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    This has been an on going project with me and Kristi Wachter for about 10 years.

    This is a list of OT VIII's that were culled from the OT VIII completions lists in Freewinds Magazine Issue # 1 to Issue # 89 (Dec 1989 to April 2012).

    We are missing Freewinds Issue # 72 from 2008, which means the list is incomplete at this time by about 15 names.

    I have provided a place to view the list more easily at:

    Please read the notes Kristi left concerning the list and also please notice that
    there are three tabs at the bottom of the page:

    Full list --- tally by year --- and individuals. These tabs give further stats and info about the list.

    How you can help.

    What I need is for people to post updates here on this thread, on any of the names on this list and then for a couple of people to volunteer to be admins and update the spreadsheet linked above.

    If you would like to help with updating of the list, please email me with your gmail account at I'll authorize you as an admin for the list.

    I am looking to find out where these OT VIII's are right now and some info on them.

    Still In?
    Deceased? and the cause of death if known
    Is in Freezone/Indie field?
    Is an Ex Scientologist?
    Is Declared?
    Remarried with new Last name?

    As information comes the volunteer admins will update the database at the above link.

    Many thanks, hugs and kisses to Kristi and to the anonymous elves that helped with this project! It's a great team effort to get information and I think the end result will be that Scios still in and the media will see some real stats about OT 8 comps.


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    I did an exact comparison using the names against the list of exes as it is today on .

    The following people on Pooks' list are out / have been speaking out:

    Alba Gloor
    Claudio Lugli
    Dave Gibbons
    Dickie Conn
    Exilda Pearlman
    Gary Lerner
    Geir Isene
    George White
    Halina Cirillo
    Jeff Walker
    John Hansen
    Luigi Cosivi
    Maria Pia Gardini
    Mary Jo Leavitt
    Michael Pattinson
    Mike Wilson
    Naomi Davis
    Pat Shannon
    Wally Hanks
    Yvonne Schick
    Ziba Feulner
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    When I sorted the list by name and counted only the non-duplicates [by exact name comparison], there were 2400 people on it.

    I think it would help to get rid of the duplicates
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    Using "trial and error" I went through a little part of the list, only the first 50 of the "A" (sorted by name). I simply googled

    scientology where is "<name scilon>"

    Only when I thought for some reason people stood out I put them in this post. I don't think this helps very much.

    It looks to me that by CO$-policy $cientologists don't go online and don't build online presence besides the standard "scientology is great" websites. If they are mentioned online somewhere, it is because of such a standard website, because they are in completions, or because they are in some post with other members who have done OT8.

    When people get out, I guess it is most likely they do so quietly, especially when they still have family "in".

    Besides that it is really hard to find anything on people using only their name, especially when it is a common name. You never know if it's the same person. We have similar experiences looking for names for the exes-list. (There is a reason people have social security numbers and scilons have IAS-numbers... :p .)

    As examples some results I got [watch out for the COS-links!]:

    Abby Juneau - Still in, works at http://www.workablelifesolutions .com/about.php [SCIENO LINK]
    Adelheid Rech - Still in,önig-in-düsseldorf.57591/
    Adriana Scarpellini - Still in, http://www.belleairscientology. [SCIENO LINK]
    Agnetha Stahl - Still in, http://www.scientologynews. org/press-releases/meet-a-scientologist-agneta-stahl.html [SCIENO LINK]
    Ahuda Gorman -
    Alain Rosenberg - France, 2 year suspended jailtime and fine
    Alan Larson -
    Alan Turbin -
    Alicia Fuller - Presents various "what is scientology" videos on google, e.g.
    Alicia Gray -

    I am open for suggestions for other ways of research
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    Only ~ 2,400 OT Vllls after all these years.

    Those stats suck!

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    Here is Al Paredes:

    Terrific job on your project.
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    Bernard Duffy is still active in Ireland at the age of 92 years of age.
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    Ok, next bunch of OT8 finding results. :)

    Watch out for scilon links!! I'm not going to warn you for each separate link... :p

    Alison Osborn -,c9261894
    Allen Grondin - declared SP?
    Allyne Rosenthal -
    Andrew Chalmers -
    Andrew Hoare -
    Andrew Rinder - brother of Mike Rinder
    Andy Hoare -
    Andy Savas - also known as Antros Savas!topic/alt.clearing.scientology/UVV79hDctLg
    Anita Mally -
    Ann Carter -
    Ann Roberts - Won freedom medal award [dutch]
    Annie Maisriemler - Declared SP?
    Ariane Jaquier - Deleted IAS Patron!topic/nl.scientology/mMjfSrm9Y4E
    Art Neumann - LOL!
    That's about it for the A.
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  11. TrevAnon Member

    Now the C

    Watch out for scilon links. I am not going to warn for each separate one.

