OSA Leaking Information

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Quentin Hubbard, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. OSA Leaking Information

    HI Guys,

    It seems this is the appropriate place to be posting this information; over the course of the last month the Church has been investigating potential 'trouble spots' inside the organization. Various amounts of security or "sec checking" are occuring at even the highest levels. You will no doubt has noticed that there is at least one credible source of information inside of the Commodore's Messenger Organization. What you may NOT know is that there is also a leak inside of Office of Special Affairs [OSA]. For the last two weeks there has been, an identified leak inside of Special Affairs but the folks over at Special Affairs being the goons they are decided it was easier to deal with this problem internally rather than submit to David Miscavige and suffer the blow-back which would inevitably come from such a problem.

    With all of the people inside and outside posting information, I thought I'd just drop the "hat" and tell you there is indeed at least one possibly two sources of information inside of OSA and these people are not leaking bad information, they are leaking VERY good information.

    To the Commodore HIMSELF:

    Welcome the golden age of Xenu, would you like a burger with that security check? By the way - where is Shelly? Have you seen your wife? No one else has. I hope she's not bunking with Heber, he snores! :(
  2. saerat Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    win after win after win =F
  3. Anonymite Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    oh WOW.

    Guys... just wow.
  4. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Lord Elvis is definitely with us.
  5. seebs Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The down side of ruling by terror: People are afraid to tell you anything.
  6. misterwistar Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I have the formation of a win boner pending further confirmation/validation of this.
  7. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Here are some additional fun facts for you - David Miscavige's wife "Shelley" or "Shelly" depending on who you ask is either a prisoner of the Advanced Rehabilitation Project Force or is in some other seclusion imposed upon her by the organization. Anyone remember Broeker? If I were you guys and I'm not! The place I would turn to for help with Scientology would not be the FBI, CIA or the IRS - I would turn to some humanitarian organization maybe one for "human well-being" (hint hint ...) and tell them that there are NUMEROUS individuals in Rehabilitation Project Force being forced to work for little or no wages and that they essentially are the reason why Gold Base is so luxurious today. Just a thought - do what you want.

    Additional Message to the Commodore:

    Hey man, when was the last time you saw Ronald? You should call him - he's in hiding in Pennsylvania I bet he wants to hear from you! Also, don't be too pissed off at Mike Rinder that movie sucked eggs anyway and all Minton wanted to do was string you up. Good thing you didn't fall for the bait right? HAHAHA ...just kidding :mrgreen:
  8. saerat Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    this thread is epic win though I fear for your safety :confused:
  9. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I like you.
  10. ZoSo Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I want to believe.
  11. BHX Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Very nice hint :wink:
    Here[/url:1hnnihmk] maybe?
  12. lermanet_com Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information


    I am getting reports from recent defectors, JUST left from Scientology that Flag income is down 50% from 2003
    and the only statistics that are up are refund/repayment demands

    new critical data that may have the power to reopen past legal cases is coming out.

    I have been contacted by ..... 18 new now ex-scientologists in less than a week, and have heard that Tory and many others are being swamped with calls from ex members, sometimes getting together in GROUPS to place the call to! Fr the last week, the telephone here has been ringing one call after another..

    I've said that when scientology goes down it is going to go down as fast, and as unexpctedly, as the Berlin Wall fell..

    I'm getting the feeling THIS IS IT.

  13. Anonymite Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I've heard corrobrating rumours from numerous sources confirming the whereabouts of Shelley and Rinder's general situation, some of which are pretty reliable, if you ask me. I think we take his word on these. Ronnie's location, well, i'm not truly concerned about that. The fact that he's hiding is pretty funny, though. Either way, epic.
  14. ZoSo Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information


    Epic!!! This needs a thread, we saved at least 18 people!!?! Please don't be kidding me Arnie, heart can't take it.
  15. alsocake Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    And we will rickroll in the streets when it comes down!
  16. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Well OP it would seem that the persons within the ORG are trying to decide how to save what is left and get rid of little Hitler.

    Tell them just to let the ship sink, it's so much cheaper.
  17. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Arnie - what's causing the exodus (is it at exodus level 9000 yet?)... is it us? I'd like to think it was, but if it is, please let us know. We live for this gossip! Any quotes or annecdotes, please!
  18. WinstonSmith Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Beautiful thread is beautiful!
  19. HailXenu79 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

  20. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    So who is going to ask Tory whether she's crapped thetans?
  21. AnonymousYKF Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The people leaving now have probably been yearning to for quite some time, sometimes all it takes is a sign that says "this is the day!" A global protest is a hell of a sign. The abuse has probably went up with the sec checking, and focus on intel is probably shifting to Anonymous and getting spread too thin to do the job properly.

    And if the cult is anything like the tech industry, when one person leaves, you can be damn sure that there is going to be a steady stream following them. The best part is that if they leave in droves then it makes it harder for the cult to target and harass them. Safety in numbers, just like us.
  22. Magoo Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I'm not Arnie--but since he mentioned people calling me, let me give you my 2 cents on this.

    First off---we must ALL remember always those who came before we did. I *never* forget to thank ALL
    of those people who left, when there was ~~NO~~one, when they were all alone, being black pr'd by Scientology,and there was little to no one to back them up. ALL of those people should always be thanked, as they went
    through personal tortures many of us cannot imagine.

    Next are the critics----who Scientology created (certainly helped create) by OSA Trying to cancel their newsgroup:
    ARS (Alt.Religion.Scientology). People around the world, having nothing to do with Scientology, saw this and said:
    "Not on *our* watch"---and they began to look into Scientology. Many of them did excellent research, and many created
    Web sites---and more and more information got out there. ALL of them I shall always thank.

