OSA volunters with children and protests: a worrying trend?

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by jensting, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. jensting Member

    (Recycled from VV comment)

    In France, Nono the clown suggested that children in cults was a bad idea to an OSA goon taking his children into the bOrg. The goon left the children inside the bOrg and then stormed out (with three friends), knocked Nono to the ground, beating him up, kicking him repeatedly in the head. See the aftermath at the opening of the recent Arte documentary about OSA. And check out WWP for trolls going on about the poor man who felt that his children were threatened.

    In East Grinstead, a random passer-by walked up to Anons on the high street and berated them for being so loud that they woke up his child. The passer-by then returned to his car, collected the child (very small child), returned to the protest carrying the child in front of him, walked right up to me (instead of the target Anon) because I was filming and grabbed my camera. When I reached for the camera he twisted so that the child brushed against my outstretched hand, and proceeded to scream that I was hitting his child while trying ineffectively to kick me. (Oh, and an OSA goon carrying a child has surfaced on a video shot in front of an Indie gathering in East Grinstead, Axoim142's Youtube channel "Harassment by Members of the Church of Scientology" 0:40 left of frame.)

    So, now more than ever, think very carefully about solo protecting. You could end up with serious physical injuries being accused of injuring a child in the bargain, with nothing to show for it but your word (your video-camera could be taken from you).

    Think of it this way: what would it take to prevent this from being half as bad as it could have been?I think the answer is: several cameras, some from non-protesters. (It may be illegal to protest wearing a mask in Quebec, but what about video-taping from a safe distance?) The criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology gets away with having "documentary makers" at protests filming non-stop, I don't see why Anons should not be allowed to film (not protest, just film) if they wanted to. A single protster is too easy to overwhelm. Two protesters can be overwhelmed (they were in Paris). Four was the minimum I insisted on back in the days and if Anon want to do something other than post links to videos with unicorns I don't see why those numbers would be tough to achieve...

    Also, OSA is being predictable here. If you really want to protest and make a difference and you're enough of a target for OSA to try to fling a baby at you, please consider giving your protesting schedule to your friendly media contacts.
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  2. Zhent Member

    It has been a distinct trend in Sydney for some years.

    One angle they have used it for is to accuse anons of being paedophiles since they are 'filming children'.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Wally Hanks - just one of many scientologist pedophiles.

    We protest to stop children being abused in the cult.

    Agree with carrying several cameras - if it gets legal it's good to humiliate them in court with video evidence of their pathetic attempts to stop Anonymous shutting the cult down, even if the clams cowardly hide behind babies to do it.
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  4. In a few protests they have used children as bait for assault by an unstable ex-boxer. You take photos the bad criminal comes out and tries to fight you in front of the police.
  5. ZORRO Member

    they did the same with me in paris
    one kid named killian even pressed charges against me saying Ias stalking him home ...
    they called me a pedophile because I work in children's hospital
  6. ZORRO Member

    jean dupuis OT6 maybe osa
    heard he used to be a pharmacist ?
  7. Quentinanon Member

    Ask the osabots about Gabriel Williams, Donald Anthony Strawn, and Wally Hanks.
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  8. I think adhocrat in San Fran is doing it right. Multiple camcorders on tripods, equipped with diehard batteries, rocking footage 100% of the time. Less obvious or hidden video sources working in conjunction are great too.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Always have at least one more camera running than they know about.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. ZeroC Member

    I think we're all forgetting that there's no such thing as children, just thetans in smaller bodies.
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  12. jensting Member

    Oh, and another good reason to have mutiple video cams going. The clams will simply claim that you, the protester they beat up, attacked them.

    It happened to Axiom142(?) VV comment
    and it happened to Anon Vicieux (the lawyer for the clams accused Vicieux of attacking the poor clam! Dead agent posts on the 'net chimed in with: the clam had, in any case, been protecting his children!!).

    David Love and Montreal Anons are showing how to do it right. Good.
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  13. ZORRO Member

    no kids in cults !!!
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  14. RolandRB Member

    If you mention Xenu at a protest or have inflatable aliens then this could cause one of the children to die of pneumonia.
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  15. grebe Member

    So a kid is like a get-out-of-jail-free card. Handy!
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  16. RolandRB Member

    Wheel out your child then go over and punch an SP to the ground.
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  17. adhocrat Member

    we love children. Here's proof (from 4 May 2012)
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  18. Back in 2010 or so in Clearwater, one of the clams sent her nine or ten year old son over to protesters there where he started chatting them up about the chan sites and port he was looking at on the Internet. The Anons on site that day said that Mom practically dragged her kid over to them for a chat.
  19. Quentinanon Member

    The kid was exploited by OSA via clammy mom.
  20. jensting Member

    This one, yeah?

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