Discussion in 'Media' started by HouseSpiderV2, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. highoverlord Member


    no wonder non of the og talk about the super powers........
  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: OT VII Explained By Freezoner

    Basically the fruitcake is not a lie.
    It is full of nuts, however.
    Hey, I did Scn for 24 years and I didn't get what he was blathering about either. Sheeesh.
  3. highoverlord Member

    Re: OT VII Explained By Freezoner

    wow.... its comfirmed now....
  4. tiggernew Member


    My refrain at protests: I have no problem with crazy people being crazy. What I have an issue with is crazy people who are recruiting, particularly when they're taught to lie about the crazy in order to do it.

    He's crazy. And he's recruiting. Ergo... slight problem here. Fortunately, he's SO crazy that he's bad at the recruiting thing.
  5. HouseSpiderV2 Member


    If Michael says he's crazy, than he must be.
  6. Computress Member


    Dude is hardcore.
    He's nutty as a fruitcake, but at least he's being open.
  7. highoverlord Member


    ya.... at lest......
  8. tofuman Member


    The guy sounds just as crazy and the CO$ members. But if the Free Zone want to believe in L Ron's BS and not charge people money or attack critics I don't really have a problem with them.
  9. HouseSpiderV2 Member


    Agreed. I'm still going to laugh at the BS no matter who's mouth it comes out of. Difference is, with Freezoners I'll help them make picket signs beforehand and share a flavorice with em afterwards.
  10. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: OT VII Explained By Freezoner

    Oh lord. Old tech indeed. So, is the new tech the stripped down version? In the Road to Truth video, didn't L. Ron Hubbard say he didn't find anything useful in China?

    I mean, I'm all for playing with the idea of belief and perspective. And I think the western, and therefore rational, world isn't used to the idea of that type of thinking.

    I have quite a bit of ye olde magickal heathenism in my family, so I'm used to this sort of thing. (Just because I understand it, doesn't mean I subscribe to it. I don't believe in the paranormal or supernatural. By definition, those things don't exist. I only believe in the normal and natural, and am open to the idea that not everything has been discovered or explained.)

    It starts getting a bit Matrixish, and Neo could pop out and explain better...but the idea is yes, it is imagination. Because imagination and perspective are closely linked. It's the old tree falling in the woods thing. Is sound defined because we can perceive it? If no one could hear it, does it really exist? How can you prove it without perceiving it?

    Then there's the Hubbard/Crowley connection. (See Crowley's explanation of blowing your nose.) You have the will to commit an act, you have the means to commit an act, and if you combine the 2, you can commit that act. (At cause) It's far easier to use the means that we know that works. If you wanted to change the color of your hair, it's far easier to use dye rather than willing the perception into place and convincing everyone that your hair has changed color.

    He's talking about levitating that cup. There are multiple ways to levitate a cup. Some extraordinary, some really basic. The best way to make the cup levitate is to pick the fucker up. I guess you COULD get complicated about it, but why?

    What's the difference between one's own reality, and one's own perception? (What's true is true for you.)

    Then we move into consensus reality. If you perceive something to be true, but the majority does not, you (and the minority who agrees with you) are fucking nuts. But, if you convince the majority about what is true, they agree with your perception, the minority is unevolved and backwards. (See teaching creationism in science class)
    The majority becomes "reality enforcers" to correct the beliefs of the minority. (SPs)

    If you're going to go up against the beliefs, this is what you are up against. And honestly, it's not a fight I can wrap my mind around without getting hurt, because what I just explained already hurts enough. I'm not even going to get into the quantum physics of how thoughts may work. What is "will" and how does it affect reality? Why did one thought happen instead of another? How did a thought come from nothingness, and what are the steps that thought took to become an action? How does the intangible cross the threshold to the tangible?

    I guess the argument is about hypothesis and the belief of a hypothesis. A hypothesis is ok, but we have to accept that a hypothesis is bullshit until proven. It's ok to dream, and it's ok to make shit up. If we didn't make shit up, we wouldn't get lucky and understand how things work.
    But what is not acceptable is to push a hypothesis as fact without it being proven. That is stupid, and stupid with power is dangerous. You can run with a hypothesis until you better understand what you're dealing with, but you have to understand and be willing to say it's just a hypothesis and could be bullshit. It's the responsible thing to do. But let's face it, Scientology is a hypothesis and therefore unproven bullshit and yet tries to pass it off as fact.
    It is irresponsible to act on bullshit assuming it is fact. It only leads to bullshit actions. Bullshit by itself isn't so bad. It's preventing the bullshit from becoming real that must be prevented, otherwise you're going to have some real bullshit to deal with.

