OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Smurf, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Smurf Member

    OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner


    I received information toniight from very valid sources that one Pamela Lichtenwalner, listed as an anti-cult critic on Scientology's Religious Extremist website is, in fact, an OSA operative.

    Pamela Lichtenwalner | Religious Freedom Watch

    A number of events & incidents have transpired over the last year that has caused my attorney Graham Berry great duress and the suspicion has now been confirmed by Ursula Caberta in Germany. When working pro bono, an attorney needs all the help and support he/she he can get & unfortunately sometimes he or she will let their guard down.

    I've also confirmed that Ms. Lichtenwalner has sought to intervene and persuade Graham to "stop Anonymous" in carrying out raids on the cult, which Graham responded the day he tells Anonymous what to do is the day they start ignoring him.

    In Moxon's & Miscavige's fight-to-the-death battle to stop Anonymous worldwide, I believe they are focusing their black ops on stopping ant-cult attorneys by destroying them professionally & financially, and by doing so, they leave defendants and those targeted by the cult vulnerable to their fair game actions.

    Graham is one of the last breed of attorneys that have stood up to the cult and I warned him long ago that standing up to Moxon & Miscavige in a court of law would earn him torrents of hateful revenge by the cult.. and that is happening right now.

    If anyone in Anonymous is approached by this woman, avoid her at all costs. More details pending....

    Re: email from Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Profile: Pamela Lichtenwalner (joined in 2007, but no posts?)

    PAMELA LICHTENWALNER, a sane person? (This woman has made statements to others which she attributed to Graham, claiming to be his good friend, which Graham has denied on both counts)
  2. Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Very interesting sauce...why would any valid critic want Anon. to stop?

    Footbullet. and Pammy, DOH.
  3. highoverlord Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    this isnt grahams first dance.....
  4. pooks Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    A warning went out on Pam L last month in the TD when it was discovered that she was on Larry Wallershiem' yacht with the SF anons. It's highly unlikely that she's OSA and more likely that she's an extreme nutcase. But then again, it's hard to tell the different between the two.

    Either way she's dangerous and I highly recommend that anonymous stay away from her.

    From Dr. Dave Touretzky

    email from Pamela Lichtenwalner - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    from xenubarb
  5. Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    BOTH OSA and extreme nutcase.

    One is not mutually exclusive of the other.

    In fact, they often go hand in hand.
  6. iaxiloll Member

  7. iaxiloll Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Cocks double post
  8. Anon-007 Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Once again, why do the $cilons only seem to have ugly pigs on their staff?

    Ah, I remember now.

    Gay chaps have no real interest in the attractive female form - which now explains about the 'butch, attractive, young and foreign' brigade of men that work in many different job roles (e.g. security) within the Cult.

    Wouldn't it be ironic if many of these people were actually male hookers masquerading as security?

    After all, why import a russian security guard when there are probably hundreds of locals available?
  9. Anon-007 Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Hmmmm, interesting.

    Dogf*cker's middle name is 'Lichty' - shurely shome coincidence?

    Or is he the result of mutant spawn?
  10. Smurf Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    The Scifags have successfully implemented the "prostitute slave trade" scheme of bring young non-Americans to this country under the guise they are doing religious work, then went their visas are due to expire, and for whatever reason,, they can't be renewed, they will marry the foreigner off to an American Scifag in name only, so the foreigner receives naturalized citizenship through marriage.

    Often, these young foreigners come to the U.S. with no money & no family here, are provided limited communications with their family back home, and are essentially trapped in doing the cult's building.

    This seems to be the case in Lissa Hemphill Uvizl's marrriage to Martin who was one of the listed forced divorces by Miscavige. Martin is now back in the Czech Republic according to some sources.

    And what do you have against butch Scifag security guards? One of them is going to be my husband (once be blows the cult).
  11. Anon-007 Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    LOLZ!!! I have nothing at all against the butch security boys - I'm sure that you and AGP can show them a different side to life when things are over ;-)

    Must admit that the lady cop from one of the earlier AGP vids is more my type (even the bloody cops in LA look like flaming models!!!!!)

