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  1. I don't know if this document is widely known or not. In any case, it explains how OSA counts its statistics:

    Reporting-OSA-1.jpg Reporting-OSA-2.jpg Reporting-OSA-3.jpg Reporting-OSA-4.jpg
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  2. fishypants Moderator

  3. grebe Member

    I think everyone would like to live life as a cog within a vast bureaucracy, regularly collecting and transmitting stats uplines to wiser parties entrusted to make all important decisions for everyone else. It's such a beautiful vision of clockwork perfection and order. Who wouldn't want to be a part of it?
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    It is for the UK and US governments.
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. grebe Member

    I don't like these jokes because they seem to encourage political apathy and resignation. We still elect our own governments and can do much to change things for the better, if we ourselves accept that responsibility.

    The nastier revolutions of the 20th century softened people up first with similar themes of helplessness.
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  9. raboon Member

    Where do you think 'Hubbard' got stuff like that from?
  10. grebe Member

    I figured he cribbed it from Navy Officer training manuals. War time military units have their cultish qualities.

    I think cultishness --devotion to a group ideal personified by some group leader-- is hard wired into the human psyche. Like the fight-flight response, our clanish nature is mostly dormant but can be provoked by stressful environments. And just as some enjoy an adrenalin rush, some enjoy the experience of belonging to a tight knit group forever struggling against impossible odds.

    We'll always have people who get boners reading OSA dox like the OP posted while the rest of us go, "no wants." We just have to figure out how to keep these fascist minded people working on small scale rather than large scale projects.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Armed forces are generally centrally controlled, bureaucratic and totalitarian in structure (with the exception of some guerrilla wars, special forces and terrorists).

    Scientology is certainly modeled to reproduce those qualities.

    It's no coincidence that we're talking about Scientology's military uniforms and ranks in another thread.
  12. Anonymous Member

    also stuck in adolescence and prone to commit rape and atrocities.
  13. raboon Member

    Do you think Hubbard personally had time to write all of this stuff himself, when you see a photo of those comedy eBay sales for the entire Hubbard library do you think Hubbard wrote all of that. And as you see more of it disclosed, and you see his life story of genius proven to be bullshit, do you still think the same. Or do you think something else.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Are you suggesting an heretofore unknown team of writers?
    I mean, we know Vaughan Young ghost-wrote for him (Mission Earth)...
  15. grebe Member

    Yeah I think he wrote all that shit. Listen to him talk. He fucking loved the sound of his own voice.

    I think Hubbard got up in the morning talking and speechifying, shaved, showered, took a shit, took another shower, ate breakfast, smoked a half pack of Kools, then sat at the typewriter and whipped out pages of pure genius as naturally as your or I might take a piss. Then he took an actual piss and realized he was horny. He had one of the prettier CMOs stop by to give report. He asked her questions, fucked with her head, made her blush, and got a half boner. Then he sent her off because he knew he couldn't climax without the benefit of his plastic penis sucker, which he preferred to use in private. Then it was back at the typewriter for a few more pages of insightful prose before lunch. Afternoons much the same. After dinner there was drinking and lazy conversation until he called for his girls to get him off to bed.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    Hubbard, after crashing and burning his Dianetics Foundations, probably found some 1950s Management for Dummies book, cribbed from it and then piled his own crap on top.
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  17. raboon Member

    Considering the entire page count of all known Scientology and Dianetic materials, how many pages would Hubbard have had to write, edit, crosscheck with all other output and planned output, every day.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I find nothing funny about the topic, quite to the contrary, but you don't stop believin' that this "democracy" thing ia actually doing what it's supposed to. From the result we get, it's very doubtful.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm not sure, but here's the actual paper they found in his typewrite after he had croaked:
  20. grebe Member

    Democracy is a terrible way to run a government. Still we like it moar than the other ways.

    We keep tweaking the system because it does fail us often. One thing I notice: when government is basically working, people stop paying attention. Then only the crazy people bother to go to the meetings. Next thing you know, bad legislation gets written.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I feel it's mere smoke and mirrors to deceive the populace into a false sense of self-rule.

    I mean, what's the last time you responded to an official referendum (besides a major election)?
  22. grebe Member

    If you slander government all the time then people will be less inclined to learn how it works and how to get involved. That's all I'm saying.
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  23. I smell someone who started feeling some responsibility. For some things. At last.

    Thank you. :cool:
  24. Anonymous Member

    You must now go and fuck yourself.
    Stop fagging up threads.
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  25. raboon Member

    He didn't write it all. Dummies.
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  26. grebe Member

    Once in a while just to break up the monotony, maybe put aside the ranking of personalities according to your own personal preference and try talking about ideas?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Isaac Asimov wrote loads of well researched books, on everything from biology to Shakespeare, but Asimov was limited to what he could produce by having to make sense

    Hubbard had no such limits, he had no research, nothing but his imagination and the naivete of his audience. You or i could write that much nonsense, if we had the stomach for it and no need to limit our claims to the provable or rational.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    it makes sense to pay no attention to politics. rational ignorance and all that. Since we can't control our politicians (look at the reelection rate for COngress) it means that taking the time to figure out which is the best candidate is a waste of time. They count on that. If they had to be kept to their promises...well, we can only hold private parties to their word. The word of a politicians is just hot air.
  29. Anonymous Member

    With the current state of technology, it's possible to have referenda at any time, appealing directly to the will of the people, without interlocutors and "representatives".
    It's time to send the political parasitical class home, for good.
  30. Doesn't it look like Hubbard's self-affirmations worked for him?!

    Excerpts from:

  31. Anonymous Member

    Derail reported, shit-smelling troll.
  32. Anonymous Member

    L Ron Hubbard took drugs to increase his typed output.

    Yeah he wrote that shit himself, but he ended up dying/murdered by Miscavige.

    If his "tech" was so good there would be at least one "clear" or operating thetan.

    But there ain't.

    Not one. Never has been, never will be.
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  33. raboon Member

    So no-one knows how many pages of output are credited to Hubbard? Interesting.
  34. It's just that Hubbard used another "tech" than the shit he taught others, in his writings and lectures.
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  35. The Executive Directives are here and there and mostly in bunches. I think some are still missing so anything you scan and put up is a win. Nothing like reviewing the archaic ramblings of Hubbard that the drones still think is source. I want to see the 'how to run a $cilon household' ED cause now would be a good time for all to review how little tommy cruise is doing it. Thanks OP.
  36. grebe Member

    You expect someone here to know the answer to that question, seriously?

    Maybe try CST or ASI.

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