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  1. Anonyphunt Member


    As for the link dude, seriously watch this untrained kid do a very cool magic trick:

    YouTube - flying cup

    Now think critically whats the easiest explanation? Unexplained unprovable unscientific Mind over matter phenomenon? electormagnetic theory? or Photoshop? or just illusionist trick?

    Look up Occams Razor and apply it.

    Here, please read it and understand:

    Occam's razor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There is no such thing as your truth and my truth. There is only one truth.
    Then there is my perspective and your perspective on the truth.

    My perspective is claims of super powers are faked.

    Your perspective is that it is caused by super powers

    We then apply science to estimate the one truth of the matter. Occams razor dictates the super powers are lying as there is no proof to back up the claims or any of the basis of the claims, however it takes 5 minutes to set up a website and fake something like this as the kid on youtube link proves. I can scientifically prove my hypothesis you cant. Simple as that.


    And, If your perspective is that super powers is caused by electromagnetic phenomenon then there is a potentially scientific explanation in the basis of electromagnetic theory for any phenomena you link, I believe they are still arguing about some of this in the scientific community due to that mad canadian guy, needless to say none of the explanations have anything scientifically at all to do with super powers or a humans mental potential to exploit said theories. I'm looking up the back story to this just now and will edit here when I'm done.

    EDIT 2

    OK found it,

    John Hutchison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Read it.

    1. The guy cant reproduce said experiments under controlled conditions only when no ones watching and he can set it up himself alone.

    2. He's already admitted to FAKING one of his experiments when someone proved it was FAKE. Saying that ok I faked that one but the rest all happened, honest lol.

    3. The scientific community is unable to reproduce his phenomena using the same conditions in the most technologically advanced institutions.

    Your conclusion is super powers. Mine is he faked it.

    Everything else you can possibly link about this can be scientifically explained by a 12 year old using current basic electormagnetic theory. When I use technology to create a magnetic field shit moves. Well no shit sherlock.

    Seriously dude, think about it.
  2. intrepido Member


    Really? Please go and google Dr Rife.

    See how he was attacked and destroyed by the AMA by the crime of curing cancer.

    You are a very sweet and naive person.

    I did not came into scientology looking for superpowers, I came looking for spiritaul development.

    I did achieved taht.

    I am more happy and better person than I was before scientology.

    Sorry for all those who were looking for superpowers, you are in for a big dissapointment.
  3. Whanonstler Member


    Wow are you deluded. I hate to say it, but the AMA and other real medical professionals would welcome a real, sound and reproducible cure for cancer. They will, however, do everything they can to let quacks and mountebanks be exposed and help expose them. Bausch and Lomb, for example, examined his super microscope and found it to be a fraud. It could not optically pick up and display viruses for examination. His faulty and disproven quackery lied in state until the 1980's when fraudsters and new quacks picked up on it and started fleecing the weak and vulnerable.

    Rather like Scienfaggotry did with you! \o/

    See, you are a fool- you have the same delusions the other cultists have (and you are outside the structure of CoS but you are a cultist all the same) that organized established bodies of professionals are in the best case dead wrong or at worst inimical to Humanity without the slightest shred of evidence to back up your claims or even your own methodology and techniques.

    Hubbard was a drug addled scam artist and you are fucking fool. If you are happier now, it is more likely because you have been trained to turn off your critical thinking (evidenced by you in the video) which is a negative gain, as opposed to really dealing with matters that impede your happiness which would be a positive gain.

    You are an espouser of bullshit and hokum; you strike me as a profoundly depressed person, deeply in denial and in need of real medical attention, not this bullshit with two tin cans.

    And if your response is going to be the typical patronizing pablum and misdirection as elsewhere in this thread, do not bother. As for his methods curing cancer? Pix or it didn't happen- and I mean hardcore scientific evidence not fricking anecdotes. I want to see case studies, treatment histories, what other therapies were used before, during or after Rife treatments all analyzed and analyzable six ways to Sunday. You know- *real* evidence.
  4. Anonyphunt Member


    Sure looked him up, how many deaths did he cause by not following scientific method because of his belief in his own psuedo science?