    Still doesn't explain why all the $cion chicks are sooo uglee though...
  12. MKUltra Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    There are a few gals on the "OSA Babes" page that are not too bad looking, you know...

    Operation Clambabe
  13. XenuEtrawl Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    It hasn't always been that way!

    In the '70s, most of the larger scilon organizations were enviably well stocked with fapworthy babes, many of whom were put into recruitment/sales positions (Divisions 6 and/or 2). But it's not the same cult that it used to be.
  14. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Pooks wrote:
    There are people who have agendas want Anonymous to be their personal army. Pamela L, if not OSA, is a nutter wiht a chip on her shoulder who seems to be intent on undermining GB (conscioulsy or unconscioulsy) because she feels he is not doing it "right" (meaning HER way).

    Luckily her pic is up on religious freedom watch. SF Anons, MtView Anons, keep your eyes peeled for her as a (Xenu help me i am using this phrase) PTS. We down south shall do the same.

    She does seems to have been effective in keeping Narconon out of area schools, but sometimes people like that (when not OSA), get carried away and want to be important--there's a messianic/hero thing that clicks in--and by attaching herself to GB, she was trying to be important and be One of the Ones Who Ends the Cult. When GB wouldnt concede to her wishes, she turned on him.

    Anonymous has built-in, ready-made, factory-issued ego-eating devices so though Anon is not immune from ego-osity, the group tends to cull fail-saviors.

    At least that's my armchair analysis.

    This situation reminds us to be ever vigilant.

    Not everyone is OSA, but not all people who are not-OSA are safe and sane.
  15. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    I'm not convinced she's OSA (from the various background sources I've read).

    I am, however, convinced she's a first-rate nutjob -- and someone worthy of keeping tabs on since she has a long standing history being one.

    For those of the dox persuasion, here's a starting point:

    Full name: Pamela S Lichtenwalner

    Age: 62

    Current and previous residences:

    Stinson Beach, CA
    Bolinas, CA
    Napa, CA
  16. MKUltra Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Do not worry... Using ther term "PTS" in this manner is "squirreling" it, so you are still perverting the "true" meaning, and thus, still enturbulating...

    Does that make you feel... better? :D
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  17. Anonymoux Member

    Cute Frenchie

    Listen: MOST OF THE scion MEN ARE BUTT-UGLY.
    shall we not be so sexist?
    Is it POSSIBLE?

    Frenchie at HQ is pretty cute.
    I think we're getting him to *doubt* tone level.
  18. Kilia Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Pamela reminds me so very much of Barbara Schwartz.
  19. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    I was just about to say the same thing, however Schwartz is (was) a huge usenet troll and the bane of many abuse desks. As far as I know Lichtenwalner does not haunt usenet or a.r.s. though I may be wrong as it has been awhile since I have been down there.
  20. UnderToad Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    I find it hilarious that I instantly know who "Dogfucker" is.

    Because, you know, Rick Moxon is a dogfucker.
  21. anonymizzz Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Oh god. Pam is a crazy and she sucks. But OSA? Your "docs" have not proved anything except that people know that she's crazy and that she sucks. As far as I know she has never tried to stop any local anonymous actions.
  22. Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    She seems to be one of those who are as keen to attack other critics as they are the cult. OSA though I doubt, you'd have to do better than 'sources' to convince me of that.
  23. Smurf Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    The point is, irregardless of whether she is on OSA staff or not, a Scifag operative or not, the OSAturds in the cult have taken advantage of her bad conduct & irresponsible actions & have used them to attack GB & other anons.

    OSA is like an octopus. It has many tentacles and is not one centralized division as many anons make the mistake of believing.
  24. Smurf Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    I'd find it far more constructive to pick my nose that convince a member of the ARS Old Guard of anything, thank you.
  25. muldrake Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    tl;dr Not OSA, just a seriously fucked up free-range loony.

