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    Please take a look at the Google Docs list and the A's through the early B's. See what you guys think of the formatting so far and feel free to give feedback. I don't want to get several hundred names into this project when suddenly it's decided that it's best to set things up another way.

    Is he still in? This link, in itself, doesn't tell me everything. If I'm going to mark someone one way or the other, I want to know for sure. "He works in Florida", while a potential clue, isn't enough to go on by itself.

    I'll trust you. You don't have to supply hard dox or anything, just say clearly one way or the other.

    I was just thinking that the other day and I agree. It would help to have some major housecleaning with the stickied threads. A lot of them are very old and need to be allowed to die a natural death rather than sit around cluttering things up.
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    I'm assuming Al Paredes is still in since the doc you have says that he became OT VIII earlier this year.
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    For the ¨last update" field I think I would have chosen a format that includes the day e.g. July 14 2012.

    Furthermore, somehow an extra field to indicate if someone is dead - preferably with cause of death - would be nice. It makes it easy to show to $cientologists that OT8 are just people like the rest of us, not men and women with some god-like status. An extra field specifically for this purpose also makes it easy to tally.

    I like the gray coloured lines for redone OT 8 completions and other use of colours.

    @ mod: thanks for stickying!
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    I wanted to include the status & info sections more towards the left, because that's presumably what the readers were most interested in, i.e. where are they now and why. And I would've moved the magazine completion info farther to the right, especially since a lot of it is redundant. (OT8, OT8, OT8...) Problem is, Google Docs doesn't scroll the screen smoothly from left to right if you have a super-wide column in the middle. Hard to explain. tl;dr Google Spreadsheets has a few rough edges.

    Duh, I can't believe I missed that. You're right, that's a reasonable assumption. Fixed and thanks.


    I'll take it into consideration. I'm trying to weigh information vs. ease of upkeep and readability. For now, the deceased are marked with near-black (i.e. dead), and any particular reasons are noted in the comments section.
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    Yes, I can understand it you don't take a decision like that lightly.

    Also, I forgot that having done time in jail also makes an OT 8 a little more like us mere mortals... :) I understand this makes the decision not easier.
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    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Maelien Spina - http://anonymouslegions.wordpress.c...a-of-scientologists-on-www-enturbulation-org/
    Maggie Condon - ?
    Maggie Fuller -
    Maggie Reinhart -
    Maggie Spohn -
    Maguite Wilkens -
    Maina Kuhn -
    Malcolm Gellatly - Same as Malcom Gellatly
    Manuel Vianna - CFO of Diskeeper

    Marc Bromberg - Says COS in Belgium has 8,000 members

    Marc Marty - To me this doesn't sound like a "normal" name. Of course I get a lot of matches for Marty Rathbun when googling this. Could he be meant? I cannot find an entry for Rathbun in the completions, which I guess is strange. Do Sea Org members get a mention in the COS-magazines?
    Marc Silber - http://scientologypaloalto.wordpres...rday-artist-seminar-marc-silber-photographer/
    Marc Walter - Convicted! ~ $6,000 for keeping files on past members
    Marci Berger -
    Marco Chiancianesi -
    Marco Natale - and LOL at google translation for his name Marcus Christmas - Director of Public Affairs Church of Scientology Milan on
    Margaret Dolan - Maybe as Mimi on

    Margaret Hodkin -

    Margene Zimmer -!topic/alt.religion.scientology/EVaU3sXI8N8
    Marguerite Wirick -
    Maria Robb -
    Marie Gale -

    Marie Murillo -

    Marietheres Meili - Same as Marie Therese Meili
    Marina Simon - http://www.marinasimonforscientolog...lped-marina-simon-live-a-better-happier-life/ Really nice. Amongst others Yvonne Schick posted a comment on this site in 2010. But... Yvonne left in 2011! They don't delete comments?
    Marion Shuster - Kinda cute, if it weren't sad :(
    Mark Barbee -
    Mark Greisen -
    Mark Hanses -
    Mark Kloss -
    Mark McQuade -
    Mark Spina -
    Markus Vogel -
    Marsha Fox -
    Martha Conway -
    Martin Greenberg -
    Marty Prince -
    Mary Adams -
    Mary Alice DeWitt -
    Mary Ann Chait -
    Mary Ann Durham -

