OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

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  1. OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

    I, Gerry Armstrong declare:

    1. On July 12, 2008, I participated in a protest outside the Scientology operation at 401 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The protest, which was one of many protests that occurred on the same date at Scientology sites in several countries, had been scheduled and organized by the loose collective of people known as anonymous. I have attended similar protests outside the Vancouver Scientology operation on March 15, April 12, May 10 and June 14, 2008, which were also scheduled and organized by anonymous. All these protests were peaceful, and all participants I observed conducted themselves courteously and in compliance with Canadian and local laws.

    2. At approximately noon on July 12, I was standing on the public sidewalk in front of the Scientology building along with one other man, and a woman known to me as Susan Kerr came out of the building and accosted us. Ms. Kerr stated that we were on Scientology property and ordered us to get off the property. The other man and I were not on Scientology property, but were both more than a foot off the property, and we told Ms. Kerr that we were not on the property. She stated that the Scientology property line ran between the green parts of the building, which are the parts that project the farthest toward Hastings Street and abut the public sidewalk, and she asserted repeatedly that the other man and I were over that line. I pointed out to her that she was wrong, that we were very aware where the property line is, and that we were well on the public side of the property line that ran between the green building parts.

    3. Ms. Kerr also stated repeatedly that the other man and I were blocking the Scientology building entrance and preventing people from entering, and she ordered us to move and stop blocking the entrance. We were not blocking the entrance and not in any way preventing anyone from entering or leaving the building, and we both told her so. Her charge was ludicrous because the entrance between the green parts is approximately twenty feet wide, and several people at once could have walked by us and entered without being prevented, delayed or hindered by us in any way. In fact, during the time that the other man and I were together on the sidewalk in front of the Scientology building not one person entered or attempted to enter.

    4. Ms. Kerr threatened that if the other man and I didn’t get off the Scientology property and didn’t stop blocking the entrance she was going to call the police. Both the man with me and I again stated that we were not on Scientology property and not blocking the entrance, and we did not move. The man standing with me actually encouraged Ms. Kerr to call the police, and suggested that the media would be interested in such an incident. She then accused us of threatening her, and I pointed out that her accusation was false, and that by lying about our being on the property, lying about our blocking the entrance, and asserting that she was going to call the police, she was threatening us.

    5. Ms. Kerr also accused us of harassing her and her church, and I said that we were doing nothing of the kind, and that we were peacefully protesting her organization on a public sidewalk, which is our right as citizens to do. I told her that in fact by falsely accusing us of being on Scientology property and blocking the entrance and by threatening to call the police, to whom she would also necessarily lie, she was harassing us.

    6. I have participated in peaceful protests of Scientology fraud, abuses and criminality many times and in many places from 1995 up to the present, and I am very familiar with the organization’s practice of having its personnel falsely accuse protesters of trespassing on its property so as to create an incident to be able to assault such protesters or have them charged with criminal trespass. Appended hereto as Exhibit A is a true and correct copy of a report written March 13, 1999 by Martin Hunt and posted to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (“a.r.s.”) concerning a protest he did with me of the same Vancouver Scientology building on March 12 and 13, 1999. In his report Mr. Hunt stated:

    Mr. Hunt’s posting is archived on Google at: Vancouver Pickets - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    7. Appended hereto as Exhibit B is a true and correct copy of a posting I made to a.r.s. March 8, 2005 concerning a protest I did at the Vancouver Public Library in August 2004 and the protest I did in March 1999 with Mr. Hunt. I made this posting to a.r.s. after I had tentatively identified the Scientologist, who had been told during the March 1999 protest to shoot me if I stepped on Scientology property, as Jeff Beaumont. I stated in my March 8, 2005 posting:

    My March 8, 2005 posting is archived on Google at: Brian Beaumont -- CCHR heavy hitter - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    8. On October 16, 1999 I participated in a peaceful protest of the Scientology organization outside its Toronto headquarters at 696 Yonge Street. During the protest, A Scientology staff member, who was later identified to me as Paulette Layton, invited me to come onto organization property to talk to her. As soon as I did so, she ordered another Scientologist, known to me as Daniel Bryenton, to assault me. Mr. Bryenton complied with Ms. Layton’s order and punched me with both hands to the chest, knocking me backward.