    The worst this guy is going to do is babble madness at me. And I'm ok with that. If it wasn't FZ, it would be something else very similar. Or, maybe not.

    That's enough mystical wankery from me, and the bong is now empty.

    tl;dr - This post doesn't exist, and neither do you. You are just a perception of the universe.
  11. HouseSpiderV2 Member


    *chokes* That's fucking deep mang. It's like, we're all just the Universe looking at itself. Whooooa... *exhales and passes*
  12. anonwillwin Member


    why should i pay 360.000 dollars to lift an object inside my head?
  13. WindandGhosts Member


    I said the bong is empty.

    But, you can refill it with your MIND!

    FZ gets a discount with super squirrel powers.

    And you will then be CERTIFIED that you can lift an object inside your head. Anyone can lift an object in their mind, but how many people are certified?

    I can drive a car, but I still need to pay for my license.
  14. Re: OT VII Explained By Freezoner

    Yessss, you hit the nail on the head....... This my friends is what we should be using against Co$. It takes alot more brainpower from our side. Its not the usual crime ala fraud, spying, health and safety, or what have you. Delving deeper into this can squeeze Co$ by its intellectual balls.

    I myself have been using other religious materials to debunk this LRH crap. The world religions however messed up they are made/interpretated by man, are made from good intentions, have good will and can truely be helpful if applied the way they truely were meant to be applied (in a humane manner, separate the good message from the crap).

    From what I've learned LRH hasn't had good intentions for his students. Copying bits and pieces from 'good' religions/philosophies for his own and never truely understanding the context from which these pieces have come. I know this is true from what I have learned from other religions.

    Firstly I would like to mark up the fact that Scientologists believe they are the only hope. They believe the planet needs to be clear. This implies they do not understand the interdependant nature of reality. The world needs different views and philosophies to stay in balance and to keep learning and progressing. (and what we've learned about Scientology is that it should of stayed with the Science-Fiction genre back in the 50's)
    And they believe if three quarters (something like that) of the planet is clear then the rest of the planet will automatically become clear. What happened to free will?

    Next to hitting them intellectually they should be spoken to heart to heart. But thats a different topic.
  15. Shellback Member


    Now you begin to understand!

    Just; whatever you do, don't ever tell a Scilon that they are mocking up their own reactive mind!
  16. Shellback Member


    Crazy recruiters have their own filter, they will only recruit other crazy people. It's the fresh young, reasonable-sounding person with a clipboard you gotta watch.
  17. Shellback Member

    Re: OT VII Explained By Freezoner

    Ay and ay!

    There is an OG slogan about Scientology, "Scientology Lies." That renders the problem down about as far as it can go. If we can agree that "to lie" is bad most of the time. If we then agree that lying to oneself is bad nearly all the time we start getting to the heart of what is wrong with Scientology. Scientology lies, Scientologists lie to themselves.

    The nice way of saying it is, Scientology teaches that they world is a nice fiction that we make up (mock-up) in our own heads and therefore things like schooling, training *collage* are not nearly as important as we are led to believe. Hubbard told people he was "fully professional in over 29 different fields," when in fact he was only a successful writer of fiction. If you pretend enough, and if you can get enough people to go along, you can alter reality. Scientologists are taught this and some become very good at it.

    Scientology lies, it lies to create and control just like Hubbard told them to. They have to lie or they stop being Scientologists. They stop controlling the world around them.
  18. Whanonstler Member

  19. highoverlord Member


  20. Relyt Member


    It's like those homeless people you see having loud conversations with themselves, except they do it for free.
  21. Photonymous Member

    Re: OT VII Explained By Freezoner

    I know he wrote in his diary about China "They smell of all the baths they didnt take. The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here."
  22. HouseSpiderV2 Member


    Everything inside MY imagination is eatable too! The snosberries taste like.... MEST?
  23. AnonyWolf Member


    Protip: Do interviews at a safe distance away from noisy conventions of 9000+ happy, caek-eating Anons.
  24. intrepido Member


    Hello dudes! I am victor.

    I want to say thank to house spider and overlordxenu who made the video and posted it in their entirety.

    I dont like quotes out of context.

    I will answer questions that you made to me.

