OSA Leaking Information

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Quentin Hubbard, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    You know, a couple of weeks ago, the fucker in the picture below looked pretty weak and silly. But I tell you what, he's looking really god-damned frightening now!

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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    just wow...I can't even form a coherent thought for that image.
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

  5. Cambridge Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    that would make them sooo happeh!

    I am soo yesh!
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I was only half-serious about that. But it wouldn't be illegal to get someone to just watch what he does with his passport. We don't want the little Hitler escaping justice like his progenitor. In addition, if he orders someone or everyone to retrieve his leaving-forever papers for him, it would not be illegal to just say, "No." Or to tell him that while he was busy locking everyone in and playing Musical Chairs, it expired, so he'll have to wait to leave. I wouldn't suggest any of this except that DM is evil.
  8. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Something i think we have to accept about this is.

    David isint going to get caught. I honestly believe that.

    He has numerous layers to distance himself from direct accusation. Just like hubbard wasn't done for operation snow white. By the time the dust settles and people start coming forward to incriminate him he will be half way to mootxico or some other non extradition country what will take someone with a hilariously large amount of liquid assets.
  9. CyberChrist Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Dude, my thoughts exactly! DM can buy his freedom in a heart-beat, and I'm sure an "escape hatch" is already in place.
  10. subgenius Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    He will get justice. From karma. But it won't be in a U.S. courtroom.
    Even Clarence Darrow said that only rarely does justice occur in a courtroom.
  11. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    If there wasnt a 'batpole'TM in is office down to a bullet train line to south america i would be deeply surprised.
  12. code_red Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    My sense is that like Rome, they won't be destroyed by outside factors, but that they'll fall from within. Every tactic they've used in the past to protect themselves and shore up the ranks (their paranoia, Miscavige's bullying and sadism towards his employees, their litigatiousness) will prove their undoing this time around. Anon's job at this point is to keep on prompting them to sow the seeds of their own destruction.
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Moved to GenDisc due to drifting off topic, and no longer breaking news. :tom:
  14. Re: OSA Leaking Information

    John Travolta or Issac Hayes would be better.
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    there are some dedicated anonymous researchers who submit their findings to .. (my job is to stay standing and endure being called named by scientology.... so they can continue researching without interference) one of them was in Tolumene California, and heard rumors that ore trucks were leaving the facilities in the middle of the night. This agent stayed up all night and watched, and at 3 or 4 in the morning, the electric gates opened and a dump truck came rumbling out, with his own headlights out he followed it, and it did not go to a dump for waste or rock and dirt, it went to a refinery depot. This was 2 years ago. We have a page about the corporation that owns scientology here http://www.lermanet.con/CST/
    "With circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back" quoting arlo
    IMO scientology wants attention on its orgs and gold base in hemet far more than they want attention on the secret from their own members locations listed on that page.

    Oh, and Lady Washngton Mine in Tolumene, has a dark sordid history... the early miners enslaved local unfortunate indians they could capture, sealing them in the mine. They would be paid in raisens... equivalent to the weight of the gold nuggets they dug out of the shafts. When they got sick, injured or could no longer work, they were "disposed of quietly and without sorrow" (quoting hubbard)... in the deep recesses of this greed mine. The site should actually be considered an indian burial ground. There are some foundations in california dedicated to doing this. Perhaps someone should contact officials of the Miwok tribes and inform them.


    off thread topic:very late last night I wrote an ode in defense of a fellow long time warrior princess named Karin Spaink, in reply to a thread that described efforts to dead agent her, depopularize her, by scientology. LINK[/url:3sphsx0u]
  16. anonangl Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    I'll see what all I can find as far as contacting people, thanks for the heads-up.
    P.S. Is anyone else having problems with your website?
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Protip: IIRC, Ron acquired the rank of Admiral when he dropped his body. JUST SAYIN' !

    EDIT: It just occured to my puny little mind you're addressing Miscarriage.
  18. anonawog Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Looks like DM is actually going to be ousted soon. DM is being bypassed in a Danger Condition :D
  19. DeathHamster Member

    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Apparently, the directive that promoted Hubbard to Admiral was the same one that appointed Pat Broeker as the first Loyal Officer[/url:3gne9kbo]. As part of his coup, Miscarriage canceled it (said it was a forgery). Davie also appointed himself a Sea Org captain rank, and then set out to drive away all the people with a "real" captain rank. These days, any Sea Org captains are just because of the position they hold (Executive Director of this or that). As soon as Davie fires them, they revert to their real rank of Sea Org ensign, cabin boy, or whatever.
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    If someone could get in contact with Ron, and get him on our side, it'd be a cosmic win.
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Yeah, it is. I'm not sure about, or how one might, "get him on our side." But it might be an interesting piece of information, with appropriate references to Jenna Miscavige's statements, for DC, Richmond, Virginia Beach anons to add to any press release or statement to the press leading up to, or after, the 3/15 protests.

    I question to prudence of anonymous trying to contact the guy, but I feel like it's the sort of thing the media would be interested in if it were timely (like around 3/15) and in light of his daughter's statements. I think judiciously passing the information along to the media and letting them do their thing is a plausible course of action.

    Maybe there are some anonymous graduating seniors from the College of William and Mary who are interested in local real estate though? I dunno.
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    Best news of all...would be Rinder coming clean, or the PRINCE being free, and TOM this is good news.
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    Re: OSA Leaking Information

    Heh I should follow the links before opening my mouth :)

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