Oprah's Scientology Ties: Big Show Moments With the Church's Hollywood Elite

Discussion in 'Media' started by moarxenu, May 22, 2011.

  1. moarxenu Member

    From TV Squad:

    Oprah's Scientology Ties: Big Show Moments With the Church's Hollywood Elite

    by Maggie Furlong, posted May 19th 2011 9:00AM
    Is Oprah a Scientologist? Just Googling that question returns 127,000 results, so we know we're not alone in asking.

    On the heels of the announcement that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith would be guests on one of Oprah's final shows, three things popped into my head: 1) random! 2) are they getting a reality series on OWN? and 3) man, she's shared a lot of big, memorable moments with famous (alleged) Scientologists.

    I mean, I've been convinced for months now that Oprah's last show would be a tribute to her loyal viewers. (That's thanks in large part to mainlining marathons of OWN's 'Oprah Behind the Scenes,' on which Oprah is always saying it's "for the fans.") A walk down memory lane, a parting gift, in the spiritual sense, reminding them to pay it forward ... not another chat with some fancy Hollywood A-listers!

    So I was pleasantly surprised when the A-list-o-rama turned out to be for a two-show goodbye to air Monday, May 23, and Tuesday, May 24, before her actual finale on Wednesday, May 25.

    Will and Jada were there in full force to play a 'This Is Your Life'-style game with Oprah, along with an army of other celebs. Literally everyone was there -- but the only other person hogging more O time was Tom Cruise, another famous Scientologist.

    Take a look at our list of big Oprah show moments shared with members, admitted and suspected, of the mysterious church -- an Oprah Scientology Yearbook of sorts.

    Moar at ling ...
  2. RightOn Member

    Oprah= ick
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  3. Anonymous Member

    She's solely responsible for a whole generation of simplistic twats that talk about themselves way too much and have zero self awareness.

    Unbearable woman.
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  4. this will give us a great opportunity to do a raid on her show and shit.
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  5. RightOn Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    And no critical skills to sift out the snake oil woo.
  7. "They" say Scientology audits Oprah on older e-meters to crush the cans for recycling...........

    You know who "They" are..............

    "They" also say Oprah was arrested at O'Hare yesterday..........

    Apparently Security looked up her dress and found 350 lb of crack........

    They're all the same...........

    You can trust me..........

    I'm not like the others...........:)
  8. Anonymous Member

    You should all lighten up on Oprah, if she weren't an outstanding person there wouldn't be a magazine named after her and she wouldn't be on the cover of every issue.
  9. don't forget her own TV channel and harpo productions.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Right, and she isn't a religious bigot like anonymous members!
  11. 3rdMan Member

    Oprah has done some good things and has done some fail things. She supports a lot of real charities, but at the same time seemingly gave support to the "VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM" bullshit. That being said, having Scientology friends doesn't say much for her ties to Scientology. I think its more or less she has friends who happen to be Scientologists. This article reads too much into it. Yes she has asked her friends how Scientology influenced their lives but that is like asking how much a Christian is influenced by his or her church. The only time I ever suspected she accommodated her friends based on their belief system was when she canceled her show on May of 2008 when Chicago Anons announced they were going to protest outside her HQ, the show where she was interviewing Tom Cruise.
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  12. oh wow... you dun told me!
    hey 3rdMan i just got told!
  13. Orson Member

    With her show's departure, it's time to take a look back at one of Oprah's greatest moments and truly one of Anon's greatest trolls.

    Oh, Oprah, y so lulzy?

    Note: Barely sfw.

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  14. slobeck Member

    fail troll is fail
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  15. she might not be a "religious bigot" like me, but she sure if the fucking queen of stupid.
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  16. RightOn Member

    her face on every cover = ridiculous self absorbed twit
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  17. Anonymous Member

    If she was a ridiculous self absorbed twit she wouldn't do all the wonderful things she does to help those less fortunate than her. She also took a big risk to put out the warning on over 9000 penises. God bless her compassion and courage!
  18. Anonymous Member

    Another "big moment" for Oprah was when she had former Scientologist James Arthur Ray as a guest. His customers paid $10,000 to become "spiritual warriors", three of them were successful. Thank you Oprah!
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  19. You do realize that was a prank done by anonymous to get the fathead cow to say 9000 penises on the air right?
    and she fell for it hook line and sinker. anon wins!
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  20. amaX Member

    omg the over 9000 penises prank. i lol'd so hard at her that day.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    That's just a rumor her cowardly, anonymous detractors started. The over 9000 penises were real not a "prank"!
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  22. afternon Member

    God, I do hope no one is stupid enough to not relise this is sarcasm!
  23. Smurf Member

    If I had as much money as her, I'd gladly wear the 'ridiculous self absorbed twit' hat. Anyhoo, Oprah is now longer a talk show host. They taped her last show Wednesday to be aired this week.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I still think Oprah is the antichrist.
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    If you were as courageous and compassionate (not self absorbed) as Oprah, God would see to it that you had as much money as her so that you could carry out good deeds with it!
  27. Anonymous Member

    When the Rapture really happens Oprah will be among the first to ascend and be with Christ!
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  28. Anonymous Member

    He can have her! I don't want her.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The antichrist with over 9000 penises will have you!
  30. Anonymous Member

    What was the point of having her own network if she wasn't gonna be on it? Nobody wants to see anything else that interests her.
  31. Anonymous Member

    When the newly joined Scientology & NOI go live with their Cable TV Network, the competition with Oprah will probably get very heavy.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Let's just hope her network won't be the Scietnology network.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Anything is possible. I don't think that Scientology + NOI + Oprah is out of the questions for a cable network.

    SCINOIO Cable Network. Or OSNOI, or some wacky acronym. Could be something big.
  34. Anonymous Member

    That would be scary. Though Oprah is much smarter than those freaks from NoI. She is definitely not a racist.
  35. Smurf Member

    Doubtful. The ratings of her cable network have been disastrous.
  36. Anonymous Member

    or a ridiculous self absorbed twat

  37. Anonymous Member

    I never watch TV so I'm not aware of what's hot and what's not. However, I've been thinking about that studio premises that scientology recently acquired, and the recent alliance with NOI. Possibilities, no?

    But costs for a cable TV network are certainly an issue. Probably more like the studio will be devoted to production material that is 'educational.' I find it difficult not to think of NOI as a new "audience" for scientology.
  38. RightOn Member

    twitty twat?
  39. Anonymous Member

    I thought I taw a twitty twat!
  40. Oprah is misty-eyed, dime store psychology for middle aged housewives. I liked it when Tom jumped on my couch though - it's when I started to notice that Tom had taken a one way ticket into the vast wilderness of bonkersville.

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