    Royal Rife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Cheating death - Australia's battle with Rife machine quackery

    Seriously dude, please.
  5. Anonyphunt Member


    All his case studies died. The general pattern is:

    1. Using conventional medicine to help with the incurrable
    2. Still not feeling well for 6 months becuase I have a terminal disease
    3. Apply psuedo science like Rife's walkman for 2 days
    4. Feeling better (because you've been on a course of conventional medicine for 6 fucking months)
    5. Throw away conventional medicine because 2 days with psuedo science cured me and not 6 months conventional treatment
    6. Die
  6. Whanonstler Member


    I know that- just as modern people exposed to his quackery die. That was my point.
  7. Anonyphunt Member


    I know it was xD I was just saying is all ;o)
  8. Whanonstler Member


    Gotcha! Sorry- pseudoscience gets me riled big time. :fuckyou:
  9. Anonyphunt Member


    hehe same here.

    Ok I think we can only all agree that evidences of super powers pewpew are either faked or easily explainable electro-magnetic phenomena.

    Also, that using Dr Rife as an example of the scientific community being evil and working for THE MAN are BS and actually prove the exact opposite.

    I think the only claim left is that Scientology helped his spiritual development.

    Do we even need to bother discrediting this claim, given the evidence he provides himself available in this thread and the scientific evidence available all over the world?
  10. highoverlord Member


    thanks guys for the videos and exps
  11. HouseSpiderV2 Member


    Victor - I too was using the flying cup as a hypothetical example. My point was that no OT phenomena has ever been documented scientifically. And yes, I absolutely am mocking your beliefs. I think they are stupid lies from a dead con-man. But I'll fight to the death for your right to destroy your mind with them, so long as you don't try to force it down anyone's throat (including any children you may have). I also think that the Christ story is a scam and that Wiccans are primarily butthurt feminists who read too much Harry Potter. Does that mean I hate them or refuse to associate with them? Hell naw. I hang out with Christians, Jews, Wiccans, Muslims, Buddhists and have Taoist and Freezoner friends online. And I critically question ALL their beliefs. And when they don't satisfy my questioning, I mock them. Then we take a deep breath, have a chuckle and go grab some fast food. Criticism =/= hate.
  12. Hostile Member


    god damn, I knew this would boil down to the morpheus "what is real" argument

    so let's quote it now
    If the virtual reality apparatus,
    as you called it, was wired to all
    of your senses and controlled them
    completely, would you be able to
    tell the difference between the
    virtual world and the real world?
    This isn't real?

    What is real? How do you define
    real? If you're talking about
    your senses, what you feel, taste,
    smell, or see, then all you're
    talking about are electrical
    signals interpreted by your brain.

    obviously their pseudo reality is only for them, so it's not like the matrix... but god, how dense are you to not realise that you are using your imagifreakingnation
  13. intrepido Member


    Nice and neat dude, except the part about my childrens.

    You stay very way from them.

    I decide what to teach them or not and to raise them.

    You come 1000 yards close to them and you are a very crushed house spider.

  14. Whanonstler Member


    Wow, aggressive and threatening behavior, while avoiding the real points he cannot argue against! Just like a real clam! \o/

    Wow, Hubbard has brainwashed people with some really bad shit.
  15. intrepido Member


    No. You did not.

    You asked me if I had seen a psyqiatrist as result of that. I answered you "No. I do not liked them."

    Ever since some people have used that quote as meme.

    You did imply I needed to see a psych because supossedly I am halucinating looking floating cups.

    You in several ocassions had continued asking me to go to a psych based in the same assumption.

    You would have keep doing it if I had not remited you to check the video.

    If you make a question to me and I am nice enough to answer it, you should be nice enough to put attention to my answer and listen it.

    You did not did that as you were very busy looking ways to make mockery of me.

    Shame on you.
  16. intrepido Member


    What are you talking about? How would you react about somebody trying to interfere between you and your children?

    (I am assuming you care about them, of course)
  17. Hostile Member


    you're doin it wrong. you don't know what a meme is...

    but would it be wrong to tell your children that if they jump off a cliff, if they wish it to be true, they would live? what if I decided to tell my children that all people of [insert a race here] are evil? is the same not true for you hypothetically telling your children that all psychiatrists are evil?

    (can I say checkmate yet?)
  18. intrepido Member



    It is my complete rigth as parent to educate my children with my values.

    This United States, this is not Soviet Union or the Socialist Republic of California.

    They certainly will have the rigth to decide for themselves as adults what is true or not for themselves.