    And this was the first half
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    M - Continued

    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Mary Benepe - Died
    Mary Duda -
    Mary Elizabeth Glosup -
    Mary Heldt -
    Mary Huss -
    Mary Jo Sterzenback -
    Mary Lynne Wolfe -
    Mary Noel -
    Mary Smith -
    Maryann O'Donnell -
    Massimo Cavadenti - GOOGLE TRANSLATION
    Matt Feshbach - Same as Matthew?
    Mauri Karger -
    Maurizio Polverini -
    Max Harvey -
    Megan Shields -
    Melinda Leonhardt -
    Meri Dolan -
    Michael Duff -
    Michael Henderson - OUT!
    Michael Kananack -
    Michael King -
    Michael Lewis -
    Michael Phillips -
    Michael Shaw -
    Michael Wisner - , OR [and there may be more]
    Michel Reveillere -
    Michele Takacs -
    Micky Barram -
    Mike Carlson -!msg/alt.religion.scientology/2ZrnXyYx-sg/isqWLuGBLVUJ
    Mike Chatelain -
    Mike Driessen -
    Mike Pomerantz -
    Mike Smith - but also
    Mike Wilson - OUT!
    Milko Thies -
    Min-Jung Park -
    Minoru Motokawa -
    Mitch Talevi -
    Moira Dolan -
    Molly Baxter -
    Molly Jelley - Could this be the same as Molly Jelly?
    Monika Christen -
    Monika Wieneke -
    Monroe Kleiderman -
    Moshon Reuveni -
    Myles Binford -
    Myrna Safra -
    Myron Rapp -

    And that was the 2nd part of the M

    70 percent done now
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    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Nadege Guisti -–-la-mia-vita-dopo-ot-viii/ GOOGLE TRANSLATION
    Nancy Cameron -
    Nancy Daley -
    Nancy Davis -
    Nancy Frisch -
    Nancy Miller -
    Nancy Parodi - Parodi
    Nancy Reitze - Reitze
    Nancy Sadwick -
    Naomi Davis - OUT!
    Naomi Kleyn - Erased from COS-history for unknown reason?
    Neal Sobol - Sobol
    Neal Springer -
    Neil Kunen -
    Neil Woods - AKA Truthseeker via
    Nerida James -
    Nicholas Lekas - Same as Nick?

    Noelle North Norris - Lest we forget...

    Nola Aronson - If this is the same Nola then she has an interesting choice of books... Just made a post on the big list thread.
    Norm Novitsky -
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    I will try to finish the google search in a few days time. After that the various results will have to be examined further to be put in the spreadsheet.

    That's a tedious job, at least for me. But I also must say I don't know if I'm qualified enough to do that. I think that too many times I don't understand the finer details of (1) the English language or (2) Scientology. I'm Dutch, and neither myself nor anyone I know was ever in. All I learnt about COS was from the net, and the finer details are way beyond me. In this subject I'm good at doing larger chunks of simple work, not at doing smaller chunks of harder work.

    The Big List model has Incredulicide as a list admin who does the wiki-thing, RightOn as its primary researcher, and me and others as secundary researchers/contributors. That works very good.

    I'd like to see the OT8 project having the same structure. We have a list admin, I can and will be a secundary researcher, so we need at least one primary researcher.

    So I hope there will be some Anon and/or Ex to analyze the results. Maybe Patty or others can help find him of her (or them). I really wouldn't know who is up to the task, dont't know any Anons other than on this board.

    Not trying to be a leaderfag here, just trying to find a way to get the job done. I hope someone will help working out a strategy.

    Thoughts please? Or is this just me being too worried?

    EDIT: the OT8 project has one big advantage over the Big List, it is much smaller.
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    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Pablo Rohrig - AKA Carl W. Röhrig

