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    I just want to thank Trevanon for all the awesome work on this thread. One of these days' we shall get a tally.
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    You're welcome. Don't forget the soupersekrit list admin though. :)
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    Not on the list? Should be added I guess.
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    Did a check on OT VIII on the big list

    The following OT VIII are on while that is not mentioned on the OT VIII list:
    - Marcel Wenger
    - Christine Baranay, on the list as Christine Williams
    - John R. Beckner. He is not on the OT VIII list
    - Phil Colson
    - Phil de Fontenay
    - Dan Doss. He is not on the OT VIII list
    - Luis Garcia
    - [Sheldon Goldberg - mentioned above]
    - Michael (Mike) Henderson
    - Sherry Katz, not on the OT VIII list
    - Cooper Kessel, not on the OT VIII list
    - David Thomas, not on the OT VIII list
    - Roger Weller, not on the OT VIII list
    - Trey Lotz, not on the OT VIII list
    - Ariane Jackson, not on the OT VIII list

    Wow! :)
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    It strikes me that I've never heard of any of those people. If they're the Great Googly-Moogly Uberlords of All That Is Or Ever Could Be, shouldn't some of them be at least a little bit famous by now? If Scientology wants to capture and brandish celebrities from amongst the ranks of notable wogs, wouldn't it be just as useful for them to create their own celebrities by having these Uberlords do some Neat Stuff Wogs Like once in a while, to draw our attention? If not, then why is it legitimate KSW for wog celebs to continue being wog celebs after becoming Homo Noviseses? Shouldn't their energies, too, be directed at Scilon-only activities? Seems hypocritical. (Actually it seems pragmatic, since Scientology doesn't actually make you more able, but that's only if we look at it through realistic eyes.)
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    Who gives Miscavige the right to make people disconnect from their, children, parents or friends? Money and greed, heartless cult monger.
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    Someone on ESMB posted a list of OT8's

    See below for a CSV version.

    I compared it to the spreadsheet using exact name search. The following names didn't come up, so they have to be added tot the OT8 list.

    issue name: first, last
    2003-50 Abbi Baldarelli
    2003-50 Flip Doesborg
    2003-50 Hans Joerg Buelher
    2003-50 John Falle
    2003-50 Luis Arguedas
    2003-50 Tess Runyan
    2003-50 Daren Fields
    2003-50 David Sloane
    2003-50 Ernst Knutti
    2003-50 Hilde Bschorr
    2003-50 Jorge Munguia Hernandez
    2003-50 Mandy Laoumtzi
    2003-50 Marie Penichon
    2003-50 Nancy Burger
    2003-50 Sonja Regorsek
    2003-50 Tracy Risley
    2003-50 Angela Bindi
    2003-50 Graham Parker
    2003-50 Leanne Stevens
    2003-50 Silvia Massagli
    2003-50 Charles Angus
    2003-50 Jenifer Coleman
    2003-50 Roberto Marenco
    2003-50 Beatrice Beyeler-Togni
    2003-50 Brittany Coventry
    2003-50 Carolina Guerrero
    2003-50 Riccardo Filippini
    2003-50 Victoria Flores
    2003-50 Benedicto Rodriguez
    2003-50 Christine Carucci
    2003-50 Elisabeth Metcalf
    2003-50 Genevieve Morin
    2003-50 Nicolette Johnson
    2003-50 Vittoriano Bertolini
    2003-51 Luz Medina
    2003-51 Man one Esler
    2003-51 Haim Neta
    2003-51 Judy Meer
    2003-51 Luca Ruffinengo
    2003-51 Ahysa Boutron
    2003-51 Denys LaMontagne
    2003-51 Kevin Brewer
    2003-51 Maria Cucchetti
    2003-51 Marie Penichon
    2003-51 Randy Jett
    2003-51 Didier Amsallem
    2003-51 Gerard Flouzet
    2003-51 Gianni Maurizio
    2003-51 Myriam Rico
    2003-51 Stefan Lopusny
    2003-51 Stella Ines
    2003-51 Cecilia Perez Bornja
    2003-51 Irlanda Osorio
    2003-51 Sanchez De Guiterrez
    2003-51 Andretta Fernanda Costa
    2003-51 Gerlinde Link
    2003-51 Chia-Ning Yang
    2003-51 Francesca Cordini

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    Claire Woodruff:

    She used to be a real estate agent with Lantern Bay Realty in Dana Point, CA, but I see she no longer is. You can see the vestiges of that elsewhere:

    Then there's Evergreen Realty:!search/profile/person?personId=492417478&targetid=profile

    ...but she's no longer there, either.

    Also, John and Claire did have a third child, Stacy Woodruff, but I don't know where she is or what she's doing.

    John doesn't normally use his middle name except when signing things, but it's Worth. (Thus the J.W.W. Services, Inc. of the permanent injunction in the Foreclosure Assistance Solutions case.)

    And thus you can find his LinkedIn page: One. Whole. Connection.
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    Post 2

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    Post 3

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    Post 4 (last one)

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    I think all OTVIIIS that are out and speaking out should have
    LEFT COS in bold after their names for anyone who visits this thread?
    and a link to the Big List wiki?
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    Vick- Marshall - Leah Remini's mother, OTVIII
    "It's All Relative" TV Show Episode #1

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  38. These people, Success Pacific, emailed me with an ad for a free webinar about "The Buried Executive" on getting organized. I thought, hey, I'm a buried executive! So I took the seminar, it was great. I wasn't opposed to hiring some management help and they did an anonymous questionnaire of my 20 employees which was really helpful. Then we went to sign the contract, and I still had no idea. THEN they said, "Hubbard management system", L Ron Hubbard. That's when I said, with no intention of ever signing and only wondering how to make them leave me alone, "I'll have to run this by my lawyer." They both blinked twice and said, "Do you have a lawyer?" And I said, "Yep." Then proceeded to not higher them as they pestered me repeatedly. Meanwhile I had researched and new not to criticize Scientology so I kept bold face denying that wasthe reason, and they finally left me alone. Terrifying. Read all about other veterinarians being targeted and ensnared.
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    Congratulations to you guest at not falling into the trap!

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