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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, May 6, 2013.


I'd like to see the following be made into a thing:

Better Ratings and Frontpage 25 vote(s) 46.3%
Hosted Communities 9 vote(s) 16.7%
Improved Data Retention Tools and Clean up. 12 vote(s) 22.2%
Better Donation System, Take My Money 6 vote(s) 11.1%
Wiki Like System For Collaborative and Long Term Documentation 20 vote(s) 37.0%
Event Planner 10 vote(s) 18.5%
Something Else: I'll reply to the thread. 10 vote(s) 18.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. sue Administrator

    Well Hello there.

    In spite of not always completing the monthly donation goal, further developing WWP remains of interest and will continue as funds come.

    I would like some feedback to better help me gauge which features you would be interested in, or which you think would be most useful to either yourself or the community.

    Do keep in mind that this is a request for your opinion and that things might not get developed in order of popularity but rather of feasibility.

    Explanation of features:

    Better Ratings and Frontpage

    The current forum home shows an overview of categories / sub categories. One can see which threads have had the most recent updates using the "what's new" feature.

    This obviously works, however I do feel neither gives a clear overview of what is currently going on or popular on the site.

    Ratings, likewise have recently been restricted to certain users because of censoring / shunning by sock accounts.

    The idea goes as follows: Keep the "category view" and "what's new" as an option but change the front page from the category overview to a list of "currently popular content".

    Popular content would be calculated based on: amount of views, replies, age and positive / negative ratings.

    Ratings would be once again available to all, however transparent to the user certain criteria would be applied as to designate weight to their rating. e.g John Doe recently signed up and liked a post would weigh as 0.1 rating, whereas an established member with a track record of positive contributions liking the same post would weigh as 1.2 rating.

    "Censoring" of post wouldn't any longer solely be based on the amount of dislikes but rather on the total sum of likes / dislikes and their weight.

    Hosted Communities

    Some initiatives are long term, some others have either out lived their purpose or have lost the communities interest. Lastly, aside from using private conversations there is currently no convenient way for smaller groups or initiatives to communicate amongst one another.

    The suggestion goes as follows:
    Allow you and other users to create their own initiative / forum or community and maintain it as you please as long as you do not violate a very select few rules: no planning of illegal activity.

    What you could do:

    Create a forum and moderate it, chose whether it is a public or private invite only forum. You could ban users that cause you trouble from your forum without it impacting the users ability to visit other forums hosted by WWP.

    Improved Data Retention Tools and Clean up.

    WWP doesn't log much and what is logged is routinely wiped. There are still some site aspects that due to technical limitations are logged or retained longer than I personally would like.

    Tools amongst other things would clean up or purge: orphaned content, soft deleted threads and posts, inactive accounts, including those that were banned and spammers. Most of this wouldn't be something you'd notice but is much rather aimed at ensuring your anonymity in the long term. WWP would reserve a small window where data is retained: beyond that point content would be fully anonymous.

    Better Donation System

    Tired of paypal, or that moonspeak payment page? Me too, if you'd like more payment options, maybe recurring payments: make suggestions here.

    Wiki Like system

    An independent wiki as an option for initiatives / groups. Better and more transparent transition between the forum and wiki wen it comes to content editing. i.e not having to know mediawiki formatting but much rather using the same editor and markup as on the forums.

    Event Planner

    Most established cells have their own methods in place to organize rallies but might lack a venue to publish them. Likewise non established cells occasionally are confined to using forum threads, which in theory works but could be greatly improved upon. There are some thoughts on how to approach this elegantly however time consuming and rather complex a system.

    Something Else

    If you have any other thoughts opinions or things to add: Please do.
  2. rof Member

    I just have my regular thoughts.

    Nothing worth mentioning.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Unicorn button.
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  4. Heavily disliked posts replaced (after voting down) by NyanCat or Miscavige shoop du jour.
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  5. My kingdom for a button that lets me tell people that they/their posts = dumb
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I love the sound of the 'Better Ratings and Frontpage' option. I'll be happy to donate to such an endeavor when finances permit it in the upcoming weeks.
  7. Anonymous Member

    I don't know if there's any way to make searching more effective. The search is not bad now, but sometimes I had trouble finding things. Then again maybe it's just me.
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  8. amaX Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    I plan to joke about new features.
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  10. sue Administrator

    that one ... you see, google makes a lot of money because search result relevancy is one of their little disputed domains. In other words, search is really hard.
  11. PTS Member

    I'd be grateful to be able to award funny and winner ratings like I could do four months ago.
    I know, bitch bitch bitch.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    For $100 per year WWP could have google site search. I don't know if it's worth it though and whether the extra $8.33 per month is feasible.
  13. RightOn Member

    would be nice if posts can have a scratch and sniff feature
    lol, sorry couldn't resist
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Poll should have an option for "Whatever sue thinks is best"
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  15. sue Administrator

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Since this is geared towards companies that have both private and public webpages, I suspect it might not be too difficult to exclude the necessary content.
  17. Anonymous Member

    /r/ a moonbat filter.
  18. OTeleventy Member

    Request a "lol" button.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Thats what the unicorn button-to-moonbats is for.
  20. Random guy Member

    Could we have a rating button with a small bat on it? For moonbats I mean?
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  21. PresidentShaw Member

    Or a coffee fund, where the people who donate get to change someone else's avatar
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  22. InIc Member

    One does not need to connect their website to everything Googelized.
    There are many free scripts out there to search one's own site, without leaving the site.