    9. On December 12, 2002, I observed a peaceful assembly of Scientology opponents at the organization office in Ekaterinburg, Russia. All of the people were there at the invitation of a Scientologist that I had met earlier at a conference in Ekaterinburg. Appended hereto as Exhibit C is a true and correct copy of a translation of an application by the Ekaterinburg Scientology organization to the Ekaterinburg Prosecutor and to several other Russian city, regional and federal authorities to prosecute me and other named persons. I have also webbed the translation of Scientology’s application at:
    Scientology’s application stated:

    10. Appended hereto as Exhibit D is a true and correct copy of a response to Scientology’s application, which I wrote on March 19, 2003 and transmitted to the Ekaterinburg Prosecutor and to the other Russian authorities to whom Scientology had sent its application. I also webbed my response at: Gerry Armstrong--Armstrong Letter of 03-19-2003 In my response I stated:

    11. Ms. Kerr knows who I am, and she has participated in Scientology operations to suppress my human rights here in Canada and to black PR me to Canadian media representatives and to others for the purpose of harming or destroying my reputation, relationships, opportunities, and livelihood. In November 2007, for example, I did an interview with Randall Mark, the host of the program The Standard on CHNU TV, a Rogers Media company. On December 7, just before the interview was scheduled to air, the producer Jonathan Roth called me and told me that Ms. Kerr had called him and the station manager and threatened that Scientology would sue if the interview aired. Mr. Roth said that consequently the station management had decided to not air the interview. He said that Ms. Kerr, in her capacity as a Scientology representative, had also faxed the station documents about me. He said that additionally Multifaith Action Society (“MAS”), a Vancouver based organization that claims “to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding,” sent a letter to the station urging that my interview not be aired. Ms. Kerr was then, and is still, identified on MAS’s web site as its Vice President, and I later learned that she was the person who instigated the letter MAS sent to suppress my interview, although the letter was signed by MAS’s Executive Director Nancy Chiavario. On March 4, 2008, I wrote and executed a declaration detailing my involvement with the Rogers Media TV station and personnel, and what I knew of Scientology’s, Ms. Kerr’s and MAS’s actions to kill my interview. I also webbed my declaration at:
    Gerry Armstrong--Declaration of Gerry Armstrong 03-04-2008

    12. During the confrontation with Ms. Kerr during the July 12, 2008 protest, described in paragraphs 2-5 above, she lied willfully and repeatedly and was aggressive and threatening. It was clear to me that she acted in that manner for the purposes of bullying the other man and me and inciting us to react aggressively to her bullying tactics. The other man and I did not react, however, but maintained our position and continued to behave non-aggressively, and Ms. Kerr backed off and did not further harass us overtly throughout the rest of the protest.

    I declare under the penalty of perjury pursuant to the laws of British Columbia, Canada and the United States that the foregoing is true and correct.

    Executed this 14th day of July 2008 in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.

  2. Relyt Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    Wow, that's quite a story. I hope everything goes well for you. But given how well you put together your defense, I don't think you'll have too much of a problem.
  3. Anon Char Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    I'll be witness to this.
  4. Anonagi Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

  5. Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    Gerry Armstrong. Let it never be said that the man lacks style. Also, balls - to put his account in a detailed manner on the record.
  6. clamfrog Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    doesn't afraid of nothin. go gerry!

    best wishes from germany
  7. Proto Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    I think Gerry Armstrong is a cool guy, eh puts together a nice deposition and doesn't afraid of anything.
  8. TROLL 9 Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    I wish you well Gerry - every day and all day.
  9. Kilia Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    Gerry, you are one cool guy and I applaud you for hanging in there as you have.
    Many bright blessings to you and yours.
  10. Afromus Prime Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic


    Can we also get a TL:DR of this?
  11. Relyt Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    Basically the points made in this part:

  12. AnonZombie Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    Good stuff, stay strong, Gerry.
  13. SaintNona Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    I'm confused. That TL;DR doesn't explain the need for a deposition?
  14. blackking Member

    Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    It's in case he has to go to court, more than likely.
  15. Re: OSA Vancouver -- Susan Kerr goes bullyistic

    documentation is always important. :D

    i suspect he just finds it convenient to have a written account, and he does it well. for everything that depo covered, it was very concise.

    one thing is for sure, CoS does NOT want gerry armstrong heard, lol. and theyre clearly failing.

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