OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Smurf, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Rockyj Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    I must be a bad person too!
    To Marty: Life..."Choices. Life is nothing more than an extended string of them. Some have little impact, and others can change your life entirely. While we are free to make our own choices, both good and bad, were not free to choose the consequences."

    BTW isn't MR attempting to extort in his blog post by giving them until sundown, or else, what?
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Hmmm...or else he will stomp his ickle foot SO HARD his footprints will fill up with oil seepage?
    He'll bluster some moar?
    He'll make another round of mystery sammich to keep his flock intrigued?
    He'll baww to BBC about DM again?

    Ironically, he probably lost the ability to deliver a real threat since he left Scientology.

    While he was in, he could beat people with impunity. These days, there would be consequences.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Sorta like being in the Marines and/or 'elite' (i.e. deeply brainwashed) factions?
  4. Kanonimus Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Lest we try too hard when analyzing his behavior to determine his motives, remember this truth about the man.

    (IMHO he is a lost cause)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?


  6. Safe Member

    Not to forget ...

    In this battle, "the enemy of the enemy is our friend."

    Perhaps it may not be known to non-scientologists that Marty is truly delivering an effective blow to the enemy by communicating to scientologists in their language, and encouraging them to leave Co$. (That's something Anon has trouble doing, truly getting through to scientologists.)

    As top ranking management of Co$. he took a leadership role and left the Church of Miscavology. In turn, many have followed suite including Mike Rinder.

    Anon is doing an EXCELLENT job helping to keep new blood from joining CofM. For that, I can't thank Anon enough!

    Marty and other independents are doing an excellent job in helping "de-PTS" church scientologists and making them feel it's now "safe" for church scientologists to leave the official church domination (not denomination), and have a place to go.

    The people I'm most concerned about are the scientologists under the influence of David Miscavage. They are the one's who are being hurt the most right now.

    DM ... is the true enemy, IMO.

    In Independents minds, such as myself, Marty is delivering an effective blow to the true enemy. This is how we independents see him making amends for the past damage he's done while he was still a DM puppet.

    So we forgive.

    Lets not forget who the real enemy is ... and that is ruthless, uncompassionate evil.
  7. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

    I stopped reading after this sentence. Making "the enemy of your enemy" your friend often leads to untenable situation. The key is to stick to doing the right things, regardless of what your "enemies" chose to do. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" is one of the most stupid one-liner out there.
  9. Safe Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

    Skeptic1337, was it an accident that you misquoted me? I didn't say what you quoted me as saying.
  10. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

  11. Safe Member

    Re: Not to forget ...


    Of course, part of that is choosing the correct target ... which targets living, evil people.

    David Miscavage, IMO, is the correct immediate target ... not independent scientologists who are NOT in agreement with all the evil going on within the "church" of scientology.
  12. Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    I'm not sure how far Ratbun and Rinder were responsible for their actions before they left Scientology and how far they were brainwashed.
  13. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    I was going to mock you for being a retard...

    I'll refrain. Do you think this is a viable excuse of actions? Let's imagine for a moment here that a cult member murdered some one. Is that action excusable?

    Are you going to tell me that the hubbard dictum of "evil" SPs some how usurped the obvious common sense and illegal act of murder. Explain to me how this works. Brain washing abdicates a person... I'm curious and depending on the strength of your argument I'm totally capable of being swayed into forgiving. Seriously the Nirenberg trials might have been a farce and should be reviewed based on the merits of your logic on this argument.
  14. Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    The law has to punish murderers to deter others from murder. If brainwashing is a defense too many murderers will try to get away with it and say they were brainwashed. It's not clear how far cult members are responsible for their actions but the law has to treat them as if they were.
  15. Safe Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?


    Thank you for letting me know that it's NOT an "accident" that you continue to intentionally misquote me.

    Do you believe misquoting people a "cool" thing to do on this forum? I'm new here, so maybe I'm not getting the full culture of this group yet. However, I do know that when you misquote (and also mislead), and then when others find out that you do this, it makes others tend to distrust what you say. That's not too good for you, don't you think?

    (The first time you did this, I gave you the benefit of the doubt by asking you if you accidently misquoted me so you'd have a chance to correct it. But now I, and I'm sure others, know how you operate.)
  16. Smurf Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Brainwashing might be seen as a mitigating factor in determining the extent of one's personal role in a crime within the judicial system depending on the severity of the act , but it is not an excuse.

    It didn't work for the Manson killers or Patty Hearst who went to prison for 21 months until President Carter gave the "brainwashing" aspect into consideration and commuted her sentence. President Clinton wiped her record clean we he later pardoned her.

