Opposition Ballots found in Garbage

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by sina12345, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. sina12345 Member

    A very reliable Iranian website posted an article about a man who found these ballots in the garbage.
    Here is the link for the article (it's in Farsi):

    It says that him and a couple workers going to work found it on the DAMAVAND road. They found them in the thousands, ballots strewn everywhere, and people were picking them up "bista bista" [by the 20s]. He got his hands on 5, and there is a picture (if you click on the link INSIDE the link I gave you), you can see one of the ballots.
    I can't believe they are trying to get away with this.
    Here is the picture:
  2. Thats just sad, its so obvious! FREE IRAN NOW!
  3. sina12345 Member

  4. If that ballot shows personal details of a voter you should blank it out to respect their privacy and ensure their safety.
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Please remember to be skeptical of what your read. There does not exists more pictures then this one. Please post pics of the garbage bags full of ballots. There are many reasons why you might come across a few ballots after the election, so of the innocent.

    Please post any other pics or news articles covering this topic.
  6. True. This has happened in the US and other Western countries without being tied to a theocracy, so hold your judgement until there is real proof.
  7. sina12345 Member

    I Ran Hubbard: The link to the article is in my first post, along with an english translation under it. Unfortunantly, this article had only one picture to show, but I'm confident as the days go by, more and more of these kinds of articles will surface.

    Unregistered: Also it is a ballot, like any other country, ballots are kept confidential and secret, so there are no credentials, or names or anything like that.
  8. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Thanks for feedback. A handful of ballots found may have innocent explanations. But I would be very concerned about thousands found in the trash. I would also assume if someone found these, there would be photos of them and they would have been laid out in one big pile for photograph for media, or as a record. I'm surprised those have not surfaced. It pays to be skeptical instead of taking one source as proof.
  9. sina12345 Member

    That is true, but any tid-bit of information is helpful, skeptics or not. I was surprised as well that there weren't more picture, but if any show up, I'll be sure to post it here.
  10. GreenSe7en Member

    The biggest problem with paper ballets is they are easy to burn, this is why at most we will see a "partial recount". Think about it this way if all the ballets can be traced back, why would you dump them in the trash where people will be able to find them. The fact of the matter is at this point it does not matter who really won the election. The corrupt Iranian government has been violently trying to suppress free speech, and has clearly violated the religious laws of Islam that governs the country, these protests are not about the election, they are about the suppression of free speech.
  11. sina12345 Member

    You may be right, these protests may be about years of built of anger and suppresion, but they cannot come out and say that this is against the regime. In fact, many don't want to go against the regime, but if this turns into some sort of revolution, there will be much more bloodshed. Which is why they must fight for this election, because it is part of the big picture.

    If Iranians manage to set the elections straight, then I have high hopes for a gradual change in regime, policy, and a shift in power.
  12. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Not that it is relevant at all, but such cases have been known to happen in the US throughout it's history. Florida with paper tapes, Chicago with boxes floating in the river, and other examples that mean nothing but just anecdotal.
  13. And here is why democracy fails. "It does not matter who won! We'll just throw them out and get whatever we want!".
  14. GreenSe7en Member

    No democracy fails when the elected government violently try to stop free speech and non-violent protests. The corrupt government has shown its true colors. the Iranian peoples trust has been violated and their will bee no trusted recount. It is new election, Musavi or revolution. I ask you, what if tomorrow they announce a recount with the same results as the first.... Do you think the Iranian people will stop their protest. If you do you are an idiot.
  15. Musavi, or Ahmadinejad makes no difference. Iran has paid their blood for many years to protect their country and government. The face of the leader does not change the violence and oppression. No matter who wins the vote Iran has already lost.
  16. You know what's funny about presidential elctions in Iran? The Government itself (in this case ahamdinejad and his goons) Holds the elections and no independent/international Observers are allowed. what do you really expect from such system?
  17. bump Member

    revolution often fails because the government chances, but the people don't; so history has a chance to repeat itself.

    However, the people seem to have changed too this time. Just make sure everyone remembers what is happening right now.

    And be aware of 'leaders' who are just looking for sheeple...
  18. Sure, they're going to fake elections and then throw opposition ballots to garbage. How gullible you have to be? Especially when this is known pattern by CIA.
    The same thing happened in Venezuela:

  19. Runa Member

    Yes, I say the same. To the Iranian Government.
  20. I live in America and pay attention to the mass media (though American mainstream media is pathetic, if it is real journalism you want). I have, however, not seen or heard anything about the CIA being behind this.

    The CIA is not as powerful as it is believed to be, so it should not be blamed for everything under the sun. Of course, the 1953 coup was absolutely a CIA plot; that is beyond question. however, the CIA was in a much different position then as compared to now.

    My guess is that this is for real, and any outside influence is not critical for how this is going to continue or end.
  21. i suggest..

    i suggest you post this to cnn or bbc,
    it would be like a bomb in the media, if they spread it.
  22. It seems to me that the BBC picture thing is a journalism matter.
    They needed a picture of protesters in the street.

    All they had was a picture of the purported "President" and his supporters, so they cut him out and there you go!

