Osama bin Laden killed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 1, 2011.

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  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    9,001 EXP and an Epic Head of LULZ
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  4. moarxenu Member

    Naval Acdemy doinitrite: I believe we have won.

  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    america sure no how to out do a royal wedding i tell you :)) amazing what you can do when the playstation network is down :))
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Why are there no pix of his corpse?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the "birthers" found something new to harp on for the next five or six years...
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Dox or gtfo doesn't apply to the USG. They've got a pretty good track record with openness and honesty, after all.
  10. Rockyj Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    After 9/11:

    After Osama's death:

    It's heartwarming to see Arabs and Westerners have some things in common, at least.
  12. Herro Member

    Because some times you have to fucking wait for information. Calm the fuck down you stupid piece of shit.
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  13. i think i love you herro!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I bet they just killed one of Osama's son.
  15. Nick_Nolte Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry if my question hurt your patriotic feelings.
  17. fallingspider Member

    I can just see the conspiracy theories being spun right now...

    oh and violent femmes need to redo their dahmer is dead song, and make it bin laden is dead....just so I can get the idea out of my head
  18. Kilia Member

    Hell yeah! The stuff runs in the family!
  19. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    You mean someone in America is actually thinking today?
    Ten years and tens of thousands of lives too late--congrats ignorant voyeurs, here: something for your parade of fail

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  22. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    What did you say? Oh yeah...

    The most intelligent thing you said on WWP in a long time.
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  23. CarterUSP Member

    It was only a matter of time...
  24. Kilia Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    That's one way to turn Obama's approval rating around.
  26. Rockyj Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    This from the dumbass who had such a fabulous video surveillance system installed at his compound that he gave us the infamous "What the hell is that?" picture of the intruder who allegedly hurt his doggie.
    Can't we have one fucking day of being stupidly happy that we've been told this cunt is dead?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Both had their death announced on May 1. Trivia fun.
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  29. Bipolart Member

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  30. BrakTalk Member

    Well the Alex Jones reports on this are interesting. Not that I buy into 90% of what Alex Jones says anyway, but it's interesting nontheless.
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  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Why? Alex Jones' reports are alway 100 % predictable.
  34. BrakTalk Member

    Just the evidence he's talking about. I didn't know about some of it. I don't buy into his NWO/illuminati bullshit, but for things like this, he usually comes up with good facts and reliable sources to back them up.
  35. Kilia Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    A good rule of thumb to follow is to look at what Alex Jones believes, and accept the exact opposite as truth. That way, you'll never be wrong!
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