    Until they are 18 that decision belong to me.

    And so, until they are 18, psychiatrists are whores sold to the pharmaceutical industry (I did not used the word evil).
  19. Anonyphunt Member


    Its not your right. You dont own them.

    And the USA does not grant you the right of ownership. You are responsible for their well being. If your actions bring about harm to them you will be prosecuted. This includes denying them medicine and psychriatic help if they require it.
  20. highoverlord Member


    were going to have another fucking jerry perkins on our hands
  21. HeHateMe Member


    I used to love Paul Rodriguez's standup but I don't get this new material. :)
  22. intrepido Member


    I do not want psychiatric "help".

    I would prefer to go back to live to my country with them to surrender them to a communist "is for own good" state.

    I would not be the first.
  23. intrepido Member


    What? It is preferible then a few more columbines?
  24. Hostile Member


    but the question remains, if your child's school said that your child has social problems, and they suggested that you seek psychaitric help or counselling for your child, would you follow their advice?

    or for example, if your child fell and broke their arm in three places and the doctor said that you needed to give them morphine for the pain, would you?
  25. Anonyphunt Member


    Its not a question of what you want. If your child needs medical care and you deny it you are responsible for the repercussions to their health.

    Contrary to what you think, you dont have all the facts and you are not qualified to make that decision. And if your prejudice blinds you into avoiding help, ignorance will not save you in court nor save your child.

    Seriously dude, wise up, you had the strength to leave scientology and yet all the crap they poured into you is still sitting in your head and festering away to the point you would consider the endangerment of your children.

    Take another step away from the propaganda they told you, its easier than the one you already took.

    You need deprogramming and serious psychological help

    "Arthur Don Beals was killed by his son.
    "Gary Don Beals says he might not have murdered his father and tried to kill his mother if not for influence by the Church of Scientology. Beals told the Utah Board of Pardons Friday that church members talked him out of getting needed psychological help and also turned him against his parents."

    Sauce: Utah scientology co-responsible for murder?

    "Son arrested in woman's fatal knifing - 14 March 2003
    An argument that exploded Thursday morning ended in the death of an Amherst woman who was stabbed by her 28-year-old son, police said. The body of Elli Perkins, 54, was discovered on a bedroom floor of her home in the 1400 block of Hopkins Road about 10:30 a.m., Amherst Police Chief John J. Moslow said."

    Sauce: Sad News, Sterling - alt.fairs.renaissance | Google Groups

    "Man held in mom's slaying to get psychiatric tests - 18 March 2003
    Jeremy M. Perkins, 28, a mentally troubled Amherst man, was ordered Thursday to remain jailed without bail pending grand jury proceedings over the fatal stabbing of his mother last month...Perkins has a history of paranoid schizophrenia his family reportedly was treating with vitamins and some medical therapy."

    "Grand jury indicts son in fatal stabbing of mother - 4 June 2003
    Homicide prosecutor Kenneth Forrest Case told the judge Perkins was indicted on two counts of second-degree murder and weapons charges for allegedly stabbing his mother 77 times. After the brief court session, Nuchereno said the stabbing "was the working of a 28-year-old mind which is very, very ill."

    "Man who killed mother will get more treatment - 28 January 2004
    Perkins' schizophrenia was being treated with vitamins and herbs by his parents, Church of Scientology "auditors" who rejected modern psychiatry. On Tuesday, John R. Nuchereno, Perkins' attorney, told the judge that had his client been given psychiatric treatment instead of being treated at a Church of Scientology medical facility, "his mother would be alive today.""

    Sauce: Ellie Perkins - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    "Enlightenment's dark side - 30 January 2004
    "Jeremy was a young man who had never harmed a fly in his life," the defense attorney said. "Had he obtained competent psychiatric care, he would not have been in the predicament he found himself." Perkins was found mentally not responsible for his actions and is confined to Rochester Psychiatric Center. "
    Sauce: Buffalo News SPECIAL REPORT: Enlightenment's dark side - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:

    Historical case of zonners trying to establish their own little cult:

    "[T]he Director of the Scientology Institute in Bulawayo, Africa, a man named John Kennedy, was said to be responsible for the success of Scientology in Rhodesia. ... Unbeknownst to Hubbard, one of their goals was leaving Scientology and setting up a similar organization called the Institute of Mental Health. ... Kennedy died shortly thereafter in a shooting accident. "It is said he shot himself accidentally while cleaning his revolver" stated the Daily Mail on July 14, 1968, "but an open verdict was returned by the coroner."

