OPERATION YOU'VE GOT MAIL: need compilation!!

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by anongurl7, Jan 8, 2009.

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    OPERATION YOU'VE GOT MAIL: need compilation!!

    Tomorrow is Operation You've Got Mail. The momentum that is building up is absolutely huge and we're doing an amazing job.

    We need a compilation of the best quotes from Doctors, highlighted events (I.E. Autism foundations reaching out to Travolta family, etc.), Dangerous information about the Purifiction Rundown, quotes from Hubbard talking badly about medicine, an explination about how the C/S works inside a Scientology Church (paging OT8Michael), and of course KSW which makes it all have to be applied no matter what.

    Please just link different threads to this so it makes it easier for Anon to draft their emails tonight.

    The main forum where this is going on is here: You've Got Mail - Why We Protest | Activism Forum

    We are very dispersed because so much is happening it's absolutely a storm right now IRL and in the forums.

    We are close to the finish line Anonymous. Compile your information and let's make some drafts!
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    Re: OPERATION YOU'VE GOT MAIL: need compilation!!

    See thread Scientologists and medication: A matter of life or death. (especially my first 6 posts);


    How the Case supervisor works (in a nutshell).

    The Scientology Case Supervisor or C/S (which I was trained to be back in the 1970s and 80s) is the senior director (man or woman) who has an office called the "Ivory Tower" in each organization where auditing is delivered. They are the ones who decide what actions a person can do, or not, to be in alignment with HUBBARD technical directives ("tech").

    They can not be directly contacted verbally by any Scientologist they are supervising.
    The Scientologist's session folders (often very voluminous) contain written records of everything the Scientologist says in a session and/or ethics interviews etc. The C/S uses only written folder contents to judge what to do in any situation and the Scientologist is expected to comply. So, as the Case Supervisor is NOT a medical practitioner when a Scientologist becomes ill or is injured things can get quite risky.

    In this case the C/S has supreme Scientology-based authority, but not medical qualifications, and the Scientologist will usually give priority (except sometimes in extreme circumstances) to the C/S' recommendations over those of a medical practitioner if the two are in conflict as to what to do.

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