    One of Patty Hearst's psychiatrists in her trial was Margaret Singer, a popular member and oft speaker of the original Cult Awareness Network. She was hated by Scientology evidenced by the multiple OSA black ops waged against her.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

    The enemy of my enemy is convenient, expendable, and tasty afterward.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

  19. Re: Not to forget ...

    I'm still fairly new here and I'm not sure what's best with Ratbun and Rinder. I suspect that we shouldn't put them down too often even if we don't welcome them as friends.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    He misquoted you for a reason, and it was clear what point he was making. When you failed to understand what that reason was (fify means something, btw, try google, it might help), he made fun of you. If you can't handle that get the fuck out. This isn't ESMB, and it certainly isn't Marty's blog.

    On that subject, I wondered how long it would take for one of "those people," whose asses are so fully occupied by Marty's hand that you can see his fingers in their throat, to show up. We now have our answer. Its funny how none of you have actually changed since you left the cult. Whenever some news-media criticizes the cult, you could bet the farm on an instantaneous influx of brainwashed culties rushing to defend their beloved "Church." And you'd end up with an extra farm every time. The same exact thing is true of you Martybots. Whenever one single word is said about Marty that is even remotely critical, you always show up. Granted it takes you a little longer than the culties (maybe you're all out of practice?), but you show up.

    Marty has information that could bring down DM. Him continuing to allow DM to operate outside the confines of a jail cell is tantamount to continuing to support him. The problem is that Marty knows "brainwashing" won't get him off in court any more than it helped the members of the Manson family who were convicted for crimes committed while under Manson's influence. And he doesn't want to go to jail. So he sits back and rages about DM, but never actually does anything effective. You all always say "keep on target, the real target is DM." I think the real target is anyone who condones the actions of a criminal cult, and Marty, by playing his game of "cover-my-own-ass-first," is condoning it just as much as the RTC heavies who never left.
  21. BelgaWraith Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

  22. theLastAnon Member

    Re: Not to forget ...

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    Total Posts 4


    Hello Safe and welcome to WWP. Here is some honest advice on things you should know:

    1) you're a newfag, so LURK THE FUCK MOAR before posting things that make you look stupid
    2) WWP is not a fucking hugbox nor will we simply agree to disagree for the sake of the common good; ideas and words have meaning and power, and they are used here without regard for your fucking feelings
    3) When you posted this:

    You missed the fact that this had already been posted (by me in this case):

    Which means, don't waste your time posting that tired bullshit because it's been said a million times before and we are sick of having that fucking discussion.

    4)This post makes you look like the newfag you are:
    No one here distrusts Skep because of what he did or how he "operates."

    FIFY is used when somone posts something you disagree with (or is incorrect factually or is just fucking retarded), so you "correct" it and repost/quote it. WE get that joke. It's lulz.

    We like newfags generally, but you will be hazed into understanding the culture here (not into group think, which is abhorred) until you no longer post stupid shit. We don't have much use for newfags who join only to make posts in one thread in defense of a useless, manipulative criminal.

    You have a choice to make as to which kind of newfag you want to be. If it is the former, welcome. If it is the latter, GTFO and be sure Mah-tay gives you a reach around for all your efforts to defend him here.

    (Note: my use of the word "we" is not intended to mean every poster on WWP or every anon, it's just a language crutch. I'm sure plenty of you think I'm a useless cocksucker.)
  23. tippytoe Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    I was unaware that Rathbun had a brother or that the brother was murdered.

    Does anyone have any links with info about this?

    I tried Google but only returned links from Scilon's Freedom Mag (do not want), and links about some other serial killer with lastname of Rathbun.
  24. Smurf Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Other than what you've read, very little.

    Bruce Grenville Rathbun - date of death: 1981, Orange, California.

    Search Historical Records -

    The Orange County Register (newspaper) was operating in 1981 but they don't archive articles back that far. There is nothing on the Garden Grove PD's website.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    The headline is something: "Marty Rathbun's Family History of Mental Illness ..."

    Wait a minute... "Mental illness"? In Freedom mag? I thought Scientology didn't believe that there was such a thing as "mental illness"? I see.. except when it serves them.

    "Scientologists have maintained that the very notion of mental illness is a fraud" -- Scientology's war on psychiatry
  26. Safe Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    True. I, and no ex churchie I know condones the abusive and criminal actions of the church of miscavage. I surely don't condone Marty's past actions in Co$. He was a major enemy of mine in 1999! He's surely not playing me now! lol.

    Go back and look at my history as "Safe" back then. I was fighting unethical Co$ before many here started thinking about doing it. I have many old posts on ARS. I was the one the "church" had AT&T out my identity.

    See AT&T and Scientology's Online Battle

    That should shed a little more light to the skeptics here regarding who I am. I have been very effective in exposing the Co$ myself.

    (I'm not quite sure how going out on national television and Marty opening up and admitting to assaulting other church staff members too, along with David Miscavige, can be looked as a game of "cover-my-own-ass-first". That looks like he's risking himself getting charged with assault. )

    The fact that Marty and other former top execs outed David Miscavige regarding DM's abuse has caused a lot of impressive news coverage about the abuse going on in the cult of Miscavage.

