OpRipTide on CBS news!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by FloGold, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. FloGold Moderator

    I'm a so lucky and privileged to know and work with the people that run OpRipTide Not only great example of determined warriors for children but amazing people and awesome friends as well.
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  2. Silent333Eyes Member

    That is great to hear! Glad this is getting out there. That guy needs to resign and just walk to prison because there is no life for him now... No sympathy for those who cannot control and get help. A decision to get help is much better than a decision to hurt others, especially ruin every single aspect of their lives. One thing though (Might need to be moved but I don't know how to do this still). Why is it that it is mainly men that do this? I mean I know that some females do this as well but why is it mostly men? Does it have something to do biologically with the structure of testosterone or some other hormone in the body or is it the brain? Feel free to move this if needed. Thanks :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Yes, it is biological. Men, indeed males of most animal species, are more actively seeking sexual encounters than females. There are exceptions, but they are far in between compared to the great majority. Sperm are small and easy to produce, and males have, if not endless amounts, very large numbers. Eggs are usually a million times larger and costly to produce, hence females have fewer. This is called the Bateman's principle after the British biologist who first described it.

    In mammals, the trend is further augmented by the female having to carry the fetus for an extended time, and then lactate to feed the young. The very minimal effort for a human male in reproduction is down to a minute. The minimal effort for a female is 9 months, and more usually years.

    The less sexist approach to this principle is to say that females are not less eager (after all, they need sex to conceive too), but more selective on who they sleep with, as they have fewer chances of reproduction at their disposal. Thus, they are concerned with quality, which is what makes moose bulls have horns rather females, and male peacocks have large tails rather than females. In humans, males are 20% larger and more eager to have sex for the very same reason.

    I'm sure there are as many pedophile women as there are men, but women are less likely to act on it. And should they do, the purely mechanical aspects of mammalian matings means we are less likely to discover it. Maternal instincts too may play a role.

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