    A picture of a crowd in the street! Were they doing anything incriminating? No. I don't see this as any sort of real issue, they just needed something to go with an article.
  23. What is going on in Iran is too big for the CIA alone to have orchestrated. There must be a real desire and willingness on the part of the Mousavi supporters to march for change. If you follow the Twitter and YouTube activity it's clear that this is an uprising from the grassroots.

    I would, however, not be surprised if the CIA was assisting some people with info on tactics. If so, those people were probably already trained on organizing, and the CIA would now watch the people do their thing. If the CIA is involved, I'd say they are empowering the people rather than overthrowing the government.
  24. Even is true, it's not as bad as the tactics Iran Shiite militias used to undermine peace and safety in Iraq and then infiltrate Iraq's new government. Let's call a spade is a spade. Iran has done this too.

    Don't flame me for the US invasion, I was against it.
  25. At the end of the film "The Quiet American" written by Graham Greene (ex-brit intelligence.) The C.I.A officer (Brendan Fraser) starts the Vietnamese war with false flag operation explosions and killing civilians.
    Course it's only a book :)
  26. Runa Member

    You act as if this people were gullible souls with nothing better to do than spam this forum.

    I can actually picture a very small group of persons sitting in a shady building in downtown Teheran, posting and reposting the same all over the internet.
  27. brilliant!!

    though i would be surrprised if there wasn't something else going on since a middle schooler could fix an election better then this regime did. it SEEMS like they wanted to be caught assuming the rumors are true about the 60/30 ratio throughout the region. no one is that stupid which implies that something else is going on that no one knows about.

    either way it doesn't matter anymore since they've murdered their own civilians...but i really would like to know who is really behind this
  28. well, I can say this; Ahmadinejad's government has been the most stupid government we've had in Iran in decades! and they didn't care if they were caught or not!! they didn't expect this kind of response from the people because usually people are too frightened to protest like this..
  29. Shah of Iran about US media:
  30. no way can this be a CIA backed coup. you'd have to be working on this since 2005, getting various operatives and collaborators placed in the ministries and such. if this is entirely backed by the US then our CIA is essentially capable of anything. i mean, to fake an election inside a country we have absolutely no relations with, who has actively resisted our pressure and sanctions for years - i'm sorry i just can't give our intelligence agencies that much credit. why don't we overthrow North Korea if we're that good?

    the election results are false - period. the opposition is legitimate, and the establishment screwed up. that's it. all the rest of this is largely smoke and mirrors. sure CIA can exaggerate things to make them appear more severe. but you can't fake hundreds of thousands of opposition people on the streets, you cant fake video after video of beatings. there is too much on the street evidence to show the legitimacy of what's going on for it to be an exaggerated claim. the people of iran deserve better than what they have now currently for a government - whether they will get it is the big question now.

    personally i am in support of iran being an islamic republic - but the people of iran have a chance to redefine how that republic will represent the will of the people as well as the will of Allah. they should never be mutually exclusive.

    one might turn the tables and ask 'cui bono?' - who benefits from having Ahmadenijad in power?
  31. It's not so much stupidity as it seems to be arrogance. As seen and heard at the prayerspeech, there was no true attempt to reconsile or look the more mature or transparent part. Just a promise of a reprisal and complete rebuttal of the oppositions points.

    And the people earning the most from keeping the current president in office are obviously the clergy and Pasdaran foremost. The clergy since he's a very suitable figurehead and yesman, and the others because he tends to favor them in positions of power.
  32. teaching relished

    Sounds like Iranian government trolls trying to influence this thread.

    It is really a very simple concept. Who is killing, attacking and disregarding the will of peaceful protestors? There is your answer. All else is rather unnecessary.
  33. The CIA has nothing to do with this. GTFO, Iranian government trolls.
  34. why not?

    First, its wise to be a sceptic towards unsubstanciated rumors. Good or bad news.

    Secondly, individuals working for criminal regimes tends to become sloppy and arrogant. Why should they care? All they have to do is to kill their opponents. And that works as long as most people are intimidated. When their leaders fall, like in so many examples from history, the leaders and their thugs looks like idiots. So why not throw away ballots as garbage: thats how this people regards ballots/democracy any way?

    And how confusing the current development must be for all the theocrats denying a reality beyond the length of their beard!

    As the historian Abdallah Laroui said:

    "Liberalism expressed in religious terms as deism, secularism, individualism, moralism, may well be shallow and weak, and it may lose every battle in the classroomin the Madrasa I should sayand still triumph outside, in the marketplace."

    Deja vu?
  35. why is this not on BBC, or cnn, or any major news outlet. its sad how much is not being reported on this. although its amazing how people are uniting together on this crisis, no matter who you are. Religious beliefs or party affiliations play no role here. we cann all agree and unite to help the Iranian people
  36. Fierce_Guppy Member

    White Supremacists are also afflicted with the same mental illness. People who are for the Iranian thugocracy and people who are White Supremacists show they have much in common in their derranged and paranoid rants against Jews.

  37. Is Persian Bay sponsored by CIA?
    [ame=]YouTube - CIA, Iran and the Election Riots - June 14, 2009[/ame]
  38. CIA and British coup in Iran 1953: Three Parts
    by Amy Goodman winner of Alternative Nobel Price!

    Compare with above video!

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