    Carl Rohrig - Offensive art... :)
    Carla Moxon - Married to Ken / Rick / Kendrick Moxon
    Carlynn McCormick - President of Applied Scholastics Online Academy -
    Carol Craig - There is a Carol Craig mentioned in this article, but don't know if it's the same

    Carol Kingsley - Mace Kingsley founder

    Carole Smith - This is a nice coincidence :) Actress Carole Smith [not the OT8 scilon] portrayed a scilon in The Bridge...
    Cathilea Robinett -
    Charles Blankenship -
    Charlie Uslander -
    Chel Stith - Also known as Michelle
    Chiara Staples - FSM for Maria Pia Gardini
    Christian Bosiger - Got sued
    Christine Gerson -
    Chuck DeVoe - Wife became suicidal after finishing OT8
    Claude Boublil - Brother of Martine
    Claudia Engel - Suspected German authorities put an "S" on her population record
    Colleen Weinstein - Has her own site
    Corry Ryke - Died 2010
    Craig Jensen -
    Cyndy Wright - Mission Director Salt Lake City

    So I just checked on about 420 OT 8 and didn't find very much dirt.

    Looks as if scilons actually ARE the most ethical people on the planet.

    BRB signing up for first COS-course... :)
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    Hey TrevAnon,

    If you go to the Individuals tab you can see the list with all the (exact) duplicates removed.

    Another way folks can help with this project: if you see duplicate names that are NOT exact duplicates, make a note here so we know they're duplicates. We gave two examples of obvious but not-exact duplicates in the spreadsheet:

    Adelhaid Rech
    Adelheid Rech-Gesche

    Alessandra Franchi
    Alessandra Franchi Panigalli

    ... but I bet there are lots of others. If you spot duplicates - especially non-obvious ones - please post them here.

    Thanks for posting this, Patty!
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    Yes, I saw that - after I posted the 2,400 count. :confused:

    That is my point. When, for example, I google

    scientology "Diana Zottola" "Diana Zottola"

    then I get results for
    1. Diana Zottola
    2. Diana Jung Zottola
    3. Diana J. Zottola
    [and maybe more]

    How do I differentiate between them, or how am I sure if these persons are the same? I suppose I can't.

    I don't know about US laws on first and last names, and it may look obvious that entry 1 is Diana with only her maiden name, and entry 2 is Diana with her married name. Entry 3 may be the same as entry 2, but it could also be that the "J." is short for a second baptismal name. But I am not sure.

    Under Dutch law [which I know better because I'm Dutch, but IANAL], when Diana Zottola marries Carl Jung :) both of the spouses are allowed to use their own surname, the other spouse's surname, or the combination of each others surnames. So that would be:
    - Carl Jung and Diana Zottola
    - Carl Jung and Diana Jung-Zottola
    - Carl Jung and Diana Jung
    - Carl Jung-Zotolla and Diana Jung-Zottola
    - Carl Zotolla-Jung and Diana Zottola-Jung
    - Carl Zotolla and Diana Zottola
    and there may be more combinations possible.

    When the spouses choose for Carl Jung and Diana Jung but divorce, Diana is under Dutch law free to keep her exes name, so she stays Diana Jung. [A reason she may choose to do so is that there will be less confusion if the couple had children, who have their fathers surname. But... it is also allowed that the children have their mothers surname! [Must be the same for all the children though.]]

    In the past I worked on IT-systems for persons-databases, and I think it comes down to that it is nearly impossible to really be sure that two persons are one and the same when you only have names. Again, there is a reason there are social security numbers and IAS-numbers. [I also understand you maybe cannot use these in your database, or are not even allowed to use them. So this is not to say that I don't have respect for the work you and others do, but only to explain the technicalities I come across!]
  14. TrevAnon Member

    By the way, there is no way to put the OT 8-list together with other databases, like the one at , just to get hits on people? Would be nice if someone could arrange for this as it saves a lot of time. Though you would still have the above fundamental problem with names.
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    Now the D

    Watch out for scilon links. I am not going to warn for each separate one.