    Note I will not be recruiting you. I will however be answering with my point of view of things and what is truth for me.

    I think thta you can take out of scientology, or anything else what you find useful, and what you do not find useful you can throw it away.

    I do not get bothered by you not believing in scientology. I do not believe in jesus and that is my rigth.

    I do not get bothered by insults to LRH, I am not his personal lawyer, so do not bother.

    And I do not get bothered by you calling scientology a cult, I am myself a cult survivor as I was born and scaped from one as soon as I efect, I was a forced member of the Roman Catholic Church. I was against my will and was severely abused, but I was able to scape as soon as I grow and my mother could not force me any more to go to mass.

    So, that's about it for a introduction.

  25. highoverlord Member


    i am not over lord xenu. I have High over lord.......... high. xenu is galatic over lord..... get ur rankings right...... a few moar glaxis i destory i will gain xenu status
  26. highoverlord Member


    you need help man. i feel really bad for you. there is no way other then acid that u will make a cup fly.
  27. musketeerwang Member


    So Victor, when's your million dollars on its way?
  28. highoverlord Member


    i want to posulate my self 100000000000 dollors it isnt going to work.
  29. intrepido Member


    I do not know about that, and I dont think you do either.

    b e a . s t . . . Lightbulb - a kinetic sculpture

    All we know is that up to this day nobody can do it at will.

    But it could come to pass that some guy could find more about the phisical universe and understand better their rules and find a way to make a cup to float at will.

    You would have mocked somebody if he told you that he could made a lightbulb to float, and yet, there it is.
  30. highoverlord Member


    watch the street magic performers... do they have ot powers like kris angel?
  31. AnonOrange_ Member


    This guy TOTALLY sounds like Bevis of Bevis & Butthead. If anybody can splice some old B & B video with this guy, we've got a winner !

    "I need TP for my bunghole !"

    "I need OT for my headhole !"

    Sounds about the same doesn't it ?
  32. ancientone Member


    Once your head has been messed with or reprogrammed to that extent there is no going back to sanity. Poor Guy.
  33. Whanonstler Member


    Yawn, even if it is true. It is no mind power or manipulation it is simple science. I fail to see any analogy betwixt this bulb and magical makebelieve powers of self-delusion.
  34. AnonOrange_ Member


    The great Conholio:
    Beavis And Butthead - Vaya Con Cornholio - Video
    (Fun starts at about 1:00)
  35. SamJac55 Member


    bad philosophy 101
    i'm glad someone explained their bad logic. I had an incling it was this all along.
    i feel dissapointed
  36. highoverlord Member


    i learned so much of scientology now i fully understand how super powers works now im ot 9000 im postulating a million bucks but im not geting it.... i wonder why
  37. HouseSpiderV2 Member


    So Victor, I believe that you believe you've seen such things as cups spontaneously levitating in the vicinity of OTs/ICs. But has it ever been captured on camera even, let alone studied using scientific methodology? We know that the simplest of scientology tech can cause hallucinations. Is it not possible that the phenomenon you have witnessed was such a hallucination? And why don't you like psychiatrists? Is it because they tell you things you don't want to hear? Please see one anyway and at least consider what they have to say. It will be based on repeatable experiments rather than hypothesis based on ramblings by a known con artist. If not, that's fine too. Just don't expect anyone here to buy into the tech, and don't take it to seriously when we tear it apart for lulz.
  38. AnonMSW Member


    I couldn't stop laughin... fuck you! :flop:
  39. intrepido Member


    Please review the video, I used the levitating cup as an example.

    I have not seen cups levitating.

    You are so busy trying to make mockery that do not even bother in listening (or it could been the background noise)

    I did used it as a obviuos example that even a child could understand as a supernatural abilty.

    Well, I dont like them.

    But you are free to like them. It obviuous that the one that treat yoou was a nice person. Good for you.

    We do not have to have similar likes and dislikes.
  40. Anonyphunt Member


    Dude, seriously, seek help.

    There is nothing good you can take from scientology.

    If there was it would be used by the profession medical or psychriatric communities.

    Thats the difference between bullshit and stuff that works. Stuff that works gets adopted by the scienctific community if it is proved scientifically to help people, bullshit is disproved as psuedo-science and dropped.

    You do not have super powers. You can scientific prove this yourself by trying to move an object right now with your mind. Try it now. You see? You cant do it can you? Scientology did not grant you super powers.

    Get help dude please.

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