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Discussion in 'Projects' started by YourAnonPrivacy, Mar 6, 2014.

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    What we really need is someone who can get to Putin. Someone who can talk to him and help him to understand the difference between “cool” and “not cool.” But it’s got to be someone Putin will accept as an equal, someone capable of viewing the world as he does.

    Hey I think I know the guy:


    Press Release:

    Anonymous World Wide are calling for Kim Jong Un’s assistance in resolving the current crisis in the Ukraine. As a terrifying despot with a reputation for bumping off political rivals, Jong Un will have a unique insight into Putin’s point of view and can help outline the steps necessary to save Putin’s rep while also saving the planet from WW3.
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    I think most big cities have animal control programs that involve euthanizing strays for several reasons:

    1. Feral cats and dogs generally do not make good pets.
    2. Feral cats are compulsive hunters. Animal biologists calculate that they are the number one cause of declining migratory bird populations in North America.
    3. Feral cats carry a nasty parasite, toxoplasmosis, that causes a slow brain infection in many mammals.
    4. Toxoplasmosis, likely related to feral cat populations living near the Pacific seacoast, is one of the factors killing off sea otters.
    5. Rabies.
    6. Bites.

    Evicting citizens from their homes without legal due process seems wrong. I assume, from the video, that there was no legal due process?

    I have no wish to defend Putin. I just want to make sure non-controversial charges are used in a call for some form of mass action.

    Maybe the author thinks a big long list of annoying things is more impressive than one really bad thing. I tend to think that simple memes spread better and that lists of weak crimes make the one or two serious crimes seem less serious.

    "Putin kills feral cats and he was mean to the Sochi hobos. Also he invaded a country.” --see I would leave that first bit out.
  5. The Internet Member

    If I maded a vid I would hit two memes.

    Meme 1: Putin’s media is full of shit.


    Meme 2: Ukrainian people being told the guns pointed at them are Russia’s efforts to be helpful and supportive. Creepy Orwellian do not wants.

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