OSA Leaking Information

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Quentin Hubbard, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Negligible Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

  2. shadowcat082 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The ACLU defends the Bill of Rights (minus the 2nd Amendment, which the NRA has covered). They'll only be helpful in places where Scientology has an unconstitutional influence on the government. Clearwater residents might want to contact them, but they're not the ones to go to for general human rights abuses.
  3. Lindi Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Doesn't unlawful detainment of anyone and the abuse of the rights of children qualify as unconstitutional?

    I'm not lawyer but it sounds unconstitutional
  4. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Haha, let's not forget to thank South Park! They made not just one, but TWO episodes about Scientology, which I think were landmarks in making the public aware.
  5. Anonomouse Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    As bad as it sounds, no it actually isn't unconstitutional since the Constitution doesn't cover those laws, the State Penal Code does. But, IANAL even if I took a few civics classes courtesy of the public education system and paid attention. If the ACLU would be involved in anything, it would be the tax exempt status since it is currently show undue favoritism towards Scientology, a violation of the separation of church and state, or the overextended reach of the COS in brandishing their copyrights. I wouldn't doubt that they've been watching the issues the church has caused because of these two things . . . or not?

    Bringing it up to them on those two issues might be worth the effort.
  6. argh Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I'm so bloody chuffed right now I don't know what to say. Way back when I first found out about Scientology, the fair game" tactics, and their treatment of people (I think this was before Lisa McPherson) I thought that they were impossible to take down. In those days maybe it was, but the Top Brass went too far, for too long, and "the truth will out" - and so will the people!
  7. phenomanon_ Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Totally awesome.

    Once this is all 'over', I hope someone writes a huge-ass book that tells this entire story.

    I want a hard copy of this epic battle, to remember it, and to buy for friends and family who don't understand the insane magnitude of all this. I have trouble explaining it to them.

    Maybe a DVD set would be better, there's just so many sides involved in this, so many videos, stories from ex members, leaked letters from current members, news reports etc etc
  8. Dubber Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I think what the ACLU would be most interested in at this point is the diversion of any public funds to programs (like Narconon, Applied Scholastics, and WTH) so as to violate the "Lemon test" on church-state separation. However, there must be a test case. The ACLU usually does not have the legal standing to make the first move.
  9. argh Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Must be good material for all sorts of thesies-es. (for all those people unlike me who are persuing some kind of edumacation.)
  10. anonyTurk182 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    All of this is incredible news, and I am so proud to be a part of it as each successive WIN builds up one after the other. Knowing that this combined movement is giving current members of the church the door they need to get out is fantastic and that should motivate us all to double and triple our efforts.

    Most of all, having everyone come together (original critics, ex-Scienos, Anonymous, and the general public taking notice) has to got be the biggest kick-in-the-gut that the church and DM have ever received. To everyone standing united, I salute you! :applause: :headbang: :woot:
  11. mlpoulter Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I have nothing particularly intelligent to say here, but Woohoo!

    But even if it's only a first step, it's an amazing achievement.
  12. editordrone Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Taxpayer standing counts for this.
  13. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Sounds like a good day for deep powder turns and then CAKE!
  14. thelolrist Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Epic Win! This is a real Beethoven Symphony No.9 in D Minor ("Choral") Op.125 (excerpt) moment!

    (That's "Ode to Joy"; IHMO the true theme of Anonymous, but then what do I know?)

    Oh goodness I'm tearing up here.

    As for Amnesty. Yes! This is a fight they can win and we can win. Bring them in. The more the merrier!

    Have I said how proud I am to be a part of this movement?

  15. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    For the ACLU you need a complainant.

    Brainwashed victims in a cult make lousy complainants.

    I was thinking Amnesty International too. A good part of their work has to do with putting political pressure on governments to do something. As I said to a friend of mine "Gulags, They've got @#&$ing Gulags!"
  16. stuwyatt Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The news just gets better and better. I would love to be a fly on the wall in DM's office right now... :)

    I'm in the same line of thinking as Arnie, that when the cult collapses, it will happen quickly - almost overnight. My guess is that there is a lot of 'covering ones own ass' and damage limitation going on in the SO offices (i.e. falsifying/destroying records), and funnelling of cult assets and money into offshore accounts. DM knows that he's lost and that he will never shake off the wrath of anonymous, so it is 'cut and run time'.

    I just hope that someone high up in Sea Org manages to get some heavily incriminating evidence on DM before it all collapses, so that the greedy meglomaniac murderer of a dwarf can face real justice in a courtroom.