    Pam Moniz -
    Pamela Blehert -
    Pamela Chipman - Chipman
    Pandy Katakuzinos -!topic/alt.religion.scientology/9xin_loLbJ8
    Paola Lombardi -
    Paolo Meini - Deceased
    Paolo Tucci -
    Pat Clouden -
    Pat Parodi -
    Pat Shannon - OUT!
    Patricia Mooney -,753581
    Patricia Tjepkes -
    Patrick Lue Fan - Same as Patrick Luefan?
    Patrick Robinson -
    Patrizia Brambilla -
    Patty Riemer - Riemer
    Paul Dangberg -
    Paul Davis -
    Paul O'Malley -
    Paul Price -
    Paul Turnbull -
    Paula Hayes -
    Paula Paiewonsky -
    Paula Walser - Same as Paula Walser Portmann?
    Paula Webster -
    Pavane Fraser - Same as Pavane Fraser Moriak?
    Peggy Hitchman -
    Peggy Wiley -
    Peter Anstrin - "Peter Anstrin"
    Peter Glur -
    Peter Jorck -
    Peter Wakley -
    Peter Zimmatore - Was in the ComEv of Dutch Lafayette primary school:
    Phil Beaubien -
    Phil Hart -
    Phil La Claire -
    Philip De Fontenay - OUT
    Phillip Parke -
    Phyllis Law -
    Pier Paderni -
    Pierre Penichon -
    Pino Brenicci -
    Pino Gangi Dino -
    Pomm Hepner -
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    While working at this project I have a problem with the websites

    While the homepages load pretty good on my computer, the links Google gives when I google someone load really slow. This has led me to try these links less.

    Is there some way to speed up the loading, or can I get a text-only version of these sites, so I can use them faster? By far the best would be a list of names of COS-members covered on these sites, so I can use LibreOffice Calc to find if they are mentioned in Pooks' list.
  13. TrevAnon Member

    Again a short intermediate analysis. I have found links for 553 people now, while I have researched 1862 (a little more than 75% of the total number of people).

    That is 29,7 percent, which would make the end result about 710 people "doxed" .

    It's also a considerably higher estimate than my first one, which was about 500. Could be however that I am lowering on the quality of the links.

    We'll see.
  14. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Rachel Lockwood - Accounts ? Are You Paying Too Much?
    Rainer Biermann - german„biggi-reichert-ist-aufgetaucht/
    Ramses Erdtmann -
    Randy Baxter -
    Randy Kretchmar -
    Randy Stith -
    Raven Campbell - Leads me to facebook page CC Nashville
    Ray Miller -
    Ray Mithoff - How many links would you like?
    Ray Von Hollen -
    Rebecca Chambers -
    Rebecca Cusano -
    Rebecca Neuman -
    Regina Ploner -
    Renata St. Lawrence -
    Renate Helnwein -
    Renato Smith -!topic/alt.religion.scientology/AO6k0DdqiPE
    Renetta Shearer -
    Reto Gfeller - HR boss at Unisoft AG, swiss company
    Rhoda Zeffert -
    Richard Bishop -
    Richard Crites -
    Richard Lore -
    Richard Melrose -
    Rick Hull -
    Rick Melrose - Same as Richard above?
    Rick Rogers -
    Rita Bright -
    Rita Stockhausen Fischer -
    Rito Scolaro -
    Rob Bosan -
    Robbie Robinson -
    Robert Bein - Deceased

    Robert Dobson-Smith

    Robert Hernandez -
    Robert Lawson -
    Robert Schwartz -
    Roberto Alaimo -
    Robin Filios -
    Robin Shereshevski - As Robin Shereshevsky on
    Rochell Goodrich - Goodrich
    Rochelle Eriksen -
    Roger Fisher -
    Rohn Walker -
    Roland Ekstrom - Swedish GOOGLE TRANSLATIOn
    Roland Stahl -
    Romano Romanini - Deceased
    Ron Anderson -
    Ron Moss - Father of Elisabeth
    Ron Suiter -
    Rona Bowles -
    Ronald Watson -
    Ronit Soracco -
    Rose Goss - Deceased
    Rosemarie Freihoff - Same as Rosie?
    Rosemary Didear -
    Ross Munro -
    Rosser Cole -
    Royce Quimby -
    Russ McKevitt -
    Ruth Baer -
    Ruth Lennie -
    Ruthie Bradley -;wap2

    Tomorrow the S. It may look different but every now and then I actually have a life... :)
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    Pearl Beckmann... when I knew her in the early 1990s, she was already in her 70s. No additional data, sorry.
  17. pooks Member

    This is awesome work. Thank you so much.
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    Thank you to whichever mod(s)/admin(s) who cleaned up the stickies!