    I have to thank little Tommy Cruise---as without him, I doubt I'd be talking with you all :mrgreen: Tommy actually made a HUGE Change in everything, even before his F*** Up with you all. When he did his jump on Oprah's couch, put down Brooke Shields and Told Matt Lower of The Today Show: "Matt: You Don't Know the source of Psychiatry: I DO".
    When I saw that, I went BINGO! (Scientology's KARMA Had finally clicked in).

    Sure enough--that night my phone rang off the hook, with journalists all over the country wanting to know, "What happened to TC?"
    I did interviews with CNN, Inside Edition, Rolling Stone Magazine, German TV,as well as radio, newspapers, etc. and Good Morning Norway that summer. A few other critics did too (Arnie and Mark both, as well as a few others).
    It was a HUGE break---and terrific for all of us! :cheers: :alien: My thanks, also, to every media who has taken up this very controversial issue, Scientology.

    Now, Anonymous arrives---and HAIL! :anon: :guyfawkes: :anon: You all have been SO exciting for ALL of us---that yes!
    I think due to your large numbers ....suddenly people who have wanted to speak out, wanted to do something, are finally DOING IT. Was it *only* because of Anonymous? I think you can see---this IS a combined effort.

    However, CERTAINLY you all have been a HUGE help to many, many people.

    I thank you, as I'm sure many others do, too.

  23. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The snowball is rolling down the mountain, getting bigger and bigger.

    Keep the faith, I have a feeling many more stories like this are going come!

    If it wasn't for the critics, I would have never known to come and fight this battle.

    *Raises glass*
    "To the critics!"
  24. badwolf Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    A smiley shower in your honor, Tory! :) :xenu: :tom: :cry: :guyfawkes: :shock: :anon: :? :lrhcries: 8) :lrhtalking: :eek: :guyfawkes: :lol: :anon: :x :lrhmoney: :mrgreen: :lrhmoney: :cheers: :bs: :flame: :wbm: :secret: :flop: :applause: :applause: :applause: :flowers: :pony: :pony: :examine: :alien: :mrgreen: :shock: :rage: :flowers: :xenu: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  25. AthlAnon88 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I've waited for this for over four years now... since I first heard the story of Paulette Cooper.

    I knew the end was coming but... I always imagined it would come in like 20 years from now... even 5 was a worse case scenario when Anonymous got involved. But now... the swift disassembly of The Church of $cientology, as it stands today, is imminent. Victory belongs to SPs, critics, and Anonymous.

    May the untainted minds witnessing this learn from it. I hope the day I can tell this story without the pseudonym and mask comes soon.
  26. photoshop4321 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    :O This is awesome. I'll try and get as many people as I can to protest so we can bring 'em down faster.
  27. Anorumi Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    This...this sounds almost too good to be true. A part of me is paranoid that things are going too smoothly, but perhaps I have my tinfoil hat on a bit too tight.

    If it's true, I'm so excited I can barely move. :mrgreen:
  28. ormuzd Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Tory, Arnie, do you have a rough count of how many people have contacted you so far?
  29. OTT777 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Naturally, one can not count chickens from eggs, but it is great news that people are leaving and having the courage to band together. I MUST give a hearty hand to the critics, to those who have worked behind the scenes for many years. It is your courage that burns bright and CLEAR.

    And also, I just love you Tory! You have inspired so many and are such a great personality. Just walking near you on Feb 10 was a thrillle!

    Epic karma to all and may all the poison that lurks in the mud hatch out! (a quote from "I, Claudius")
  30. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    IWW? Labor Unions? Anarcho-Syndicalists?
  31. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Can I do a little tiny dance? A little happy dance that says, "Woo, good news, let's keep going?"

    *does a little tiny happy dance*
  32. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Wow. After having what was possibly the shittiest day of my life thus far, this thread has at the very least balanced out the fail with win. Now, if Tom Cruise ends up encountering an SP, I could be happy. ONWARD /B/ROTHERS, NOT ONE STEP BACK!
  33. Re: OSA Leaking Information

  34. Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The ACLU will run wild on this shit...

    Mentally unstable people being housed together in an attempt to make a profit by a tax exempt "religion".

    Scilons prepare to set sail on a boat made of fail.

    I encourage anon to send emails to the ACLU about Rehab Project Force and give them a couple calls tomorrow. Be friendly to the phone operators. They can just as easily turn their back on us.
  35. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

  36. misterwistar Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Posting in epic thread.
  37. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    In dealing with the ACLU, likely moreso than the press, is to clearly, accurately, and completely illustrate your point. I'm sure they get a lot of calls from a lot of wackjobs and in the case of the ACLU, there will be lawyers that will fear for the safety of their families and themselves. It will be beautiful if they're willing to take it on, but we need to make sure we have our shit together when getting in touch with them. Effective communication from people pointing out the civil liberties that are being violated, not harping on the same shit, but clearly putting together an argument for people we (particularly especially Arnie, WBM, Magoo) know on the inside and in the RPF and other compromising positions. Polite, yet firm in the statement that we are not going to back down.

    Present the case to them in a way that they can turn up evidence easily. Point out the injustices: the families separated, the slave labor, the child endangerment. One thing we have on our side is that if they don't take on the case, we can say, "Look, these people are suffering, we know it and now the ACLU knows it and hasn't done anything." That's a horrible sentiment to put on a picket sign but we'll have no one to blame but ourselves if we don't put it together in a way that makes them *want* to take it on.
  38. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Subtle hint was too subtle.

    Why can't it be both? :twisted:
  39. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    It could be both - I just thought OP was thinking more of amnesty :)
  40. Dagon Akujin Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Whatever you guys do, keep posting these stories. I get all teary with happiness, like I just won part of the lottery.

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