Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Sam Urai, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Sam Urai Member

    Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    I was wondering if we have any kind of comprehensive list of the orgs that have closed in the last year, as well as any other downstats (such as sales of Dianetics and Scientology Service Completions).

    All info would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Woefully out of date Org/Front Group closings - Ex Scientologist Message Board
  3. RightOn Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Started this list on another thread. Its also is vacant buildings

    (or as "Dubber" quipped, these are NOT IDEAL ORGS BUT "IDLE ORGS")


    Boston, Mass Alexndria Hotel corner of Mass Ave

    Gatehead UK

    Brussels Belgium Closed '08

    Church of Scientology Vosstaniye Square St. Petersburg RUSSIA

    Church of Scientology of Sunderland 51 Fawcett Street Sunderland UK

    South Taiwan -10 story building vacant for 10 years

    Cleawater Florida POWER BUILDING next to Fort Harrison Hotel vacant for 10 years
    Pitmaston building in Moor Green Lane Birmingham UK- purchased in 2008 - for 6 million

    Hollywood CA .- 6724 Hollywood Blvd. Purchased in 1979- vacant since 2005??

    Washington DC purchased 2005

    Ascot Vale Ideal Org Mt Alexander Rd Victoria Australia purchased in 2007 for 7 million

    Clearwater Academy International corner of S Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Wyatt Street in August 2006 for $995,000.

    NASHVILLE- The Church of Scientology 1130 Eight Ave. S. -6 million ( this one may have a Grand opening, soon will take off list if it happens)

    Super Power Building - 215 S Fort Harrison Ave Clearwater Fl. bought for 3.5 mil -bought in 1998!

    Harlem NY East 125th Street bought for 10 million in 2003

    New Haven Ct. Ideal Org 949 Whalley Ave bought for 1.5 mil in 2003

    Montreal Canada -La Patrie Building on 182 St Catherine St E. , bought for 4.25 mil in 2007

    St. Louis MO. Ideal Org-2345 Lafayette

    St Paul MN Ideal Org 505 Wabasha St bought in June 2007

    Church of Scientology Mission Largo Inc. Fla is paying $389,000 -160 Sixth St. SW and the house behind it at 520 Cleveland Ave

    Chicago Il. Artcraft Building Printer's Row 650 S Clark St - bought in 2007 (The Church of Scientology proposes to change the building from DX-12, a downtown mixed-use district, to DR-10, a downtown residential classification.2/25/09) "Do you want to come into a neighborhood that doesn't want you?" asked Printers Row dweller Susan Rice. "Nobody wants you here that I know. Is that what you want?"

    Passedena Ca.- 12 mill

    Detroit Michigan One Griswold Street bought for 3.5 mil in 2007

    Las Vegas NV- on Emerson Ave bought in 2007

    San Diego Coleman College Bldg bought in 2007

    San Diego Ideal Org bought for 9.8 mil? in 2007

    Gizmo Building Albuquerque NM -401 Central bought in 2007 for 2.2 million- now renting out to clothing store
    Masonic Temple Building 505 N. Sycamore St., Santa Ana, CA purchased 2006

    Mission of East Toronto, NORTHUMBRIA IDEAL ORG Canada -purchased in 2006

    Pugent Sound Washington State-old state-government building in lower Queen Anne for $3.7 million in 2005

    CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF GEORGIA INC 5395 ROSWELL RD- 5 mil ....purchased 2004?

    Ohio Columbus Org 1266 Dublin Rd. (purchased from Time Warner!) purchased for 2.8 million

    The Stevens Building in Portland Oregon bought for 5.4 million
  4. HellRazor Member

  5. Sam Urai Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Thanks guise!!
  6. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Can re-confirm its empty. (But these are already confirmed, rite?)
    But Pasadena hass only one Ess.

    Confirm empty (redundant ikno) - also confirm they are the same campus.

    It appears that Anons may actually be doing more "work" on it than CoS;
    on our last few visits, there has been little sign that CoS had been there at all in the interim.

    Structure is bad shape; unsound and may need to be razed and rebuilt from scratch. "Fixer upper" LOL.
  7. auchraw Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    I make this about 30 buildings, total cost perhaps $150 million.

    Is this a large, small or insignificant amount for an organisation whose annual income was recently estimated at $500 million? but that was in the good old days before the nameless ones. Let us say it is negligible.

    Would those who know the local market say the value of these buildings was going up, down or through the floor? Is this a kind of land bank or portfolio or does Co$ have some coherent plan?

    How long have most of these buildings been empty? Are they part of the Ideal Org scam or is this FAIL on a large scale?

    My own idea is that these buildings should all be full of new recruits writing large cheques which would keep everything going but that this is no longer happening. It makes the $22 million raised for Ideal Orgs in 2008-9 in Western USA (other thread of Stats for WUSA) seem a tiny amount.
  8. charlie Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Gateshead UK is NORTHUMBRIA IDEAL ORG purchased in 2007

    (Mission of East Toronto, NORTHUMBRIA IDEAL ORG Canada -purchased in 2006)

    hope this is not another case of canadians nicking our tourist attractions

    BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Northumberland beach in Canada ad
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?
  10. anonakatie Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    OK not to be a downer but:

    You have the super power building listed twice here.

    I remember a recent discussion about kids going to the Clearwater Academy. So can we get a clarification from Clearwater anons as to this status?