    Keep up the good work everyone! This is history in the making :)
  17. subgenius Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    He'll hit the high seas like elron did. Plenty of money in Swiss bank accounts.
  18. Spot Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    The words epic win just don't even seem to be adequate.
  19. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Awesome, intel is Awesome.

    I hope that this is the beginning of the end.
  20. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Apparently "SOMEONE" is reading this thread - knowledge reports are being asked for. Please get back on subject though - the ACLU isn't going to help you you need to contact Amnesty International or something they can do something. Keep in mind the federal government after Waco isn't too interested in coming down on any religions especially ones it believes might be another JonesTown. Even if Scientologists are too arrogant and self-interested to commit mass suicide it doesn't matter to them, it's the appearance of impropriety that counts. Another possible method would be to file missing persons reports for people you know are actually missing, Heber is a rubber stamp and no one will ever come looking for him and if they do, he'll just say he's there voluntarily.

    Bye for now :)
  21. thenewanon Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    . .... ...... To DM ...

    can you hear it? .. .... ..

  22. Silent Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I was just wondering where we are on the Unreal Tournament Scale right now, in therms of bringing down Co$?
    2 frags: Anonymous status: DOUBLE-KILL!!!
    5 frags: Anonymous status: KILLING SPREE!!!
    6 frags: Anonymous status: RAMPAGE!!!
    7 frags: Anonymous status: DOMINATING!!!
    8 frags: Anonymous status: UNSTOPPABLE!!!
    10 frags: Anonymous status: GODLIKE!!!

    You guys win 3894+ internets :F
  23. chao Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Tic tacs: official sponsors of the Anonymous-Marcabian alliance, entheta in only 2 calories.
  24. Plups Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Hey, David Miscavige - We're coming. ahoy.gif
  25. xenubarb Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    If Amnesty International or the ACLU, or any other organization dedicated to human rights actually shows an interest in CO$ abuses and violations, I would be very quick to point out the cynical and utterly hypocritical Scientology front group called YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.

    I have read of two college students, in happy promo articles, who quit school to dedicate their time to this stinking refuse pile which, like all other Scientology front groups, are a PR and recruitment front.

    But the utter gall of Scientology daring to even pretend to address human rights issues...
    Oh, these total bastards cannot disintegrate soon enough for me!
  26. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Great news, I think a running headcount of how many who have left the cult would make for a great protest sign next month.

    Let the clams see that people are leaving the cult, they know that no one is joining, they need to know that they are losing people, and that its OK to ditch the cult.

    And to all the OSA reading this, you have a lot to fear, its only going to get worse, and your little cult is in its death throes.

    We've only just begun....
  27. Cambridge Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    David Miscabbage is shitting brix right nao.

    I would love to be in his office as shit goes down. :D
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Youth for Human Rights International keeps playing the game that they aren't part of the Scientology organization, but their videos on the UN human rights were created by the Church of Scientology's PR department. ... _hre_1.php (CoS site)
    Brainwash summer camp[/url:36jvakcs] August 14, 2007, Bat-Hen Epstein Elias, Ynet
    Scientologists Set For Heavenly Tax Cut[/url:36jvakcs] April 11, 2007, Rachel Pegg, The Argus
    Unwitting high-schoolers lured to forum run by Scientologists[/url:36jvakcs] March 28, 2007, Anna Patty, Sydney Morning Herald
    Youth group supported by Scientology[/url:36jvakcs] January 19, 2007, Tali Heruti-Sover, Ynet
  29. Unlisted Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    But times have changed,
    I am atleast under the impression that banks will cooperate with the police if contacted regarding Ms. Cavige's alleged secret stash
  30. subgenius Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    A grateful nation salutes you.
    MILF (Marcabian Invasion Liberation Force) stands with Anonymous.
  31. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I thought it was the Marcabian Invasion Liberation Front, so who did I join and why are there fees so expensive?
  32. Anon21 Member

  33. TwilightAnon Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    This is all fantastic, but what infos been leaked exactly? I'd like to read some of this myself.
  34. anonymous44 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Awesome video. Progress is being made faster than I can keep up. :lol:
  35. AnonMomAnon Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    great. isn't he still on the good ship lollipop? this means his "brick shit" will be dumped in bonaire. :(
  36. Anonyneko Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Dude, Stifler's mom. MILFMILFMILFMILF!
  37. subgenius Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Yeah, I was gonna say MLF but I couldn't resist. :lol:
  38. AB Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

  39. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    If someone with more legal sense than I could whip up a letter/packet of info that we could edit to individualize and then send to Amnesty, etc, I would be greatly appreciative!!

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