    Dagmar Roeder - Sued German state ,
    Dan Stradford - ,!topic/alt.religion.scientology/eY8lbyDB_t4
    Daniel Bryenton - Mentioned in Armstrongs declaration: Also
    Daniela Fava -
    Daniela Gonzalez - I like what I see, where can I subscribe? LOL Guess it's not her, but this makes my job a little nicer... ;)
    Daniele Gounord - Spokeswoman for France COS
    Daniele Longoni -
    Daphna Hernandez - Friend of Narconon
    Dave Carbonarra - Damn... He isn't the same as...?“the-good-news”/
    Dave Kluge -
    David Banks - In online version A piece of blu sky Also
    David Gaiman - Is this ?
    David Levitt -
    David Minkoff - ,
    David Morse -
    David Nunez -
    David Nutter - http://sleep-apnea-problems.studysl...logy-life-improvment-center-mountain-view-ca/
    David Slaughter -
    David Stedman - ?
    David Wilson - Same as the one on the enemies list?
    Dean Blehert -
    Deanne Mac Donald -
    Debbie Indursky -
    Debbie Ward - AKA Debbie Kagan
    Denice Duff - Actress, ,
    Dennis Dubin - Died of cancer
    Dennis Feeney - In Gorman case
    Dennis McKenna - COS Spokesperson Paulette Cooper case
    Denver Frater - Author of Child scientology
    Detlef Foullois - Convicted criminal?
    Diane Klein -
    Diane Music -
    Diane Workman - Sued CAN
    Divona Lewis - Worked on the script for Battlefield Earth, which of course is an atrocity in itself
    Don Hood - On Mace Kingsley staff
    Don Pearson -
    Donna Isham -
    Doreen Smith - Spoke out as Gillham
    Doris Caitak - Narconon Florida
    Dorothy West - LOL! Also
    Douglas Sadwick - Sentenced to 90 days
  16. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not going to warn for each separate one.

    Earl Smith - President Spokesperson for COS Canada
    Ed Bryan - Arrested for trespassing
    Ed Cramb - Auditor at Mace Kingsley Family Center Florida
    Ed Mooney - Died from aneurysm
    Eddie King - Father of Christie King [Collbran]
    Edward Hamlyn - Advised Scientology as a cure See Dorothy West
    Edwin Baer -
    Elaine Fanton -
    Elana Grossi -
    Eleanor Blankenship - Died
    Elena Fine - Died
    Enza Guzzo - Died from cancer
    Eric Mitchell - Narconon
    Erwin Annau - SP Declared
    Eve Willner - On OSA volunteer list
  17. TrevAnon Member

    3 percent of Americans have been to jail:

    Of course I know that OT8's are from all over the world. But roughly I would expect about 3% of 2,400 = 72 of the OT8's going to jail. I hope someone does a count as I go along the list.

    43% of Americans die from cancer:

    .... you know what to do!

    No, I do not think we will be able to compare these statistics under OT 8 against the general population. :(
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    ITT: TrevAnon talking to himself.


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Farhad Raschidi - German
    Farid Tabibzadeh - Founder of SpeedyClick
    Florence Bezazian - Mother of ex-husband Tory Christman
    Forrest Dockery -
    France Rochon AKA France d'Amour
    Frances Clark -
    Francesca Pala - AGP made her Youtube superstar...
    Frank Suarez - Suicide
  19. Anonymous Member

    If needed, I will probably volunteer to be a list admin, although I'm waiting to see if any others can handle it easier.

    A few questions...

    - How often are you looking for this to be updated? Weekly? Monthly? I know we'll all just collectively sort of keep it on track as we go along, but I can't be too tied down to it. If I updated it once a month, assuming no other admin already got to it first, would that be good enough?

    - Can the last column I ("WHERE ARE THEY NOW") be subdivided? I'm worried about too much info being crammed into that and having it look disorganized. What if we did something like this?

    Column I: Status (we put something simple here like still in, freezone/indy, out, etc.)
    Column J: Last update (e.g. "July 2012" - just marking down the point where the info for this person was entered into the list. I'm just thinking long-term here; if it's 2 years into the future, we may have "still in" on a person who's actually died, or the their comments may be out of date, e.g. "X job at Y org" when they've actually switched staff jobs. Marking the date on the data entry may be more informative for people browsing, i.e. "OK, he was still in as of 2 years ago".)
    Column K: Comments (this is where we can put a little extra stuff, e.g. for Michael Pattinson, "Outspoken critic of CoS")
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    why is it cool for us to post all these names and shit and threads get removed when someone names an anon? are we becoming the fucking cult?
  21. Random guy Member

    Because they have already agreed to publish their names as part of a COS PR-campaign?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is an organisation committed to gaining power through non-democratic tactics - including it's members being clandestine. Therefore naming them publicly and listing them takes away part of their power base.