    Now it's just a matter of getting church scientologists to look at the "Truth Rundown". Again, it's the abuse of existing church scientologists, espeically staff, that I'm the most concerned about. (Calling them zombies and brainwashed serves no useful purpose besides just insult, even though it may be true.)

    P.S. One has no idea what brainwashing is really like until they've had it done to them, and then had to deprogram themselves. It's a lot of work to undo and can take years to shake out.

    So please try to grant former ex churchies some credit for trying.

    IMO, at least 1/2 of all Americans are brainwashed proven by the fact that if they still believe in the official story of 9/11, they are as deluded as church scientologists ... but in another way. (See
  27. tippytoe Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Yeah, consistency is not their strong point.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    ITT, a newfag ignores everything I actually said, and starts claiming crap about being brainwashed. Once again, I will repeat, being brainwashed does not negate personal responsibility in a court of law.

    Marty may have admitted to assault....... long after the statute of limitations has passed. And he hasn't specified who all his victims are. Hell, rapper 50 Cent has admitted to committing murder, but because they don't know WHO he murdered, they can't charge him with it. If Marty doesn't name his victims for a long-past assault, no one is going to do shit. What I want to know about is the stuff that doesn't have a statute of limitations. Those are the things he's covering. He's so obsessed with protecting is own ass that he even has you come sign up here for no other reason than to post in his defense. Sounds an awful lot like what he accuses DM of doing on a regular basis.

    Additionally, keep the truther bullshit off my WWP.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Sounds like someone who would be more comfortable with the Zeitgeist peeps than here on WWP.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

  31. Safe Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    LOL. Anonymous, you make me chuckle. Thanks for brightening up my day. :)
  32. theLastAnon Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Every time someone calls it the Church of Miscavage or Church of Miscavology or any variation thereof, it is an attempt to distract attention away from the inherent problems of Scientology and place all responsibility for the crimes and abuses at the (very tiny) feet of Miscavige. This is certainly Marty's position on the issue and he uses these terms at every opportunity (plus Corporate Scientology). It is quite literally an attempt to dead agent Miscavige to those still in the cult's control.

    Miscavige is a symptom. A tumor. A boil on the ass of humanity. The virulent infection, however, is Scientology and the so-called "scriptures" of L Ron Hubbard. Miscavige is the natural outcome of what Hubbard created. Don't fall for Marty's little game of misdirection, it serves only his purposes.

    Really? I'd say the fact that Marty and other former top execs haven't spilled the details of their felonious actions as part of a global criminal conspiracy to the FBI has caused even more people to be pulled into and abused by the cult of Scientology. If the Marty Party (Rathbun & Rinder) wanted to stop Miscavige the could do so in a heartbeat. They don't do it because the personal price they'd have to pay to do so (hello Federal indictments) is more than these ethical cocksuckers are willing to pay.

  33. Safe Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Apparently, a real contentious issue here is what you believe is "scientology" and what I believe is "scientology." I don't think that will ever get resolved ... especially those who've never been a scientologist.

    (FYI, I have never thought it to be a "religion" and to try to make one was a huge mistake.)

    As for DM being the "symptom" or victim of scientology, can you show me any video footage of Co$ stalking and harassing critics and former church members BEFORE the David Miscavage era in the Co$?

    For that matter, is there any significant amount of video footage of church members/staff acting like nuts (back then before DM) like the which we see now while the "church" has been under the reign of Dave Miscavage?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Stop derailing the thread. Start a new thread "All about me."
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    There might be no video footage, but tons of dox and actual criminal convictions for sure.
    The GO was far worse than OSA.
    List of Guardian's Office operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Well, it's not a video, but a course on brainwashing, written by HRH <insert gag-reflex sound here> LRH, is pretty fucking NUTS if you ask me.
  37. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    You know, I've heard this excuse now a few thousand times, normally by hard core CoS culties, it's kind of a first to hear it from an "indy martyologist"

    Let me ask you this, do you feel if you read the bible and perhaps read up on the catholic church + history that you could make educated conversations with people about the subject of catholicism?

    Perhaps the same with jewdaism?

    Perhaps Islam?

    As of probably 10 years ago your "sacred" scriptures have been all over the net. I can read them, I can also read the history of scientology and to top it all off I can even read first hand accounts from ex scientologists.

    At this point I know exactly what scientology is. It's a philosophy specifically tailored so that those too stupid to figure it out can make cults. That's the "power" of scientology right there. Apply it's rules and any idiot can create a space alien cult.

    Your marty knows this why he wants you to be pissed at the people running it. When in reality if it was him running it, it would be the same outcome.

    All this posturing, I hope some day you'll actually study the subject you claim to be an expert at and see that it's just a bad multi marketing scheme with some "mind control" thrown in just to keep sheeple like you in line.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Weird bro.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Re: OSA op on Marty Rathbun - murder suspect?

    Why would the cult put a man that may in theory be able to bring them down or at least get them into some real leagle trouble in a situtation where he may turn states eviedence to save his own skin. (Think sammy "The Bull" gravano)

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