    Sauce: Paulette Cooper's The Scandal of Scientology / Chapter 10: The Suppressives

    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
  27. highoverlord Member

  28. intrepido Member


    let me tell you about your "science".

    I was reading a cuban psychiatric hanbook describing all the "mental diseases and disorders" that cuban psychs treat...

    Well, Do you know that listed in the "mental disorders" is ..."political diversionism"

    That obviuos that somebody has to be crazy to not like the communist party.

    That is your 'science"

    Da, comrade, son has a mental disorder as he wants to vote democrat this years...that wont do, he has to go to siberia...

    This still happened in soviet union 10 years ago, and putin was only too happy to replicate.

    It is not that long before it start in america.

    That is your "science"


    (you, however, you can want it if you wish, you can have it all)
  29. intrepido Member


    By the way..I am new here, What I have to do to put cleawateranon in my ignore list?

    I really do not like to talk online with inmature underaged brats.
  30. Hostile Member


    you still didn't answer our question on if you'd accept psychiatric help for your child...

    and by the way, surprise, this is the US, UK, Canada etc
    not cuba, they have nice medicare, but not the greatest politics

    Scared of the truth much? :lol:

    Just put your fingers in your ears and go lalala....

    Real mature..
  32. Anonyphunt Member


    What some psycopath in cuba writes in a book has fuck all to do with science or psychiatry. It has to do with a corrupt political system in cuba and some idiot writing bullshit in a book.

    Everything else you wrote is just posturing and medieval soothsaying.

    If you cant tell the difference then seriously, social services should be in charge of your children for the sake of their own mental health. Just so your sure mate I'm not being mean I'm trying to help. Is there anyone outside the Freezone and Scientology you can talk too? Someone you can trust? Please speak to them about this.
  33. intrepido Member


    Direct answer...


    I would look for a freezone scientology auditor for helping him with his issues.

    It could be not cuba, but it is still psychiatry..That is your "science" I do not want it.

    But I am fine if you want it. enjoy.
  34. intrepido Member


    Until you are over 18 I am ignoring you.

    I will not read nor respond to any message you post.

    Do not bother.

    Deprogramming and a college education, look in to it buddy! :awesome:

    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
    :siren:FREEZONE=DO NOT WANT:siren:
  36. intrepido Member


    Well...I am talking to YOU..arent I?

    And do you tell about spotting diferences?

    What about people who pompously come and say..

    there is NOTHING good in scientology.

    I have not seen you ask those people to diferenciate.

    LRH says love and respect your that no good because it is in scientology?

    For people who are very easyly hurt by freezoners "attempts to recruit" , I have seen here a lot of people trying to recuitme to like psychiatry.

    I dont.

    It is my opinion.

    I have rigth to have one and to expres it.

    I have not in any minute denied the rigth of any one here to like them.

    if want psychiatry treatment all means, go ahead!

    Is there any part here where I have say to you not to go?

    if your experiences had been pleasnt , good for you! take a win!

    I dont like them. And also i dont like onions.

    But you can like them both.

  37. Anonyphunt Member


    Well, then you are lost. You are a danger to yourself and others about you.

    The very evil you have been taught to hate is the very thing you prescribe too. Its a cheap magic trick and very easy to fall for.
  38. Hostile Member


    yep, exactly that
    goodbye, I hope you reconsider your brainwashed opinions about psychiatry

  39. Whanonstler Member


    No that is communism propoganda not science. Learn to think. Jesus, you just have no idea how to think critically or actually process information. Go seek help. Freezone drivel is not helping you.

    Heh. Sound like you are afraid you might actually learn something, or have your ridiculous preconceptions questioned. Aw, poor you! You might just have to face facts that you are still in the cult!
  40. anon4eva Member



    No one wants to talk to a brain-washed, hostile, holier than thou, LRON Tech spewer....Beat it. Your aggressive, insulting rants are better served to some of your culty friends. To engage in an intelligent conversation with you is impossible, as seen by your keen and stunningly inept spelling abilties.

    ----yes start looking up the words you don't understand.
    Starve the troll, they are too well fed!! :guyfawkes:

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