or used a password that could be retrieved with a little social engineering or simple guesswork.
    All he has to do is retrieve his password, change it, login and revert page.
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    to clarify,
    what the above Anon meant was "Abdallah Zouari's blog is hosted on the servers. Their servers didn't get hax. Almost definitely not."

    The original blogger may need to contact admins, if the other password reset functions aren't working,
    but definitely they can help him. It probably *is* a password or other authentication compromise.

    If he was running it on his own local server (or some third party provider) it would be much more likely that the defacement was an actual hax, because of all the XSS and other vulnerabilities and mayhem Wordpress software has picked up over the years....
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    Sounds like Anonymous in general.
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    Moderator Note: Do NOT advocate illegal actions on WWP.

    Why don't you try to take it to the next level ? Then you will be able to do more serious damage of course ( Ethical hacking ) You infiltrate the (government, corrupt ) systems without stealing anything & then you threaten them... They will respond to your demands with fear, they will be afraid from you ( if you expose them ) or ( get their money ) i don't know not just DDoS attack, some thing more powerful and of course illegal ( just to keep them under your control ) but staying anonymous of course for your own sake... That is my personal opinion because i don't think that the same security systems of the USA or France are similar to the security systems of Tunisia or Algeria... I've seen many computer in police station in bank and many other places, they are not updated at all ( Windows 2000 ; Windows 95 98 ; Linux Red-hat old version ; Even HTTP apache servers are old version 2.2.3 .... ) Easy to exploit and gain access. With this kind of pressure by the people and out side hackers they will break faster :)
  13. But remember, it is a crime in most Western nations to hack government and business websites. I'm not sure about Tunisian computer law, or how much it is in flux currently, but legal, ethical means are always preferable.

    On a different note, Windows 95 and 98? Man. Their computers must need an archaeologist to carbon date them.
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    yeah lol
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    Folks, westerners should keep in mind that all western nations have laws in place that forbid their citizens from interfering with a foreign government or assisting a popular uprising.
    I doubt they will ever act on such laws, but th estick is there and they can use it if they so choose.
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    All Western nations ? Proving this assertion will be tedious, IMHO.
  21. Zak McKracken Member

    To count them all, start where you are and keep moving West until you reach the edge of the world.
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    Montreal lawyer launches effort to freeze Ben Ali assets
  23. DeathHamster Member

    By interference, I think that they usually mean a little more than armchair warriors. (Not that they wouldn't streeeetch the laws to cover it.)

    More like this guy's interference:
    (A short EpicFail empire builder that Davie Misc could only dream of.)
  24. I've read about some rumblings from Egypt, and the only differences between Hosni Mubarak and Muammar al-Gaddafi is their age, fashion sense, and Lockerbie. We should all remember Khaled Said, lest we think Mubarak and his goon squads are part of a "kinder, gentler" dictatorship.

    Edit: I'm not sure of Gaddafi is insane, eccentric, brilliant, or if he is simply a closeted homosexual. He has 40 female guards, and they're all virgins, and he wears silk and tries to be fashionable? I bet he even manscapes.
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  26. On the other hand, it is far from a secret there is no love for Muammar al-Gaddafi in the United States. Lockerbie and his bizarre antics over the years ended that. We went 36 years without any direct diplomatic ties, and although those ties have been reopened, if something were to happen to Gaddafi's regime, I doubt there would be many tears shed, except by that cocksucker Berlusconi in Italy.
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  27. Nemesis91 Member

    i don't know probably stuff that we don't know about...
  28. Anonymous Member

    Tacit support of U.S. foreign policies in the Middle East?
  29. Anonymous Member

    You are quite right.
    I should have said "All western european nations" (i.e, the original 12) as those are the only ones that I know for sure they have it.
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    As a Swiss citizen, I kindly ask you to use "The founding countries of the European union". Even with this reduced claim, I would be interested to have a reference.
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    This is a very stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway. What the hell do you mean by "after the government censors it?!" That just sounds like such a defeatist phrase.
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  32. Usually, the only differences between "defeatism" and "realism" are the spelling and the number of syllables. Governments censor stuff, for good and not-so-good reasons, even in the United States and Western Europe. Thankfully, the Internet makes that far more difficult, with services like Tor and other proxies and privacy shielding programs and techniques. Still, stuff will always be censored, especially if it makes the government look bad. Were it not for the leaks, would we have ever been aware of the Collateral Murder video? Would Tunisia be on the long, hard road to freedom? Would the people of Iceland have a postmortem on their banking collapse, said information leading to a complete reform of their banking system? Would the people of Kenya and the Western world know what horrors have occurred there were it not for the Internet and its wonderful, bastard son WikiLeaks?
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    Greetings fellow CIA ops :--)

    Washington facing the ire of the Tunisian people
    by Thierry Meyssan

    More tinfoil asshattery all trough this piece:
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    Stay safe!


    There are strange things going on, I know it! Really!111!!!


  36. Fly you magnificent winged bastards, do....
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    Oil companies prefer gadafi to unknown leaders, they always prefer safety, and US always prefer what companies prefer. Otherways, tunisia is a special problem in arabic world.Tunisian are very educated and it could be easy for them to build a democracy. In other parts of arab world(in egypt, for example), that's not the same game, muslim extremists are the main power outside of moubarak.
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    In case you haven't noticed, most of us 12 prefer to pretend you and britland were always part of the EU and go lalalalalala when you claim otherwise.
    I see no reason to break with this time honoured tradition.
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    If i'm right, "founding nations"('rome treaty 1958) were six.
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