OpInfoStorm: Help us translate Anon and WWP flyers into Spanish!

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by LastOneStanding, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Most of the graphic content related to Anonymous is written in English. It's time to join forces and help make the Spanish forum as formidable as the English one. Lets put our designs in this thread, do some critical work to improve them and build a collection of graphic materials of high quality advertising, as only Anonymous can do it!

    IF you need help with translations feel free to PM me or silly433.

    We appreciate your halp
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  2. Nishimori Member

    How about Russian?
  3. Tangerine Member

  4. Count on me. I was born at Madrid Spain. Studied Philosopy and earn life as engineer. I can translate anything from English, also concepts on programming and soft arhitect and experience in assisting virtual communities if help is needed with non english members.

    I Love painting, writting and making music.

    I was on Puerta del Sol - Madrid on October 15th.

    I want to make a global change so we preserve the planet for our children. I found this material in Spanis appealing. Is becose of it that Im´m here

    What do you want me to translate?
  5. I dunnot find how to PM you. but count on me
  6. Anonymous Member

    wait isn't there some anons who are doing that?
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Strixcoil Moderator

  9. Pique Member

    Maybe so us Anglos can cheer on your good work? ;)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I feel that some of their designs are way too overdone. Maybe they should try to light them up a bit would work, since they see too overloaded and people don't really like overloaded fliers. They like simple ones, or where they have a neat design but don't look like done in paint.

    I would also correct the fonts, since the fonts look way too "simple" and plain. Maybe step away from Times New Roman, for example.
    Look for simple yet broad fonts, that usually are a little bit separated and not so tight. Bold like fonts like a Helvatica based can work, look in sites like Dafont for examples. The flier about Elli Perkins with that font is just...NO.

    Also, whoever does this fliers...try to get your hands on a nice copy of Photoshop and learn how to properly manage the options. Some of the fliers look too forced in paint. When you design something, it should look flowing and not so structured like a mathematic graphic...if people wanted to look at large quantity of text and image, they can always read a book.

    Try to don't make them take a whole page. They are way too filled with text, and even though people can get interested...they don't like to spend time reading it in the middle of the street. It's too much text. This is not Wikipedia, is a flier. Try to be more direct and less talking on the message.
    The point is to get them interested, not shock them with tons of information. You should let people go inside the Intertubes to read more.

    I do like that one with the anons, though. But the font needs to be a little more "elegant". That "¡Sumate!" is too bold compared to the other text and looks just like if you sticked it with a boogie.
    Try to don't make designs that need color, since people usually print them in black & white.

    Just me, being an horrible designer fag.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    ...Posted, dunno if Argentina Anonymous check this thread, though.
    Hope that I didn't wasted my time trying to give useful criticism.
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  12. telomere Member

    Good question.



    posted in Times New Roman, so that they can actually read.
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  13. Strixcoil Moderator

    ...I'm pretty sure they don't. Want me to share them? LOL
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  14. telomere Member

    socal already tried that:

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  15. Strixcoil Moderator

    Wait, if you can do that, can I actually get an airplane carry a sign saying "I hope you step on a lego"?
    Oh god...I'm so happy for no reason.
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  16. 2OWBu.gif
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  17. papones Member


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