Opposition TV in Iran

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    A brief look at the media in Iran:
    New Channel TV (Kanal Jadid) is currently the only opposition TV channel that is broadcasting 24 hours, giving up-to-date information to the people of Iran and closely interacting with them. Daily, millions are watching the TV and thousands of people from all over Iran and the rest of the world are calling in to speak to the WPI, the party that is practically leading hundreds of thousands of people in Iran in their struggle with the Islamic regime of Iran.

    On the internet: or on

    On satellite:
    Hot Bird 8, Centre Frequency: 12303 MHz, Symbol Rate: 27500, FEC: 3/4, Polarization: Vertical.
  2. Well, not exactly. that's Iran's Communist faction TV as long as I know.
  3. opposition tv channel

    Simay azadi is the other opposition tv channel which broadcasting about 20 hours each day.
    The only way forward is an election under supervision of united nation.
  4. free iran

    Now there is a real chance for Iran to become free. the only way forward is to hold an election under united nation supervision to crate a pluralistic government and religion should be a private matter and NO to state religion.
  5. I really hope this will be the case. The Supreme Leaders will do whatever it takes to hold on to the power they have. Ultimatly they will take in military and whatnot to break down the rebellions. Unfortunatly alot of young iranians will have to pay the ultimate price for true freedom in Iran.
  6. Runa Member

    Or...maybe they'll be willing to 'sacrifice' Ahmadinejad.

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