    Actually that's very helpful, so there's no need to apologize. Even clues like yours are useful and welcome. I won't mark it for certain on the list either way, but I will add the info you provided, and the readers can draw their own inferences (i.e. she may quite possibly no longer be living).

    Thanks. I'm gonna go through the backlog of names on your Exes Speaking Out list and should have the OT8's copied over to our list soon. And thanks for keeping an eye on any future OT8's that leave. If one exits and goes through the trouble of speaking out, you would think it'd get so much attention that it couldn't possibly be missed by us... but you never know if the list admin(s) here are going to be too busy to follow everything.

    Excellent. You've been amazing. I'm not expecting anyone to do any further Googling on any of the remaining names in the list. (Heck, I wasn't even expecting you to do your broad, initial sweep over all of the names, but it's been a huge boost.) Agonizing over every single name left with serious websearches would be long, tedious work which I don't want or expect anybody to do.

    I have a different idea. After we get our act together here, we can try to spread word of the project on places like ESMB and OCMB. Even Marty's blog and those types of hangouts could be very productive. These places are full of exes who know people, and if we can get word out, it'd fill in lots of the gaps in our list. But let's hold off for a while until I finish adding all the info from this thread. I don't have as much free time as I'd like, so give me a solid week or two, and let's see where it's at.
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    By the way, I don't see either Claire Reppen or Greg Bashaw on the list of OT8 completions, so I don't know if they made it that far. If I'm mistaken, then please correct me.
  20. I will join soon
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  21. RightOn Member

    that is why I questioned both their names
  22. TrevAnon Member

    ... and will not produce very much additional results. These people really have no internet-presence - which is of course not surprising because they don't "do" internet.

    Pooks already did that. The ESMB-thread is I thought I saw an OCMB-thread as well, but can't find it that quick.
  23. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Sabine Haible -
    Saila Domani - Listed as an "independent consultant" on a dutch site. Also italian and norwegia
    Sakura Thompson - Thompson . Narconon Hawaii! Damn, I wish I was on drugs in Hawaii...
    Sally Culloden -
    Sally Jensen - Craig's wife
    Sam Gendusa -
    Sam Licciardi - Husband of Denise Miscavige, David's twin sister.
    Sandy Adair -
    Sandy Brennan -
    Sandy Mesmer -
    Sara Downey -
    Sara Jonic -
    Sarah Russo - COS Bern
    Sarit Rosenberg -
    Savita Wadhwani -
    Scott Bradberry -
    Scott Curry -
    Scott Gregory -
    Scott Kreisberg -
    Scott Mazzarella -
    Scott Menaul -
    Scott Weigand -
    Shahab Emrani -
    Sharon Kimbal - Sharon Kimball [with an extra L]
    Sharon Kloss -
    Sheila Atkinson-Baker -
    Sheila Bulger -
    Sheila Gaiman -
    Sheila Gluck -
    Sheri Payson -!search/profile/person?personId=187674016&targetid=profile
    Sherry Anderson -
    Sherry Brier -
    Sherry Durrett -
    Sherry Hermann -
    Sherry Larson -

    Sheryle Festa

    Shirley Austin -
    Siegfried Kiontke -

    This was the first half.
  24. TrevAnon Member

    S continued

    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Sikica Feldman - Feldman
    Silvano Gentilin -
    Simon Meadmore -
    Sioux Hart - Same as ?
    Soazik Canonne -!topic/alt.religion.scientology/3w4d6Pv2hXw
    Solveig van den Berg -
    Sonya Scott - This her?
    Stacey Patton -
    Stafan Gebhardt-Seele - Spelling issue Stephan Gebhardt-Seele
    Staffan Svensson -
    Stan Gerson - Same as Stanley?
    Star Hillman -
    Stefan Erdtmann -
    Stephanie Kilpatrick -
    Stephen Parodi -
    Steve Hayes -
    Steve Heard -
    Steve Honka -
    Steve Marchese -
    Steve Yeich -
    Steven Ferry -
    Steven Hayes -
    Steven Hechtman -
    Su Falcon - :)
    Sue Birkenshaw -
    Sue Lynn Moore -
    Sue McCarty -!
    Sue Miller -
    Susan Broughton -
    Susan Davis -
    Susan Kerr -
    Susan Sisson -
    Susan Watson -
    Susanne Bornemann -
    Suzan Ott -
    Suzy Barbee -
    Sylvia Heneghan -
    Sylvie Viau -

    And that was the second half.
  25. TrevAnon Member


    Watch out for scilon links. I am not warning for each separate one.

