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    Did you watch that trial? I agree with you that George Zimmerman got off with less than he deserved. But the reason is because the overzealous prosecutor basically overplayed her hand and charged him with a greater crime than he was guilty of. The evidence only really supported manslaughter, not murder. She overcharged and underdelivered in the courtroom. He didn't get off, she fucking lost the case with bad, emotional decisions that the evidence did not support. Sweetheart, I hate to tell you this, but the system actually WORKED. Sometimes bad people have to go free to support our civil liberties.

    Prosecutor fucked up, he walks. You can console yourself with two things:
    1) His life is pretty much ruined and you can bet he is in a shitload of debt with all the legal bills and no job
    2) I think it's a pretty safe bet he will never do this again.

    Now go have a stiff drink and calm the fuck down. And examine the facts before you start lynching someone.
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    Ok. Can you somehow message me on here or on twitter the URL invite address. I would appreciate it. I am calm down now. I won't share your twitter username to anyone. If you get to talk to me more, you will know I am a cool down-to-earth honest person.
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    Sums up the thread.
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    Mexican nazis, thats a new one on me lol. Wouldnt it be pretty fuckin hillarious to hear a maxican speak german btw?
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    Sry for derail ill stfu now.
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    The Religious, Progressive 'Moral Mondays' in North Carolina

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    Images from #moralmonday number 12. Estimates are 8-10,000 people marched on the NC Capitol this evening. 10,000 people is a big march for a state capital, folks.

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  10. Asheera Member

    Some of those signs are awesome.
  11. rickybobby Member

    Yes, and I think it's awesome that TEN FUCKING THOUSAND PEOPLE cared enough to get their asses out on the street and MARCH. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, students, an incredible cross section of people.

    NC just passed the most restrictive voter's requirements IN THE COUNTRY. Worse than Texas. Extra hurdles for students, anyone who doesn't speak English and anyone who is poor has extra work to do if they want to vote. They've also been gerrymandering the hell out of all the voting districts to secure future Republican wins. Um, women's healthcare, anyone? Passed requirements restrictive enough to shut down every women's clinic that provides abortions in the entire state except one. And gay rights? What... gays have RIGHTS???? We have what is called a "super-majority" -- the House and the Senate have (right wing fundamentalist) republican majorities and the Governor is republican. And they are going to town with all their badass tea-party business.

    But not unopposed.

    Twitter is on fire. The mass media here, once more, is a bucket of disappoint. Jesus Christ, TEN THOUSAND people marching on the street in a mid sized city in the Carolinas is a BFD. But their coverage? Wishy-washy, careful not to take sides or offend, not really representing what the hell went on today.
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    Voter Id law need to be outlawed.
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    Yes, and Moral Monday protests are going to start up again soon.... Or, if you can't get to Raleigh, GET OUT THE VOTE. Let's vote these fuckers out of office.

    And, btw, we can vote Clay Aiken IN! How lulzy is that! What a teabagger troll that is!
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    So you can vote oftener? :D
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