Organizing Tiem

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by anongurl7, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. anongurl7 Member

    Organizing Tiem

    Hai Guise,

    We have three pages of TL;DR and lots of golden nuggets in about every thread.

    Let's compile the information more, and then plan our harpoons if necessary.

    Is this idea win: y/n?


    1. Do we need an up to date situation room?
    2. Do we have a list of news reporters/agencies that have reported on this story?
    3. Do we have a list of supporters of our ideas?
    4. Do we have a list of critics of our ideas?
    5. ???
    6. PROFIT!

    We're having a lot of effect let's boost it.
  2. anonoblong Member

    Re: Organizing Tiem

    do it faggot
  3. Exstaff Member

    Re: Organizing Tiem

    thank you anongurl all the threads were just too much.

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