    Pamela Lichtenwalner is a bugfuck nutcase. I don't think she's OSA, though. She is a whacked busybody who tries to insinuate herself into social groups and then declare herself leader, despite the fact that nobody is interested in following. When people resist her leaderfagging, as they always do, she then goes completely nuts and starts attacking them. She can get quite freakish about it. When she did this to Barb, she called up Barb's parents to say she was a heroin addict, called a group she was speaking at to tell them to fire her, and "offer" to replace her, just for starters.

    All that's missing from Attorney Ford Greene's horror stories about this whack job is a bunny boiling on his front porch. I have my own war stories about this nut, and had to threaten to get a restraining order to get her to fuck off and quit bothering me.

    What's particularly funny about her schtick is that after doing something utterly heinous to you, she'll then email you as if nothing happened and you're still friends. Really bizarre. It's nuts, but it doesn't fit any OSA MO I've ever seen.

    Still, whether or not she's OSA, she's poison and should be treated as such. Keep this freak away from you or you'll regret it.

    Because you can ship them out of the country easily enough when they see something that would make them an inconvenient witness. Also, if they get tired of their job and are in the country on a religious worker visa, you can extort their continued participation by threatening to have them deported.
  26. xenubarb Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Haz u seen her? She's the one on the left.
  27. Smurf Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    What? Pamela Lichtenwalner is an alias for Julia Child??
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    TD thread, starting here:
  29. Lorelei Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Why would Anonymous give any unknown woman (or man) anything identifiable or useful ANYway? Anyone doing that without knowing who or what you are dealing with is being overconfident, unwise, and risking their Anonymity in a big way.

    You can be aloof but polite and stay disengaged. Nutters without an audience to glom onto, or data to mongle, drift off on their next fantasy trip or delusion and go bother someone else.

    CRAZIES NEED PEOPLE TO BOTHER. Don't be those people. You are not required to acknowledge insanity or weirdness. Go selectively deaf when crazies latch onto you or something. Never agree with them or make eye contact, or even nod your head. These people stick like limpets or barnacles--and they cling desperately--to anyone who they perceive as being even remotely encouraging.

    Don't feed trolls, online or off. Know U NUFFINK?


    But SRSly. Don't engage. It is not pertinent to our interests, is it?
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  30. Anon-007 Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    No shit Sherlock? The one on the right is a man (then again I wouldn't put money either way....)
  31. moreanonymous Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    She's not OSA, I think even they have standards. She's just a whiny authoritarian attention-whore.
  32. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: OSA ALERT: Pamela Lichtenwalner

    Heh. I know that bar, Barb :smile: Next time you're up in NorCal you should check out Ace's Cafe (just a couple of blocks away). Best fish and chips in the city... (it's an expat hangout, named after Ace's in London) and there's always MotoGP races on the tube on Sundays. Nice bunch of folks to boot.
  33. AnonOrange_ Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Lemme guess, they post as VaD here.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    This Saturday, night-time party to change Pamela Lichtenwalner's tires! Everyone's invited!
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  37. I know Smurf is no longer a member here but I have an important update on Pam...Pamela Lichtenwalner has been up to her old tricks again. This past year on Tony Ortega's blog as a "bunkerite" and certainly today regarding the live blogging of the Toronto 'Getting Clear' Conference put together by Jon Atack and James Beverley. The below request for explanation of the comment Tony blogged this morning ( 10:18am ) is about Beverley, a professor, religious scholar and author, who will be using the filmed event videos as a teaching aid for his classes at Tyndale University and College Seminary in Toronto to help educate and bring discussion about Scientology as a religion and organization. Pamela is trying to badmouth him, posting these days under the nic,California. Juicer77 4 hours ago

    My responseMary_McConnell Juicer776 minutes ago
    Thank you all at WWP :)
  38. DeathHamster Member

    The simplest explanation is that she's a loon rather than OSA. On the other hand, when you're Graham Berry, and Scientology is coming at you from all directions, and a compulsive clingy loon fixates on you, assuming OSA is the safest explanation.
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  39. snippy Member

    Some history from alt.religion.scientology:
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  40. DeathHamster Member

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