    Oh - and Lurk Moar.
  23. Anonymous Member

    ah i see ..... so because someone's name is in a magazine or a list of scilons it is fine by us to find dox and namefgag them? just wondering how far can we push this. how about a facebook page of a scilon? can we dox them, post their work phone number and personal email etc? and how old do they have to be?

    i am trying to namefag scilons and I wanna make sure i know the rules ;)
  24. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Gad Klopstock - In Israel, Tel Aviv
    Gail Carroll - Narconon
    Gary Beeny -

    Gary Catt - architect

    Gary Epstein - PTS Type III psychotic break Claimed to have been a nazi in a former life
    Gary Henkel - Sued the feds
    Gary Judge -;wap2
    Gay Ribisi - Mother of Giovanni and Marissa Also but can't find the jane article mentioned there
    Gaye Corbett -
    Gayle Rego -

    George Baillie -

    George Pilat -

    Gerard Renna -

    Gerri Fischman -
    Giovanni Dell'Aria - GOOGLE TRANSLATE
    Gisela Hackenjos - Sentenced to a fine Also
    Giuliano Cocchetti - Suicide
    Glenn Currier -
    Gloria Slaughter - AKA Cruz?!topic/alt.religion.scientology/TCvFFxf0rmA O hai Kristi :)
    Graham Payne -,c9226410
    Grant Cardone -
    Greg Layton -
    Grethe Boisen - GOOGLE TRANSLATION
    Gudrun Morgan -
    Gunilla Gerber -
    Gunther Laws - Deceased
    Gus Wollitzer -
  25. TrevAnon Member

    So now I have done a google search on 840 OT 8, which led to finding 165 links beside the standard personal COS-sites, Kristi's site or OT8-lists and so Pooks and others have spammed posted ;) all over the net.

    As there are 2,400 people on the list I guess we'll have about 500 links to further examine when this job is done. That narrows it down a bit.

    I will go on later.

    Could use some help though. Would be great if someone started at Z and worked his/her way up.
  26. pooks Member

    This is totally incredible work! Thank you so very very much. I heard there maybe someone out there that would like to be an admin for the google doc page.

    I heard from the grape vine that someone would like to be an admin. Please pm me with a gmail account so I can add you. Right now I have a lot of projects going on and can't spend any more time on this until-- at least for another few weeks. HELPPPPPPPPPPP!
  27. TrevAnon Member

    So.. could this Anon please report to Pooks? :)

    I'm sure Pooks can give answers to the questions asked.

  28. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Hamida Jafferji -
    Hans Beekmans - Dutch dentist, works or worked for the Dutch royal family. GOOGLE TRANSLATION Also and where he breaks a camera during a Dutch Anon protest
    Hans Bruegemann - also as Brugemann
    Hans Ruscheweyh -
    Harold Bezazian - Ex-husband Tory 'Magoo' Christman
    Harry Lucas - Don't know if it's the same one
    Harry Rostig - WISE president
    Harry Wong - Chiropracter
    Harvey Schmiedeke - Dead:
    Heidi Wolfaardt -
    Heimo Bucerius - German WISE "Heimo Bucerius"&source=bl&ots=qXpBMIh54N&sig=SSUqfqPcMIQiCqQxEoUm0f1JN-k&hl=nl&sa=X&ei=59v-T4eLLqaW0QWp_pmaBw&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=scientology "Heimo Bucerius"&f=false
    Helga Kauf - Wrote open letter to Austrian president [german]
    Helga Wagner -!topic/alt.religion.scientology/zXDQ0L1Km2I
    Helgard Hahn - CC Munichünchen-e-v-landshuter-allee-münchen
    Hellen Chen - contains a link to her "academy" but that link is dead.
    Henning Heldt -
    Henry Blumenthal -

    Henry Robinett -

    Herb Sutphin -
    Hermann Keppler -
    Hildegard Jessup -
    Hilu Hansen -
    Holger Hackenjos -Македонија.41693/page-3#post-876385
    Holleigh Taufer -
    Howard Becker - Registrar Someone [maybe even Howard himself] posted on Marty's blog so people thought he was out. But IIRC he isn't.
    Howard Ryan -
    Hubert Wurfel -
    Hugo Canton -
  29. TrevAnon Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Done. Just so everyone knows, I will not be able to invest much time in this. The best I can do is keep the list updated at least occasionally. I'll be running entirely off the info provided by others, and more list admins would be helpful, because I have no ability to make this my pet project.