    Nashville has opened, right? So that shouldn't be in here.

    Harlem org is open(at least at the moment).

    I think that the Whalley street org in CT is open.

    Can we get a clarification of the others on this list from Anons in the areas?
  11. captainslug Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Missing from the list is Philadelphia, PA. Their downtown location has been locked closed for months with all of their crap left inside.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    maybe because SP Bldg. is so large they had to list it twice?

    Clearwater Academy is still open. it did move from one location to another.
  13. Lorelei Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Atlanta: currently moving from Shallowford Org to Roswell Org, though a lot of neighborhood / Anon protest may halt that. Stay tuned.
  14. RightOn Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Thanks will update.
    Whalley Ave New Haven , Ct.
    has TWO locations up the street from one another. The smaller one is open, the BIGGER one has been sitting there for 6 years empty.

    Nashville .....I will update if its the same building?
    and are you sure about Harlem????
    Some on the list are just vacant buildings they bought and never did anything with.
  15. RightOn Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Do you have the address for this one ????
    and price paid and when, and how long has it been vacant?
  16. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    SD: moving from downtown to la mesa

    (High-profile, reasonably nice building in the center of town ---> a dump)

    move is still "in progress" as the dump is not habitable at present.
    Possibly will need major repairs, though maybe they can fill in the holes with Ogres.

    The good news (for CoS) - much bigger, more space, farther away from nosy Anons. New neighborhs don't yet haet them as much as the old ones do.

    The bad- pretty much everything else.
  17. anonakatie Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Double checking.

    I think the question here may be two buildings in each case. So it can be confusing.
  18. Anonomaton Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    That org is NOT closed. Although, it's never going to OPEN. That's the building the local scilons bought to set up an Ideal Org, but it needs a ton of repairs and has shown no improvement since chanology began. Those signs and books out front are the only things in the building.

    The actual philly org a couple roads over is (unfortunately) still open.
  19. NoScope Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    You can add the old Dallas org on becker. As far as i know they haven't been able to sell it yet so its just sitting there.
  20. xenubarb Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?


    One of our SD anons went by the Chula Vista mission to drop off a flier. It's GONE!

    In a way, that's a shame. We never got to raid it. We did stake it out once, from the Marie Callender's restaurant patio across the street. We were there for several hours, and did not see one person go in.

    They folded and left, and never got raided!
  21. Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Co$ is suffering, like everybody else these days. My guess is that we will see a lot more of the smaller satellite orgs closing.

    Also, I think they know that it looks bad that their shops are always empty. It's probably better for morale to have a handful of people gathered at one location, than hardly anybody at five. Cheaper too, and I suspect the properties they own will either be rented out (and subject to tax), or sold.

    This is inevitable. Scientology seems to have shrunk over the last 10 years or so. Other fringe groups, like BOTA and Eckenkar, are sustaining themselves at low, practically invisible levels (without celebrities), and I'm sure Scientology will follow suit once the money vanishes.

    I don't think Scientology will ever go away completely. It will become marginalized over time. The world has moved on, and most people are far too sophisticated to buy into their outdated "tech".
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Flubtard's BS will never go away, not while there's still a Freezone, or Marty Rathbun selling his home-brew auditing.

    But we can sure as hell make sure Organised Scientology, is raep'd into oblivion
  23. basil Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    [ame=]YouTube - only a downstat[/ame]

    Only a downstat
    Personality problem
    He would say things like 'I love you'
    And cry real tears

    Met him in some place
    Like a home for old mothers
    Where the cure is always death
    But no-one ever leaves

    He wore a number 7
    Badge on his collar
    He would show it with pride
    And say 'it means I can feel'

    He'd bribe the warders
    To send letters to someone
    Who didn't even know his name
    But said she'd read them anyway

    And in the evening (??)
    He writes poetry for people
    Who deny he's alive
    And say 'I'll mention that name'

    A violator of the law of no feelings
    They should be put in the chair
    Until their eyes come in (??)

    If you have reasons
    I might sell you my time
    I'll leave it under the stairs
    In a body of mine

    Old memories are slowly fading out of me
    We are the unknowns, we are all you need

    If you can get hold of a copy of Gary Numan's "Replicas" album there's some great songs on it like Only a Downstat, Praying to the Aliens, Me I disconnect from you, clearly written with Scientology in mind.
  24. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    To my knowledge the Harlem Org in NYC is running, but I doubt there's anything going on in there.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    That's incorrect. The org has moved as has the CC.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Where to?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    The org has moved from Friedrichstraße to Hermannstraße and the CC has moved from Luisenstraße to Wiesenstraße.
  28. Renegade Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?


    What if we all posted the stat of Bodies in the Shop for any area you have info on? This stat reflects how many ACTIVE public on lines on a PAID for service.
    This can be in the course room or on auditing lines.

    This can give us an idea how well the orgs are REALLY doing.

    Week ending 19 April 09, per a staff member at the Battle Creek org, the BIS was running around 50. This org has a combined day & night crew.
  29. Daisy Member

    Re: Orgs Closing and Other Downstats?

    Bay Cities Mission/Benicia is gone, no longer in existence. I called a few months back and was told that this mission "consolidated with Berkeley Mission". In scientology, missions and orgs do not consolidate. The truth is Bay Cities Mission no longer exists!

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