Orlando 2/2 protest - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Camille, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Heyanonnyno Member

    Lerma - thanks for defusing the argument. I'm also going to follow your suggestions come 10/2/07.
  2. Camille Member

  3. anon1532 Member

    This is Orlando Orangizer Megaphone

    I am sorry to hear that some people were disappointed with my efforts on 2/2. I understand frustrations and sincerely apologize for not meeting the standards that you believe we must reach.

    All I ask is that you understand that the majority of those who attended are young and somewhat colorful individuals. We did our best to moderate meme but to keep their spirits up we must have allowed some compromise.

    As the crowds grow I have encouraged more appropriate signs and instructed many on more stricter guidelines. This is a slow process as people must trust me before they will listen to me. I am helping the crowd here adjust and become better people and protesters for our cause.

    2/10 we will show you our fight.
  4. Camille Member

    Re: This is Orlando Orangizer Megaphone

    I think overall it was successful (hey, WBM approved of you guys). For all the meme stuff that was visible on the webam broadcast and earlier videos, there was also a lot of good posters that we didn't get to see until later videos. The fact you guys ballooned to 100-150(!!!) people from the first protest to the second is astonishing in itself. The worst thing to me wouldn't have been the memes or people being a little bit loud, but apathy and people just not showing up at all. The other stuff an be ironed over, as you basically said.

    Anyway, I've seen other anons looking at stuff like the 2/2 Orlando and thinking of it as a morale booster for their own raids, so that's something. :)
  5. AnonMomAnon Member

    thank you very much, lerma.

    the signs i make will be two-sided with the messages you suggested on them.
  6. Stop judging other anons so harshly, and appreciate the fact that they where there instead!

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