    TrevAnon - damn good work!

    Stuff people can do to help:
    - Googling names to see what turns up, like TrevAnon, starting from Z and going backwards alphabetically.
    - Volunteer to be a list admin and help keep the Google Docs file updated
    - Give us info on your local OT8's! You people in different regions know your local Scientology personnel better than any of us. Tell us what you know!
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    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Jacinto Castellano -
    Jack Dirmann - and
    Jack Potter -
    Jacob Lenz - Deleted as Patron!topic/nl.scientology/mMjfSrm9Y4E
    Jacquellyn Meyers - As Jacquelyn on
    Jairo Guzman - Bought his way to OT8 fast? or ?
    James Eckhart - WTF? Is this him?
    James Fiducia -!topic/alt.religion.scientology/MmdVEU23Wr4
    James Hort -
    James Newell - LOL! Uses We stand tall as music.
    James Parker - Damn.. nice picture.
    James Wilkinson - Hmm... doubt it's him. On MySPace a lot of people seem to say they're a scientologist.
    Jan Knapmeyer -
    Jan Silber -
    Jane Allen -
    Jane Bosan -
    Jane Dockery -
    Jane van Pelt -
    Janet Bowes -
    Janet Hollander -
    Janet Lawrence -
    Janet Petersen - OCMB:
    Janet Wilkins -
    Janice Johnson -
    Janice Racheff -!topic/nl.scientology/mMjfSrm9Y4E
    Janice Wheeler - Convicted
    Javier Munoz -
    Jay Blaut -
    Jay Clitheroe -
    Jay Johnson - Posted wall o'text on
    Jayne Greenwalt -
    Jayson Bromboz - TrevAnon citing himself
    Jean Brasel -
    Jean Dupuis -
    Jean Hornnes -
    Jean Lin -
    Jean Rosko - PAYS $1,415 TO SCIENTOLOGISTS, GIVES UP DOCUMENTS-a011928640
    Jean Spinner -
    Jeanne Decuypere -
    Jeannie Deva - AKA Jeannie Scoglio according to completions - Is this also her: ?
    Jeannie Trahant -
    Jeff Lee -
    Jeff Pomerantz - Voice over for COS events, plenty links.
    Jeff Walker -
    Jeffrey Hahn -
    Jennifer Jensen -
    Jenny Good Widmaier -
    Jenny Wakley -
    Jerry Dyas -

    Jerry Racheff -

    Jessica Byrnes -
    Jessica Marks -
    Jesus Garcia -
    Jill Chen -…/
    Jill de Hochepied - According to Jeta Eggers, long time Dutch critic:!topic/nl.scientology/HWuZG19zndY
    Jill Hagan - ...?
    Jill Methven -
    Jill O'Connell -
    Jim Bush -
    Jim Fitzgerald - http://www.scientology-sanfrancisco...note-address-grand-opening-san-francisco.html
    Jim Jackson -
    Jim Mathers -

    Phew. That was the first half of the J.
  32. TrevAnon Member

    J - continued

    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Jim McCoy -;wap2
    Jim Meskimen -
    Jim Norman -
    Jim Rego -
    Jim Zwers -
    Joachim Weber -
    Joan Lonstein - Died 2010
    Joan Sigal -

    Joe Feshbach - Dead

    Joe Pinelli -

    John Allender -

    John Fudge -
    John Glass - Too bad the video is gone...
    John Novello -
    John O'Neal -
    John Quigley -
    John Smith - LOL
    John Stout -
    John Sullivan -

    John Woodruff -

    Jon Coale -
    Jon Soeder -
    Jonathan Gerson -
    Joni Marchese - On the list of disaffected
    Jose Luis Galicia - Prostate cancer
    Joseph Andruscavage - Got sued
    Joseph Feshbach - Same as Joe above
    Joy Ollemans - "Joy Ollemans"&source=bl&ots=eBRWsELEl1&sig=bUZ36SEzCvPS9JOml1JvDk3Qy_o&hl=nl&sa=X&ei=FPn_T_zqJee20QWt6OmoBw&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=scientology "Joy Ollemans"&f=false
    Juan Villareal -
    Judith Weigand -–-lots-of-interesting-facts.65946/#post-1322575
    Judy Bruning -
    Judy Code -
    Judy Irons -
    Judy Marcus - This one?
    Judy Norton -
    Judy Scheuer-
    Judy Swanson -
    Judy Taussig - or
    Judy White -
    Judy Willardson -–-lots-of-interesting-facts.65946/#post-1322572
    Judy Wood - ??