    Tamara Dahill -
    Tammy Gardner -
    Tamra Meskimen -
    Tara Kitt -!search/profile/person?personId=720055342&targetid=profile
    Ted Lewis - There's two of them in completions. Ted Lewis and Ted Lewis Jr.
    Ted Winegar -
    Teresa Riccardi -,2325030
    Terri Novitsky -
    Terry Johnston -
    Terry Morrill -
    Theo Box -
    Theresa Williams -
    Thomas Coates -
    Thomas Roder -
    Thomas Steiner -
    Thomas Wright -
    Tim Bowles -

    Tim White

    Tina Eckstein - GOOGLE TRANSLATION
    Tina Estey -
    Tina Phillips -
    Tiziana Lugli - GOOGLE TRANSLATION
    Tom Reitze -
    Tom Shuster -
    Tom Supak -
    Tomas Tillberg -
    Tony Hitchman -
    Tony Hollom -
    Tony Lonstein -‏-dead.61042/
    Tony Urbanek -
    Trine Kjeldsen - DECEASED
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  27. TrevAnon Member

  28. TrevAnon Member

  29. TrevAnon Member

  30. TrevAnon Member

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    Ok, so I have now found links for 756 people, which is 32%.

    The following OT 8 have spoken out against the COS-organisation

    Alba Gloor, Claudio Lugli, Dave Gibbons, Dickie Conn, Exilda Pearlman
    Gary Lerner, Geir Isene, George White, Halina Cirillo, Jeff Walker
    John Hansen, Luigi Cosivi, Maria Pia Gardini, Mary Jo Leavitt, Michael Pattinson
    Mike Wilson, Naomi Davis, Pat Shannon, Wally Hanks, Yvonne Schick
    Ziba Feulner, Doreen Smith/Doreen Gillham, Kathy Braceland, Laura Wilson, Naomi Davis
    Michael Henderson, Philip De Fontenay

    This is 27 persons.

    Despite all the sec checking, despite the "fact" that the tech is perfect, 1 percent of the OT 8's in the list have spoken out and are thus SP's.

    How about that David Miscavige? :p
  32. Cool project. Here are a few of the Chicago-area OT8's. I'm in a hurry and didn't have time to read the whole thread, so sorry for any redundancy.

    Allyne Rosenthal: President of the Church of Scientology of Illinois
    Connie Kaiser: Goes by the name Connie Zimmer these days, works for the Delphi Academy of Chicago
    Jeff Magee: Still dumping tons of money into various CoS projects
    Pam McKinnis: I think someone said she was an auditor or case supervisor at the Chicago org or something
    Randy Kretchmar: Practicing lawyer for moonbat anti-psychiatry stuff
    Rebecca Cusano: Director of Special Affairs for the Chicago org
    Sally Perkowitz: Don't know much about her other than that she's getting up there in age, ha

    Pretty sure there are more, but those are some off the top of my head.
  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    I've just crossed the halfway point in getting TrevAnon's info online.

    You sure did! You were an amazing help with this project. Enjoy your cake my friend!

    Thanks! I would like to hear from other cities too if possible. Anyone else out there who knows what any OT8's are up to these days?
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  35. TrevAnon Member

    Preferably London and Geneva / Switzerland:

  36. TrevAnon Member

    Here is the OCMB-thread:

    Especially Don Carlo has a lot of info.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. I added all the stuff from the OCMB thread that we didn't already have. Let's hope Don Carlo and the others keep on sharing stuff!
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  38. TrevAnon Member

    Could someone with an OCMB-account please post there that we'll be adding the info they find? Of course it would be nice if it gets posted here. :)
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  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Don Carlo
    icon_post_target.gif Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:59 pm

    Joined: Mon Jul 25, 2005 6:20 am
    Posts: 6706
    Thanks, Johnny,
    I will be working on it in the next week.
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  40. TrevAnon Member

    Hey list admin! I just looked at the Google spreadsheet. Nice work, already at the "R". Thanks a lot! :)

    Haven't seen anything from Don Carlo yet, I'll keep an eye on it.

    And Eric would be most welcome.

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