    Before Googlenet, there was an Internet and it was free.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Maybe instead of overhauling the frontpage, add a "currently popular content" sidebar, similiar to the old "Latest Posts" sidebar?
    Bad idea. Very few initiatives proposed ever actually go anywhere. I think it's best to only establish subforums when they're genuinely required, instead of giving one to every moonbat who comes here looking for a personal army for their personal conspiracy theories.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Therefore none should get an opportunity
    Meaning you want sue to be the arbiter of whether a subforum is created or not? Is sue some god damn oracle, can he predict what has and hasn't potential? Can you?
    Wouldn't that be just great: every moonbat into a subforum so you can ignore it and never hear from it again.

    Identify your actual concern.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    If you have a better suggestion why don't you suggest it?
  26. I hope that we can keep the "Classic" style instead of the "Dark" or "light". I really don't like the layout and I'm one of the olds that doesn't like change so I never adapted to it.

    I also would give money for a feature to ignore those pesky unregistered posts. Most of the ones I see are trolls, whether it be a clam troll, a WWP mod-in-hiding troll, or an actual 2 ft troll, and I'm getting really tired of the indigestion inducing pictures of Karen delaC.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Not none, just not all.

    Not all have potential, and not all need subforums. A subforum should be like a situation room - only created when there's enough threads on a subject to demand it.

    I prefer to ignore the nutjobs when their posts are moved to the NWO/ZEITGEIST/CERAGEM megathread, rather than give them all new subforums for their own personal brands of idiocy.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. RightOn Member

    still like the old layout better. sorry
    And the three white "bubble heads" logo for WWP is not exactly very ominous looking.
    Not that it has to look ominous, but something a bit more sleek, and streamlined perhaps?

    Would love a "lulz" button and I am not computer savy, so I really don't know what to suggest that would help to make it more user friendly.
    The search doesn't work that well for me when trying to track something down.
    sorry I am not much help
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  30. rickybobby Member

    Yeah, not a fan of the new layout. Had to switch back to old. Too hard on the eyes.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Please delete. Sorry, I thought the poll at the top said, "I'd like to see the following be made into a thong:"
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  32. sue Administrator

    Good idea.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I'm with the button crowd. I liked the buttons! it's silly and shallow... and I loved it! moar buttons please!
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  34. Bad idea. They are lulzy and they have the right to express themselves. Let's don't become Scilons or Marty
  35. I vote for buttons and the option to keep the old interface as I also find it easier to look at for insanely long periods of time.
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  36. rof Member

    The whole Metro thing is shite.

    It may be good for mobile but you are torturing your regular users.
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  37. TrevAnon Member

    I also still use the classic interface.

    And I know there are several backups, but I think the [link for the] wiki big list of ex-scilons must be available again somehow. IMHO it is one of the best WWP projects.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    I have been wrestling with the ideas mentioned in my head and have given it a fair amount of thought.

    I love the idea of WWP being a platform for activism, where anyone and everyone has a say in content being created. At the same time, I think a lot of WWP users look at the forum as a whole, as a lot of them are used to when WWP was entirely dedicated to Project Chanology. In my opinion the Hamburg drama of 2012 was primarily motivated by the Germans not being comfortable with a section of a board. Now you can argue that that displays narrow mindedness or an unwillingness to adapt, but at the same time it seems to me that most userbases like to be comfortable with the site as a whole as much as possible. I don't envy the staff as it can be a very hard balancing act, with keeping everyone happy.

    Thus, I think maximum input from the userbase is key to moving forward. If users have the right to vote on a new section for WWP or whether an idea bites the dust, then complaints don't have as much ground. The idea that it's left to the hive to decide whether a project has traction or not via a poll. Afterall, that is what the success or death of a project boils down to, the willingness of the userbase to embrace it and work with it. A userbase that feels it has a say in site decisions, is a happy userbase. I feel more comfortable already that threads such as this were created by the site Administrator so I can give my 2 cents.

    Thanks everyone.
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  39. OTeleventy Member

    I come here for Chanology. The fight against scientology. I would like to continue (start?) to be able to only view (really hate to say "ignore," but, well...) the stuff in which I am active. Also, perhaps this already exists, but can I ignore specific threads?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Be able to stop people 'following' you.

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