    Julie Champness -

    Julie Lee -
    Jurai Lipscher - Same as Juraj ?

    And this was the second half.
  33. TrevAnon Member

    I am halfway the full list now. :) Quite sure I missed a lot of interesting links, but hey - you can't have it all!

    Oh, and I want caek now!
  34. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Karen Brackett -
    Karen Morrissett -
    Karen Renna - Talent manager for Denice Duff [another scilon, see above]
    Karen Scott -
    Karen Singhrs - via Singhrs
    Karin Beaty -
    Karin Tubbesing -
    Karl Morz -
    Karla Jo Helms -
    Kate Foundas -
    Kate Smith - LOL
    Kathie Heard - AKA Wasserman "Kathie" Wasserman (aka Kathie Heard)
    Kathy Braceland - Out [Kathy Jo]
    Kathy Feshbach -
    Kathy Marier -
    Kathy Morrill -
    Kathy Savas -‏.53603/#post-1111371
    Kathy Shepard - Leukemia
    Katie Heller -

    Kay Daly -

    Keith Code -
    Keith Miller -
    Ken Rabey - Google tells me he died, Thread however is very long
    Ken Whitman -
    Kenneth Gerbino -
    Kevin Burke -
    Kevin Rush -
    Kevin Wilson -
    Kifumi Keppler -
    Kim Whitworth -
    Kitty Kerr -!search/profile/person?personId=259449165&targetid=profile
    Klaus Kempe -
    Klaus Koller -
    Kurt Stahl -
  35. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Larry Buhman -
    Larry Gluck -
    Larry Silver -
    Lars Najbjerg -
    Laura Cross -

    Laura Lewis -

    Laura Wilson - OUT!
    Laura Wolfe - Scientologists are Busy Registering Voters
    Laurie Dohring -
    Lawrence Byrnes -
    Lee Cambigue -
    Leila Joffe Vander Heijdon - Think this must be Leila Joffe Van der Heijden [last O being an E] Harry's wife or something?
    Lena Akesson - False loans I think she was declared?
    Lenny Macaluso - Soundtrack Boogie nights
    Lewis Steinman - via Steinman
    Liane Gottwald - Deleted Patron!topic/nl.scientology/mMjfSrm9Y4E
    Libby Regan - AKA Weigand
    Lil Linson -
    Linda Aldrete -
    Linda Batdorf -
    Linda Drazkowski -
    Linda Neilson -
    Linda Smith -
    Linda Triscik -
    Lindy Duncanson - Died of cancer
    Lisa Gallagher -
    Lisa Johonnesson - Probably the same as Lisa Johonnsesson
    Lisa London -
    Lisa Malm -
    Lisa Witt -
    Lisbeth Ambuhl - Lisbeth Ambühl on
    Livia Morone -
    Liz Adams -

    Liz Baybak

    Liz King - Mother of Christie also
    Loic Cornet - This one?ïc Cornet/normal/94c5bec5dd244908bcfba8a5266c167b
    Loretta Miscavige - DM's mother
    Lorraine Baritz -
    Lottie Adler -,5739484 via Adler
    Louis-Michel Brolles - Convicted
    Louise Erison -
    Lucie Jungi-Saner -
    Lucinda Feshbach -
    Lucio La Chimia - Lausanne church
    Lucy Cole -
    Luigi Begnigna -
    Luigi Cosivi - FreeZone
    Lynda Allender -
    Lynn Irons -
    Lynn Tardibuono -
    Lynne Goldstein - SRSLY?

    Well, I guess this is enough for today.
  36. TrevAnon Member

    I surely hope though WWP's backup system is alright. ;)
  37. TrevAnon Member

  38. TrevAnon Member

    Could this thread be stickied?

    I'll report this post so a mod gets to see it.
  39. Anonymous Member

    List admin here. I almost wonder if it's better if it isn't. People get into the habit of skipping over all the stickied threads... Previously there was that Threads You Should Read feature on the board, which would probably help more, but I don't know if the board still has that.

    Trev, I know I haven't had time to add your stuff yet, but you can feel free to keep plowing forward on finding stuff out, because all your contributions will make it in eventually.
  40. TrevAnon Member

    Hmm. It would help if old threads still stickied but not longer worth stickying get unstickied. [Is this even English?] But I guess this is just my opinion.

    Will do.

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