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I'd like to see the following be made into a thing:

Better Ratings and Frontpage 25 vote(s) 46.3%
Hosted Communities 9 vote(s) 16.7%
Improved Data Retention Tools and Clean up. 12 vote(s) 22.2%
Better Donation System, Take My Money 6 vote(s) 11.1%
Wiki Like System For Collaborative and Long Term Documentation 20 vote(s) 37.0%
Event Planner 10 vote(s) 18.5%
Something Else: I'll reply to the thread. 10 vote(s) 18.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Anonymous Member

    If you go to your Profile Page, and select "What's New" you can filter all the Forums, choosing only to have What's New deliver information from the forums you're interested in:


    I dunno what the situation is with the new formats for Mobile but this is the look of the "Classic' Interface.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    With certain users claiming that the 'WWP - Theme' is a bit too bright, I was wondering whether they'd perhaps be more comfortable with the same theme but a bit darker to be set as default?
  3. rof Member

    You can't put lipstick on an abomination.

    It would be like a yeti with a bra.

  4. Anonymous Member

    If you can find a better option, please suggest it. If not, kindly go back to your hole in the ground.
  5. Anonymous Member

    If you don't like the current look then why not benchmark? Give examples of other website that you like the look of as suggestions.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. rof Member

    Every other website WManon has done is beautiful.

    This one gives limited set of lego bricks to play with and is live so challenging.

    It doesn't really matter what we should do if half of us can't stand to look at it.

  8. anon walker Moderator

    I really miss the "first unread" button.
  9. cTp Member

    You need to feature more charismatic mods like myself.
  10. Anonymous Member

    It's still there, click the [IMG] to the left of topics.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I use the WWP dark theme as my default. It's fucking slick.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I'd love to see a dedicated ops/project news page on WWP. It gets linked to in the navigation bar and details the bigger upcoming WWP ops, be it a megaraid, SP conference etc. Creating hype/excitement and making sure that any news on noteworthy events doesn't get buried. An 'ops portal' of sorts. Lol worthy images for the ops could be made by WWP shoopers, combining action with fun at the same time.
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    That's a good idea. Here's an example of thread that could featured:
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Events were removed four months ago:
  15. Anonymous Member

    There is a good point behind this suggestion, so let’s try fleshing it out.

    Basically, what you are saying, is that important information/events/projects can get buried in the forums and otherwise be hard to find. You would like some method of highlighting such information/events/projects, maybe with the intention of aiding new visitors to the site or maybe just to help out the regular visitor.

    The idea is good in principle, and the trick will be in concocting a method of implementation. To me there will be two parts to this.

    Firstly, deciding which information/events/projects should be highlight and to what degree. Whether this is accomplished by mods/admins, through the solicitation of community opinion or through a future automated system that allows voting (these are just suggestions for illustration) would remain to be seen.

    Secondly, how such information/events/projects is actually highlighted. Ticker? Sidebar content? Special mention on a future front-page?

    Good idea in principle. Thoughts and ideas are now needed to see if it can be developed into something that could be implemented.
  16. Anonymous Member

    A special mention on a future front page would be fantastic imo. Part of the reason I stuck around on Enturbulation (and in turn dug deeper into Chanology), was because of amusing special mentions on the Enturb homepage regarding lulzy events (from the The Marvin Gaye - Leader of Anonymous joke to the 'Push button, receive bacon, protest Scientology' meme) made me chuckle and helped get me interested. In turn I was motivated seeing what anon's were accomplishing in raids/protests etc.

    If the concept ever takes flight, I was thinking perhaps a designated poll could be made use of, asking users to vote on what the 'WWP Feature Page' should be for the month. It could at least serve as a preliminary defense against some Moonbat op taking the spotlight for a potential featured page. I really like the concept behind developing user feedback and participation further.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    That could fit in with the "Better Ratings and Frontpage" poll option, i.e. well-liked posts get highlighted.
  19. rickybobby Member

    What about a "Sticky This" button or a "Top News" button? Enough votes, it goes in a highlighted section on the front page, or the top five/ten whatever votegetters are featured. Moderation could be applied to prevent mayhem from breaking out or the Penis Pic of the Day being the first thing you see.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I miss being able to see who liked what. Like x 10 < Herro liked this.
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  21. Major Boyle Member

    I'd like to see a war map or some equivalent showing what cells are active and if you click on a city, you get their web page. Yes, I know about the Still Alive page, but there's only 10 or so cell listed for the entire world and there are more protesters than that. If people can't find the local group to hang with, they are not going to want to join so much. Few noobs want to solo protest.
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  22. [IMG]
  23. The Canada cells look very active.
  24. veravendetter Member

    I'm lazy and live off the 'what's new' button. Keep that please.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    facebook share of a single reply?
  26. Anonymous Member

    1) Rate the Mods

    2) Best troll of the month award
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    I don't suppose it would be possible to reconfigure the search function so it would no longer ignore search terms with less than four characters, such as NYC, OSA, OWS, and RPF.
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  28. Kilia Member

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  29. Horseradish Member

    Or Kew or BBC or IAS or...
  30. RightOn Member

    A better search.
    I don't know squat about 'puters, and this is prolly an expensive and difficult thing to do?
    But I could seldom find what I am looking for
    Stuff gets too buried
  31. Random guy Member

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    When using the search from anywhere inside any of the forums, make sure to remember to uncheck "Search this forum only".

    A lot more things would get found if the default setting for that was unchecked.
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  33. I'm lazy like that too. If it were a physical construct I would have worn the letters off by now.
  34. Kilia Member

    I don't really think it is a 'lazy' thing at all. Why scrap around threads by hand for new posts? (it's a pure waste of time and trouble).
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps the WWP Sign-Up/Sign-On situation could lose the "Password" designator in favour of "Pass Code."

    The convention of "Password" leads so many n00bs and even not-so-n00by users to the conclusion that it involves a word rather than a code.
  36. CandyPanda Member

    Personally, I'd like to see the categories toned down somewhat. Don't get me wrong, the information is all great, but posts in a number of the sub categories are few and far between. It'd make it a lot easier to navigate the site if the listings were a bit more concise. Thanks.
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    This thread seemed as good a place as any to mention that as of yesterday, whenever I go to edit a post I just made (to correct the formatting), the edit window that opens is blank. I've tried it on posts in several different threads and now the window always blank.
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is what I see when I try to edit one of my posts:

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  39. Incredulicide Member

    Ditto. I work around it by middle-clicking the Edit link to do the editing in a new tab.
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  40. A.O.T.F Member

    Now known as Interfacebook


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