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    List admin again. I will be keeping an eye on this thread and try to check in on it once a month. If you add stuff here and it doesn't get included right away, don't panic, we should get to it eventually.

    In my opinion, if this list is going to be filled out more, it needs to find its way into the hands of the right exes. If anyone wants to go through the trouble of spreading the project around to indie blogs and such, or wants to try something else which can help the project, then go for it.

    Otherwise, it may stay as it is for a while. I think there is a good chance it will remain dormant for a long while and then have bursts of activity, but we'll see.
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    Updates: Harold Bezazian had a link to my YT site that isn't working. I was married to Harold for 27 years, escaped out of the Cult in July of 2000, he's remained in, re-married Lisa Hunter (ex-Sea Org) and disconnected from me.
    My YT site is:
    Florence Bezazian (his Mother) was OT 8 and has passed on. She and his father got "in" with Hubbard
    in 1950. His Father, Paul Bezazian, passed away soon after OT 7.
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    Updated the list with info from posts 82-85.
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  7. Did not see Joe Duncanson. Def an OT VIII comp. Lives in CW. Not sure of official status.
  8. Joseph Van gieri OTIII

    CEO Dig itrax Ent ertainment

    http://digitra xentertainment .com/

    ACTUAL location is Seymour TN.

    claims to have blown 10 years ago. not true, as he was involved w/ narcanon 3 years ago.

    currently funneling money back to FL from this corp. he is not working alone.

    assistance requested.
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    Updated with the most recent changes. Great job guys, keep sharing stuff and it will get included eventually.
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    Ken Whitman

    and further posts.

    Among this:
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    OT8s John Chadder and his second wife Mary Chadder are both still in the scientology cult. They have just had a further $100,000 extracted from them to buy the title of scientologist 'humanitarians'.
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    Karen Scott - I'm assuming Karen Livingston Scott
    damn...ok. She is the mother of my ex Andy and his brother Alex. She currently lives in clearwater and could have moved there anytime since 06 which was the last I heard from Andy. The entire family packed up and moved from Los Angeles, including her ex husband and his new wife, I believe. From what I know, she studied pre-med but never really did anything with it. If I remember correctly she was a stay at home mom at the time.

    The only reason I remember her so vividly is because of a story Andy told me after I explained to him I read OTIII online. He said that his mother had done them (The OT Levels as I have now come to know them) out of order and found out information before she was supposed to - Mind you, he is a big manly guy hysterically crying this to me in my lap- and that she ended up in the hospital for 6 months and almost died because of it. Hearing this, I was scared shitless for a while that I too would get sick...I lulz at myself now, but since i knew her face to face it resonated pretty deeply with me.

    I wonder if any of that malarky is true now....If it was, her story of getting back into the good graces of the church would be very interesting to hear. If it wasn't, I'm angry I didn't slap her when I had the chance... Sadly, I've had to wash my hands of any hope that anyone in that family would leave.
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    Is there any recent WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) list that would be likely to include scientologist John Chadder's businesses in Forest Row and the East Grinstead Area?
  19. Anonymous Member

    It'd be interesting to see which ot8 scientologists have businesses listed on WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) and what their returns look like in relation to their donations to scientology.
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    In the thread about how many scilons there are on Mike Rinder's blog I posted a comment with the link to the google doc.

    Mike had an addition:
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    Updated list with the latest stuff.

    BTW, I can't do anything more with the info on the following names, because I don't see them on the OT8 list:
    Richie Acunto
    Joy Westrum
    Rick Pendery
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    That first name sent me on a search into Scientology Service Completions, looking for a "Mike Hunt." None to be found.

    I should prolly take a vacation...
  26. So, we can prolly rule out Heywood Jablome and Hugh Jappendage as well.......
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    So I guess this means Pooks' list is incomplete.
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    Mike Juneau, OT VIII, passed away.
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    I've heard rumors of Bruce Wiseman the president of CCHR US left scientology after scientologists refused to help him when he had a massive stroke can someone confirm/deny this?
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    Denny Camara
    Flag OT Committee
    Owner of CC Motors in Clearwater, Florida advertises on Razzline

    Ingrid Collewijn
    Flag OT Committee

    Adi Klevit
    Owner/Business Consultant at Success Pacific, Portland, Oregon
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    thumbs up on the work done in this thread.
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    Updated again.

    Couldn't update in the OT8 list as they aren't there:
    Dennis Nobbe
    Karen Dale

    Thanks, back in a few months again.
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